So here we have an online casino that's a little different from the norm, which is pretty exciting actually. Vegas Downtown Casino is a social casino. This means that you're going to have a social media account before you'll be able to access it. The most prominent platform they're currently on is Facebook and when you consider the fact that almost everyone has a Facebook account, you'll see why they are stacking up their followers at a decent rate. Currently, they have in excess of 225,000 members which is actually quite a number when compared to other social casinos.

Vegas Downtown is both a slots casino as well as a word game casino. This may seem a little confusing but don't worry, we’ll explain this in greater detail in just a moment. Vegas Downtown is owned by Playtike who are a reputable company that runs a few other social casinos. The casino is constantly adding new exciting games and updating their existing ones to keep it feeling fresh.

Software & Games

The games you'll find at Vegas Downtown are impressive for a number of reasons. Firstly, the craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of them is visible from the get go. Visually they are stunning and rival the attention to detail of any major developer you'll find on the web.

Although you won't find any table games or live dealer games like a normal casino, Vegas Downtown has chosen to focus on slots and we think this has done them well when you consider just how immersive the graphics and gameplay have proven to be.

This is the first time we have come across a social casino that has combined slot games with word games. Word games have become increasingly popular in recent years and who knows why. We’re definitely happy about it as it shows a thirst for knowledge.

Even though they may not have the biggest library of games for players to choose from, they make up for it. Every two or so, the team at Vegas Downtown Casino update their existing games, both from a visual standpoint as well as in the gameplay aspect. This is not something you'll find at your average casino, but guess what, this isn't your average casino.

Vegas Downtown Mobile Casino Review

The mobile game industry is flourishing and with it, so are companies that provide players with an opportunity to play exciting games from the palm of their hands. The casino has been designed to be completely compatible with mobile devices. You'll be able to play just about every game you see, if not all.

The gameplay is smooth and glitch free because they've designed it to work perfectly on whichever mobile device you've chosen to use. Whether you're playing on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you'll be spending hours having the time of your life. It doesn't even matter what operating system your device is running because they should all work perfectly.

Licensing & Security

Since Vegas Downtown is not your typical casino where you'll need to open an account and deposit real money into it, there is no need for them to obtain an operating license from a regulatory body.

There is one way you can be sure that the games you're playing are actually fair and designed to be completely random thanks to eCOGRA. They are one of the world’s most reputable third party auditors who ensure the games are genuinely random.

Due to the fact that you'll only be able to play the games or join them through Facebook, you'll enjoy the same security one does on the social media platform. Keep in mind that although Facebook is their primary social platform, it’s not the only place you'll be able to find them.

Owned by: Playtika

Licensed by: N/A

Bonuses & Customer Support

When you create your account with Vegas Downtown on your chosen social media platform, you'll be given a certain number of coins to start your journey with. Because there is no need to deposit any real money, we can’t really call it a welcome bonus. However, the casino does allow hardcore players to make in-app purchases should they want to.

Welcome Bonus

Creating your account is a simple process and once you're down, you'll notice that you'll have a balance of 150,000 in your player account. Because you are basically always winning, it’s going to take you ages to burn through this amount, if you even do. So, you'll be able to play indefinitely without having to make any in-app purchases, plus there’s the fact that you'll get an extra 3 coins added to your account every hour.

Loyalty Program

There is no loyalty program in place because there isn't really a need for one. With that being said, players who are super competitive will be able to track their progress against their friends by viewing the leaderboard.

Customer Support

With only 225,000 players currently being members of Vegas Downtown, players that experience any problems shouldn't have to wait too long before getting assistance from the support staff. Simply pop them a message in the game and they'll probably get back to you in a matter of hours, because let’s be honest, it’s not like they're dealing with millions of players like actual casinos that take real money to play.

Conclusion: The Perfect Social Casino To Pass The Time While Having Fun

In terms of a social casino, Vegas Downtown has spared no expense when it comes to graphics and gameplay. Should you get tired of playing the slot games they have on offer, you can always play some of the word games to give yourself a break. There are apps available for just about any device you've chosen to play. If you're not looking to earn real money and just want to have some good clean fun, well then this is the perfect place for you.

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