Policy on Responsible Gambling

As the Company that serves as a provider of gambling and gaming information, the promotion of responsible gambling practices are always encouraged. All visitors to the website, using the information provided and participating in gambling and gaming are encouraged to do so responsibly at all times. When gambling and gaming, online or at local gaming facilities, it should be done with responsibility and practiced wisely.

1. Legal Gambling Age

Underage gambling differs between jurisdictions and it is important that you check what these laws and limits are before starting to gamble. In most jurisdictions, The legal age for gambling is 18 years or older. However, the laws change in different parts of the world. Make sure that you are fully informed when it comes to the legal gambling age for your region of the world before engaging in any gambling or gaming activities.

To protect minors against underage gambling or exposing minors to gambling when it comes to gambling on the internet, take precautions. Ensure that your username and password for online casino accounts are kept private and cannot be accessed by minors. If the online gambling game is open or the platform is logged into, then do not leave anyone that is underage, unattended.

Some measures can be taken to protect minors against accessing websites they are not allowed to or that will negatively affect them. Check to see what parental control software you already have on your device, especially if minors have access to or make use of the same device. Additionally, other software options can be downloaded and added to your device or internet browser. Here are some of the top-rated parental control software downloads available:

The abovementioned programs are suggestions and examples of what to look for. Make sure to choose one that suits your needs, budget and device specifications.

2. Responsible Gambling Practices

There might be times when you find that you are looking for ways to come back from a big loss you suffered while gambling. When things become difficult then it is time to take a break and assess if your gambling practices have become irresponsible.

Gambling Responsibly

To gamble responsibly, there are things that you can remember to ensure that you do not lose yourself while placing your bets. Here are a few ways to ensure that gambling responsibly is a priority:

Gambling is not a form of income, especially since the statistics show that more gamblers tend to lose money instead of winning.
Only gamble with funds that you are willing to lose or have set aside for your bets.
Gamble within a budget and walk away if you have reached the amount you were initially willing to lose.
Gambling is a recreational and entertaining experience and not a way to win you a fortune.
Set a budget or limit on your gambling spend. This can be an amount that you set or deposit into your gambling account per week or per day. If the website has built-in betting limit features, make use of them.
Never bet emotionally or chase your losses, bet with a clear mind and walk away if you have lost at the same game too many times.
Trust data and statistics and try to stay away from gambling superstitions or predictions. To ensure that you are gambling responsibly, do not rely on luck being on your side. There is always a chance that you may win or that you might lose on any given day or night. Gambling games are random and the gambling machines are regularly audited to ensure that there is a fair chance for any player to win or lose.

Stop Gambling

It is a good idea to find out what safety measures and help there is even before you start gambling. Reputable and trustworthy sites that value their payers will have safety features included in their gambling platform or website. Here are some of the features to look out for before starting to gamble or if you are looking to slow down or stop gambling entirely.

Check-in notification: Some websites offer an alarm or notification that checks in and reminds you how long you have been playing and questions whether or not it is time to take a break.
Deposit limits: Set a limit for the amount that you can deposit into your casino account and ensure that it matches your budget.
Self-ban or self-exclusion: You can choose to deactivate your account for a specific period. There should be daily, weekly or monthly exclusion periods and if you want to re-activate your account before the end date, you will likely have to contact customer service to do so.
Cooling-off period: You can set your account to charge you every time you want to play. So, you will need to pay a fee if you want to play with money you have already deposited and want to wager at an additional cost to play.
Check your stats: Most reputable casinos offer a graph where you can see when you have won and when you have lost over a specific period. It gives players a chance to see what their gambling habits are along with how often they win or lose.
Information on responsible gambling: Any reputable website that offers real-money online gambling will have resources and links available to responsible gambling information for players to view at their leisure.

If some of the features are not included on a website then there are self-help options that may curb irresponsible gambling habits. Here are a few ways to keep yourself in check:

Enjoy other activities outside of gambling. Do not isolate yourself, try to socialise in healthy ways or focus on activities that make you feel productive.

Speak to a health professional, join a gamblers anonymous meeting or reach out to family or friends to speak about your irresponsible gambling habits.

Extend the time between your gambling sessions. Fill the time with meaningful activities that do not involve gambling.

Think about your gambling habits objectively as if you are a person on the outside looking in. That way you can assess the effects that irresponsible gambling has had on your life and those around you.

Taxes on Gambling

Players are often interested in finding out the tax implications of gambling winnings. This all depends on where you are located around the world. Here are some of the regulatory guidelines about gambling tax around the world.

In Australia, gambling is considered a recreational activity and players are not liable to pay any taxes on what they win at land-based or online casinos.
In Canada, the only stipulation to pay taxes on your gambling winnings is when you earn interest on it and you must declare this amount to the government.
In the UK, winnings from gambling are not taxed and the amount does not need to be declared.
In the USA, the IRS requires that all gambling winnings be taxed 25%. This applies to all forms of legalised gambling practices that take place in states where forms of gambling are allowed.

Watch for Signs of Gambling Addiction

If you or someone you know gambles regularly, then make sure to check in and assess if the individual is still gambling responsibly. Here are questions that can be asked to assess your gambling behaviours or of someone that you know.

Do you find yourself always thinking about when you are going to place your next bet?
Do you often use gambling as a way to overcome financial difficulties?
Do you gamble to escape problems in your life?
Do you often turn to gambling when you feel like life has become difficult?
Have you lied about your gambling habits to friends and family?
Are your relationships affected by your gambling habits?
When your bankroll is depleted, do you feel great loss or despair?
Have you ever falsely reported on the amount of time you spend gambling?
Do you take more risks after you have lost?
Do you chase your losses?

A gambling addiction can be hard work to get rid of and it would be best to seek professional help. Wherever gambling is allowed, there are individuals, companies and other organisations that focus on responsible gambling and assistance with gambling addiction. Make sure to find out which resources are available in your region of the world.

3. Help Services for Gambling Addiction

The help you get or find when it comes to gambling addiction or responsible gambling will depend on where you reside or are located in the world. It would be best to search the internet and find the resources close to you. However, some resources will offer aid online or remotely as well. Here are a few resources you could use:

4. Compliance with the Law

Please note that CasinoTop resources are only intended for use by individuals that are located and are allowed to gamble in jurisdictions that allow it. The resources are free and the responsibility lies with the individual accessing the information.

Make sure to check the laws related to gambling in the country where you are located or where you live. Gambling laws, especially for online gambling, can change drastically between countries, provinces or states. If the country, province or state you are in does not allow legal gambling, then you should refrain from using information from CasinoTop and/or third-party websites linked to our resources.