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Throne of Amun-Ra

Egyptian slots are amongst the most popular themes in the industry, and Games Inc has provided us with Throne of Amun-Ra, a 5x5 cascading reel slot that features a high variance and 10 paylines that run from top to bottom and left to right in a truly unique fashion.

How to Play Throne of Amun-Ra Slot

Before you can help Amun-Ra take back his throne, you need to understand how to play the game:

  • The spin button sets the reels into play.
  • The autoplay function lets you select the number of times you’d like to spin the reels.
  • The value of your bet can be adjusted by clicking on the bet button.

Design and Audio Effects

Throne of Amun-Ra is set in Ancient Egypt and this is evident by the pyramids and the desert that can easily be seen beyond the throne. The left side of the screen displays a winning board and your current level. The reels are set on blue stone (it might be obsidian) with the higher value symbols displaying a unique background.

The soundtrack is a stereotypical traditional Egyptian soundtrack that’s accompanied by a range of high-pitched sounds whenever you land on a win. Additional sounds are the crumbling of rocks and lightning striking.


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One of the most prominent features of Throne of Amun-Ra is the level up system which has you try to get enough consecutive wins to put Amun-Ra back on his throne. Each level has him in a different state, from mummy to god. The Power of the Gods meter will activate when filled and this will place him on his throne.

There’s also a random reel modifier that provides you with Wild symbols on losing games. The free spins feature will be triggered when you clear the reels of all symbols and this will provide you with 10 free spins.


Throne of Amun-Ra is an incredibly unique Egyptian-themed slot that has you try to put Amun-Ra back on his throne and restore him to his god form. Not only is this game challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun, not to mention the great aesthetics that can be seen throughout the game. The symbols and the background display rich and vivid colours, with smooth animations. This shows that the team at Games Inc has gone above and beyond to ensure that this is one of the best in its genre.

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