Security Technology at Canadian Casinos

Both online and land-based casino offerings are enjoyed by millions of players each year. As the form of entertainment has grown in popularity, so too has the suspicion surrounding it. Casino operators have taken measures to ensure the safety of their games, their interests, and their clients by employing some of the most cutting-edge and advanced technologies to aid them to this end. The contributions of Jeff Jonas have transcended the industry and provided a sense of safety for all parties.

All About Nora

Jeff Jonas’ company, named Dora, has been approached by many companies all over the world. In 2005 Jeff Jonas decided to sell one of his first companies that aimed to identify the relationship between the dealers and croupiers to IBM. As a result of this deal, the unique and innovative system Nora was created. The system is currently in use in many regions of the world and serves as one of the most unique inventions for the industry for the last ten years.

According to Jonas, casino operators in Canada and America spend exorbitant amounts of money on the expansion of their game offerings by increasing the number of tables or machines but rarely invest in the security of their operation. Jonas has implored operators to consider the installation of technology, such as this, to be an investment in the future success of their business.

Invisible Casino Guard

Of the many inventions that Jeff Jonas’ team has pioneered, the Invisible Casino Guard is the most popular. The program has been designed to identify the playing relationship between clients and croupier to ensure that gameplay is fair and that the rules are being followed perfectly. The program has also been tasked with analyzing a players' method, determining how effective it is and flagging management should the casino seem likely to lose a lot of money. Casinos that have installed the program have reported greater financial success compared to those who have not installed the technology as yet.

Future Prospects

Jeff Jonas, IBM, and a few other software developing companies have created a unique system that deals with the threats that online casinos face. Nora 2,0 works through networks as well as a self-learning algorithm. The program has already established itself in the online market, having prevented 3 thousand server attacks this year.
As the online casino industry continues to boom, more casinos will likely be making use of Nora 2,0, or similar products, to ensure that their safety protocols are meeting industry standards.

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