Get ready for the races with Derby Jackpot, an online social gaming casino. What sets Derby Jackpot apart from the rest is the fact that it offers you fun yet legal ways of wagering on live horse races for real cash.

If you’ve always been put off horse race betting because of the complex betting services and jargon, this is something of the past at Derby Jackpot. Derby Jackpot simplifies the entire horse betting process by integrating entertaining graphics with an easy betting system. This allows new online gamblers to try their hand at horse race betting.

Our detailed review of Derby Jackpot found that this social gaming casino is best suited for players who gamble casually. Thus, if you don’t want to spend hours studying statistics or odds but enjoy horse racing and online gambling, then Derby is the perfect fit for you!

Software and Game Range

Derby Jackpot’s unparalleled gambling platform, a combination of live horse racing and gamified horse betting, is the product of its internal product and engineering teams’ collaboration with Woodbine Entertainment and The Stronach Group.
This social casino’s games are in a class of their own. Horse betting and social gaming are so smoothly merged that it resembles online slots. This new take on horse betting enables new online gamblers to dive in head first and start betting.

Derby Jackpot’s first step in its attempt to simplify horse betting is eliminating the terrifying terminology. Rather than placing bets like a place, win, show, trifecta, quinella or superfecta, you can just choose an entertaining game that matches one of the different bet types. The games are titled Donkey, Monkey, Granny, Fiddy, Gonzo, and Dime

The Monkey Game allows you to bet on a particular horse to win. To play, simply select how much money you would like to bet and pick one of the animated horse graphics presented on screen.

The Granny and Donkey games stand for show and place bets respectively. A place bet is a bet on your chosen horse coming in first or second place, while a show bet is a bet on your horse coming in first, second, or third place. While these games function much like the Monkey game, each game (or bet type) provides you with a different and pleasurable visual experience.

During our review of Derby Jackpot we found out that the Gonzo game constitutes two different bet types. The first is the quinella bet, which bets that the first and second horse will finish in any order, and the second the boxed trifecta, which bets on the first three horses finishing in any order. With this game you must first select how much money you want to bet. Thereafter you receive two or three randomly dealt cards, which have images of the horses you are betting on. You also have the option of replacing a card if you want.

The games Fiddy and Dime are both slot games and are representative of the trifecta and superfecta bets. In a trifecta you bet on the places one through three in the precise order, and in a superfecta you bet on the places one through four in the precise order. Since you bet on three horses in Fiddy, it is represented by a three-reel slot, while the Dime is a four-reel slot. In both games you choose the bet amount and then spin the reels. If the spin results do not work in your favor you can always respin the reels.

At Derby Jackpot the emphasis is on horse betting as a simple game of chance, such as keno or slot games, rather than a complicated betting system where players have to study statistics. During this review we have found that this is one way to keep horse betting exciting and completely random!

Mobile Casino

At the time of this review there was no downloadable Derby Jackpot application for mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Fire tablet, or Android phones. As a result, our Derby Jackpot mobile review is quite limited. However, there is a mobile version of the social gambling site that you can access via your mobile web browser. The mobile website is intuitive and well designed. It not only looks the same, but also offers the same experience as the desktop version.

Security and Fair Play

Derby Jackpot offers Advanced Deposit Wagering (AWD) services. The site is powered by Xpressbet, a fully licensed Oregon-based AWD service, that provides secure and legal online account wagering. The casino is verified by PayPal and employs 256-bit secure socket layer encryption to keep player information safe.

Owing to the abovementioned security measures, all payments are safe, secure and paid out in good time. All payouts reflect in your account immediately and you can expect payments within three to seven working days.

Xpressbet – Derby Games

Licenced by
AWD – Oregon


While Derby Jackpot doesn't have many promotions, there is a welcome bonus worth $250 when you register to become a member!

Customer Support

Derby Jackpot’s support services are comprehensive. The support section is separated based on the player’s country, allowing you to find answers without a hassle. If you can’t find answers to your question, you have the option of logging a request, which the casino will respond to in a timely manner. During our review of Derby Jackpot, we experienced that customer support answered any queries or concerns we had fairly quickly.

Thus, if you’re new to the horse betting scene, it helps to know that there is a team available to help whenever you have any issues.


If you are bored with playing the same old slots and table games at social gaming casinos, give Derby Jackpot a whirl! This social gaming site has reinvented horse betting, making it simple enough for everyone, newbie or veteran, to enjoy. This review provides enough information to get you started and help you get the hang of horse betting in a flash.

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