Best Online Slot Themes Revealed

The online slots world has evolved beyond our wildest dreams in recent years and continues to astound us with their innovations. Developers are constantly trying to outdo one another which has given rise to some of the most epic games.

We have created a list with all the most popular online slot themes to hit the market this year, just keep reading to find out what themes players are most excited about.

Popular Themes Ranked on Player Ratings

Vegas Slots

Vegas slots is without a doubt the reason for slots popularity. The iconic Vegas themed slots make players feel as if they were on the strip enjoying the bright lights and buzzing sounds that accompany the quintessential casino city. Expect all the staple symbols such as cherries, 7’s, bars and the odd horseshoe for goodluck.

Fishing Slots

The sport of fishing draws thousands of people in the hopes of getting that lucky catch, but what do they do when the weather isn't conducive for fishing? Well they hit the online casino to enjoy one of the many fishing themed slots available.

Eastern Slots

The asian culture believes in many things, including symbols that give you luck. Try one of the thousands of slot games that are packed with luck, coins, pandas and much more.

Ancient Civilization Slots

Ancient civilizations have captured the imagination for eons and that's exactly what they continue doing with slots. Often loaded with epic graphics and even more amazing special features, why not explore the ruins of ancient times in search of treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Wild West Slots

It’s no secret that the wild west was known for gunslinging action, saloons, bandits and the chance to strike it lucky with a gold nugget. Considered one of the most popular themes, these slots will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Luck of the Irish Slots

Irish themes have long been loved by players from around the world. Bathed in those iconic colors of green and gold accentuated by a rainbow that leads you to pots of gold and treasures untold. Chase the leprechaun as he guides you to your riches.

Pirate Treasure Slots

Aargh matey, do you dare board this vessel to seek what ye heart yearns for. Mysterious shipwrecks laden with pirate’s gold. X marks the spot when it comes to a pirate treasure theme, so put on your patch and grab a bottle of your finest rum because you'll have no energy left once this adventure’s done.

Blockbuster Movie Slots

There is barely a title in this theme that needs an introduction. Whether you're a fan of Ghostbusters, The Mummy, Jaws or Indiana Jones, there are thousands of slots based on epic movies that have become fan favorites through the ages.

Science Fiction Slots

Probably one of the most graphics rich genres, science fiction slots spare nothing when it comes to creating jaw dropping titles that take players on amazing interstellar journeys. Search for alien races to win big or explore our solar system in the hopes of striking it rich with moondust.

Retro Slots

It all started here, with vintage, retro slots that will take you on a journey to the days of the fruit machine. Simple, sleek and loaded with classic symbols, those seeking a little nostalgia will be glad to know there are countless slots of this theme available online.

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Players love to play online slots because they are filled with fun and excitement, however, no matter whether you're new or a frequent player, it is essential to remember that you should always play responsibly.

At the end of the day, you'll always need to keep a close eye on your balance. Should you or someone you know need it, there are a variety of helplines and groups that will instruct you on how to go about gaming responsibly.

Slot Theme FAQs

Why play themed slots?

Theme slots are a wonderful way developers and casinos have ensured that they are able to cater to every player’s needs. No matter what you're a fan of, there will always be a game that is right up your alley.

Is there a solid strategy to win at slots?

Unfortunately not, because the game is completely random. However, there are a few ways players can get the most bang for their buck and ensure they score bigger winnings.

What are the most popular themes online?

It’s a tight race so far but the numbers indicate that ancient civilizations and eastern inspired slots seem to be doing really well currently. This will always change as sentiment in the community does.

How do I play free themed slots?

Simple, just check out our list of recommended free slot casinos and pick one. They are safe and reliable so you'll be having fun in no time.

What are the best real money slots?

All slots can be played for real money, it all depends on what theme you like best. Currently Book of Ra and Starburst are high up on the list. Check out progressive jackpot slots if you want the chance to win massive jackpots

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