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The video slot type of slot machine has really taken Canada by storm recently, making up the majority of casino slot selections in casinos across the web today. Before you head on off to a casino to play video slots for real, you have an amazing opportunity to check them out here at Casino Top. We’re letting you play the games in fun mode, and you’ll have corresponding reviews about the games to read, just so that you can make the most out of your real money play.

There are several thousand types of videoslots available online today, and we are happy to be able to provide you with one of the largest selection of them for Canadian players, all in one place. Here you can also filter through the slots to see the ones relevant to you. Add a filter of the number of paylines, maximum coin size, specific bonus features or wilds, or find out if the game has free spins or not.

Before heading off to forage amongst our massive selection, read on to understand more about what video slots are all about, and how they work.

What defines a video slot?

Think of them as an upgraded version of the classic slot machine. An online slot that comes with animated, interactive game features. The machine is no longer restricted to the physical reels and symbols, meaning that the provider is able to offer you unique features, bonus rounds and different kinds of graphics.

Video slots also set a new standard with the number of reels, increasing them from the original 3 to 5 or more, and allowing for more symbols to show on each reel, resulting in the possibility of more paylines. From the oldest of slot-machines offering only one payline, to now where you can find slots with over half a million ways-to-win!

How do these slots actually work?

Firstly, it is important to understand that slot games, even the video ones online, are based on chance. This means that every single spin is based on a random number generator that does not really favour a player for placing higher bets or playing for longer periods of time.

This means that in order to find the slot that is perfect for you, you’ll want to keep an eye on the different features that the slot is offering. Don’t worry, all of them are easy to get into and you’ll be able to start playing instantly but to be able to spot the features that are perfect for you, here is a list of the most common ones:

  • Auto Play: Set a number of spins and watch them spin on their own.
  • Number Of Paylines: The number of combinations you want to be able to win on in the game
  • Max Bet: Automatically sets the bet amount to the highest possible in the game
  • Help/Info/View Paylines: More detailed information on the game.
  • Spin: Start the reels.

It’s always a good idea to read the slot’s information page before you start playing so that you know what to expect from the game beforehand.

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What bonus features can you expect?

One of the main reasons why the video version of slot games has become so popular is due to the bonus games and features, giving you many new ways to win. These bonus game-rounds might take place on the reels, where you get a number of free spins to play the bonus for. Other bonuses might appear as Pick-and-Click, Spin Wheels, Jackpot Games or Expanding Wilds amongst other feature types.

Activating a bonus is usually very straight forward, the most common trigger is landing 3 or more so-called “scatters” on the reels. Sometimes a slot might even have both Scatter symbols and Bonus symbols, where the Scatters give you Free Spins, while the Bonus symbol simply activates a bonus round kind of feature.

Recently, video slots have also allowed the player to follow a kind of “level” based gameplay, where the player unlocks new sets of reels to play on that might have different features to the original reel. This makes the slot feel even more like a video game.

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