Join millions of players that enjoy Bingo Blitz's fast, entertaining, and free bingo activity at any time and from anywhere. It's been around since 2011, and it claims to be the best bingo app on Facebook, and we have to agree! Blitzy the cat will accompany you on a bingo adventure throughout the world, complete with a variety of mini games.

The cartoon-style visuals are both entertaining and of excellent quality. Bingo Blitz takes it even further to satisfy its customers by varying the games. Every game you play feels new, fascinating, and full of surprises, so keep reading to find out more about what our team of experts have found for players in our latest Bingo Blitz Casino Review.

Remember that Bingo Blitz Casino is a social gambling endeavor and there is no real money to win. However, there is a lot of fun to be found on the platform and playing with friends online is a great experience. Bingo Blitz Casino has a lot to offer so let’s find out what you as the player can expect to find.

Software & Games

Blitzy, the cheerful cat, will take you on an adventure packed with bingo, mini games, and more in Bingo Blitz's large, colorful environment. The game's software was built by Playtika, thus the visuals and gameplay are of excellent quality. Many of the stages have their own distinct personalities and musical compositions. Each time you play it might feel like a totally new game to experience something new each time.

Bingo Blitz's bingo cards have 24 random numbers spread across five columns and rows. When the game begins, keep a close eye out for your digits to appear on your card so you may check them off. The decision to call bingo is made based on the winning pattern for that round, which could include numbers in a row, the four corners, or something else.

In a complete game of Bingo Blitz, there could be anywhere from 10 to 15 rounds. Purchase more than one bingo sheet per round with your credits to increase your chances of getting the all-important bingo. The most common sort of bingo available is 75 ball bingo, however there are additional types that appear as the seasons change.

There's more to the game than just bingo. While you wait for the next round to start, try out several mini-games (one of which involves cooking dishes at a diner) or play quick-play slot games.

Bonuses & Promos

Bingo Blitz provides some fantastic bonuses and promos that you won't want to miss out on. You'll earn daily free coins and credits, as well as the chance to spin the bonus/reward wheel and win a variety of rewards.

Blitzy the cat will give you opportunities to win every day by whirling the wheel of fortune or simply checking in for daily bingo bonuses. Players can also earn more coins and credits by participating in surprise presents, tournaments, and bonus games. You may even swap gifts with your buddies to earn some more playing time, as we'll see below.

If you do decide to spend real money to better your game, you can expect first-purchase bonuses, enhanced value offers, and random power-up packs that may be purchased with cash or virtual currency.

Gaming Community

Bingo Blitz is a very friendly method to enjoy a few games of bingo with friends as well as strangers from around the world alike, from donating cash and credits to in-game chat rooms. So, you can catch up with friends while playing a few rounds or meet new people and get to know them while keeping track of your Bingo card. Whichever you choose to do, we reckon you will not be disappointed with what the community has to offer.

Bingo Blitz's most popular social media platform is Facebook, so look there first for the latest developments. You'll want to follow them because they post about all the prizes and contests there. It also allows you to send gifts to friends and collect mementos from all of the destinations you visit. Bingo Blitz boasts one of the largest social casino communities, with over five million Facebook likes.

Throughout the last several years, the site has been pretty active on Twitter, where they promote prizes to about 39,000 followers, as well as Instagram, where they publish amusing branded photographs. On their YouTube account, they regularly post trailers for new games. However, you'll need to go to Facebook to get a full sense of the Bingo Blitz community.

Account Creation & Security

We're always happy to see websites give users the choice of signing up with an email address or just logging in with their Facebook details. Both of these choices are available to players at Bingo Blitz. This implies that you can play whether you're social media proficient or not. So, there is no pressure if you do not have a Facebook account. However, playing online will require you to have an email address to verify your gaming account.

All purchases are done through Facebook as in-app purchases if you wish to make any. This means that all of the security precautions used by companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook to keep consumer information safe are applied to Bingo Blitz users. Again, there is no need to have a Facebook account, the secure software is just used to finalize purchases and keep your data safe at all times.

Bingo Blitz's staff appears eager to address any issues related to logging in as soon as they emerge. For example, when we were forced out of a game owing to a connectivity problem, we were instantly refunded our admission fee, which we considered was a lovely touch. This small act goes a long way to keeping players entertained and giving players a reason to come back. They will learn to trust the platform and know that they are protected at all times, especially if something goes awry.

Bingo Blitz Mobile Casino Review

When looking at mobile bingo, bingo players are truly spoiled for choice. The Google Play Store, App Store, Kindle Store, and Microsoft Store all have distinct Bingo Blitz app offers. This means that you may play on your iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, or Kindle with only one download. This is impressive, as we see that Bingo Blitz have put great care and effort into ensuring that mobile gameplay is a reality, but also does not sacrifice quality to make the games available on a range of mobile devices.

Bingo Blitz is (perhaps) much more entertaining on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets than it is on a PC. When reviewing the platform on the individual operating systems the rating out of 5 were high. So, the mobile experience is unique and offers players a great opportunity to enjoy bingo in many different ways.

If it comes time to top up your bankroll, you may quickly make in-app purchases utilizing your mobile device, as with most bingo apps. All you will need to do is engage with the cashier in the app and find what you are looking for, once your selection is made and your transaction is completed, then your purchase should show up in your account immediately. In a nutshell, it's impossible to discover many flaws in a Bingo Blitz mobile casino review.

Customer Support

Players will have easy access to the customer support team when playing. As mentioned, when we had an issue, it was almost immediately resolved the next time we logged in. So, if you have any additional questions, feel free to message the casino directly. Otherwise, any common issues will automatically be resolved by the Bingo Blitz Customer support team. There might not be an email address or a live chat function, but if you are playing through Facebook, you can send the casino a direct message to reach the team.

Conclusion: Big on Bingo

Bingo Blitz is a terrific place to go if you want to perfect your bingo abilities or just want to relax by playing a few rounds without committing any real money. Bingo Blitz is clearly an all-rounder social casino, with a variety of apps to pick from. Each game on offer is unique, that is why there are several apps available to fit the needs of each game. It adds another level of excitement to what Bingo Blitz has to offer.

The games available on the platform are entertaining and creative, a far cry from standard bingo halls. Come meet Blitzy and prepare to go on a brand-new bingo adventure. Social gambling has increased in popularity really quickly over the past few years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There are a few free to play slots on the platform as well for players to enjoy. We reckon that if you are a bingo player then Bingo Blitz Casino is exactly what you are looking for.

There are no requirements for you to spend money, unless you really want to. To improve your odds and get other tools that can be used, players may have to make in-app purchases. This is only if you want to. So, even if you aren’t the biggest bingo fan, we do suggest that you take a look at what Bingo Blitz has to offer. It will also help you take a break from the stress that real-money gambling carries.

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