Rizk Casino Showcases Divine Fortune’s big pay-outs

Netent’s Divine Fortune slot game has been around since the beginning of 2017, however it still retains a notable history of making players reach for the sky with their alternative take on the progressive jackpot format. Divine Fortune is what is considered a ‘light’ progressive jackpot slot game, due to the fact that that the total sum of the jackpot is split from casino to casino and not accumulated entirely by the provider into one big win. This is the alternative to other progressive jackpot games, such as Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot game.

Nonetheless, 10s, if not 100s, of thousands of dollars are still up for grabs in this supposedly ‘light’ jackpot variant. Rizk casino has demonstrated this on quite a number of occasions with some very lucky customers of theirs.

Divine Fortune Smiles on Norway

Fortune favours the bold and Norway appears to have this in abundance, as Rizk casino are continuously reporting players from Norway gifted by lady luck. It started in 2017 with one lucky player landing on an incredible €70,000 (Approximately C$100,000) win in a single spin on the mythologically inspired game. That wasn’t enough though, as later in the same year another resident of Norway managed to win an unbelievable €50,000 (Approximately C$73,000).

Well that was back in 2017, so what? Well in 2018 another Norwegian managed to claim a grand prize of €97,600 jackpot (Approximately C$140,000), while playing on her mobile after making a €40 deposit (Approximately C$60). What makes this dream come true even more astounding is the fact that this happened within 6 minutes of making her initial deposit. It truly goes to show how life can be full of such incredible surprises.

The latest Norwegian win on Divine Fortune’s ‘light’ jackpot came from a modest €2 spin that resulted in a colossal €97,600 win for one lucky Rizk player. One starts to wonder; is this from Divine Fortune’s game model or do the Norwegians know something we don’t?

It’s not just Norway having all of the fun

Fun and games happen all around the world, especially on April Fool’s Day. Well for one lucky Dutch player, it must have come as quite a shock that a jackpot of €175,600 (Approximately C$257,260) was no joke. After depositing €22 and making an unassuming stake with value of €0.40 on Divine Fortune. The jackpot was hit less than 20 minutes from first depositing to his Rizk balance, which makes his incredible story even more astonishing. The young 24 year old gentleman also immediately took advantage of Rizk’s ‘Withdrawal Lock’ functionality, to ensure his withdrawal requests were handled securely and without the temptations that one may have of reversing any withdrawal requests straight back into their player’s accounts; a service that is becoming a more common feature with online casinos in the current market.

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