Gambling on Smartwatches 2021

The advent of the internet has led to many fantastic and convenient inventions and ways for consumers to go about their business. While all industries have had their fair share of advancements, no star shines as brightly as online casino gambling. As a Canadian player looking into online gambling, you are likely well aware that you can enjoy online casino sites on your PC, laptops, Smartphone and mobile devices, such as tablets. However, not many people are aware that online casino developers have adjusted their offerings to render seamlessly to the tiny screens of smartwatches.

The concept of gambling on smartphones was first seen at the Annual Mobile World Congress Convention event in 2014 and has slowly moved from being a niche gaming option to one of the most interesting and intriguing ways to gamble online today.

The Best Online Casinos for Smartwatch Gaming

Despite the fact that smartwatch gaming is picking up all over the world, many Canadian players are unaware of the casino sites that offer this feature. To help you along we have compiled a list of the smartwatch casino sites that impressed us.

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Top-Rated Smartwatch Casino Sites

Regardless of whether you’re a new player or you’ve been enjoying online casino gaming for years, online casino operators ought to be providing you with the best experience. Playing online casino games on your smartphone shouldn’t change this simple fact, which is why our review team has recommended the casino sites above. These casino operators have gone above and beyond to ensure that smartwatch users are privy to the best perks of online gambling, such as promotions, free games, trusted payment methods and a wide variety of games. We have recommended the casinos above for specific reasons but choosing the best casino to suit your gaming requirements will always be a personal choice.

The Perks of Using a Smartwatch to Gamble Online

Simple Interface

As a result of how small a smartwatch’s display screen is, online casino developers have endeavoured to make the interface as simple and intuitive as possible. In addition to this, only the elements most vital to the game at hand will be displayed on the watch, effectively minimising the number of distractions on the screen. This means that Canadian players who use smartwatches are privy to a more focused gaming experience.

It’s Better for Social Situations

Gambling on your smartwatch is one of the least intrusive ways to enjoy your favourite activity without foregoing on quality time with friends and family. While other mobile devices have their fair share of merits, smartwatches are in a league entirely of their own. There is no need to prop your screen up or take a beat to place a wager, you can simply set a special notification on your smartwatch that will alert you to when it is your turn to play or bet and go about your day as normal, with minimal distractions.

It’s a Dream Multitasking Experience

Since smartwatches are strapped onto your person, there is no need to need a free hand to continue playing your game. This means that you can continue gambling and enjoying your favourite games while on a run, cooking dinner or even while navigating a crowd.

Superior Mobile Experience

In conjunction with the perks mentioned above, smartwatches have long-lasting batteries that can keep the fun going for hours on end. This means you can take your smartwatch gambling device everywhere you go and enjoy the best games so long as you have a stable internet connection.

The Perks of Using a Smartwatch to Gamble Online

Things to Keep in Mind

Despite the fact that this idea was pitched in 2014, development of smartwatch casinos and gambling applications have been somewhat slow. As the latest addition to the group of mobile devices that you can gamble on, smartwatches and casino developers have a few kinks to iron it. The major one that has come up is the size of the screen. While this does not pose a problem for games such as online slots, it can be quite tricky to place a wager on a game such as Poker or Blackjack while the virtual table is displayed on the screen.

One of the aspects that has slowed down the development of casino gambling experiences on smartwatches is how quickly smartphone providers develop new and improved smartwatch devices. The range that exists today is home to many different shapes and sizes that all come with unique ways of using them. These elements need to be considered when developing games to ensure that there is a streamlined experience. However, the CasinoTop team is confident that if the demand for these games continues to rise, developers and operators will reach some kind of consensus on how to move things along.

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a mobile device that has been designed to be worn on the wrist. This means that the device is small and boasts a number of functions, besides the traditional one of keeping the time. These devices run off Android or Apple operating systems and function as miniature smartphones, with smaller display screens and increased convenience. Smartwatches can be used to make calls, send text messages, use social media platforms, run applications and even gamble via the browser. If you’re looking into purchasing a smartwatch device, the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear watches and LG Urbane are good options.

What is a Smartwatch

Smartwatches have also moved beyond just in-browser playing and online casino applications for these devices can now be downloaded. You can gain access to the apps by visiting any of the online casino sites on this page or visiting the Play Store or Apple store to download applications that operators have had verified for these devices. In addition to providing great gaming experiences, smartwatch casino gambling apps will allow you to receive your alerts, place wagers, get the latest football, Hockey or racing stats and cash out your earnings from this tiny device.

From an online casino operator’s perspective, the addition of an exclusive smartwatch application is likely to appeal to many new and existing players, guaranteeing a large amount of traffic.