1x2 Games Casinos

Providing lightweight software integrations, 1x2Gaming is focused on providing specialty games, usually with a satisfying sports theme. You’ll likely come across this beautiful piece of software, should you frequent the larger casinos on your online adventures. New, innovative and growing in popularity on the large casinos; read more below, to find out all the cool little tricks that make 1x2Gaming a prominent go-to for specialty gaming.

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1x2 Gaming Slots

1x2Gaming provides a unique opportunity to play on something outside of the norm. 1x2Gaming software consists of a variety of specialty games, collectively known as PANORAMA, which includes different games such as; Keno, bingo, scratch, as well as many more exclusive specialty games and slots. For example, Football 3x3 is a slot game that offers little and often pay-outs on the top row, while the bottom row providing for larger pay-outs. Exotic, exploratory, historical and fantastical; these are just some of the themes to cater to people of every interest, with the flexibility to ensure that all types of gamers are satisfied with something new and unique.

Integration with Other Software

1x2Gaming is built from the ground up to be convenient for integration with other software. That means that players can relish in the fact that live casinos, video poker and slot games can be enjoyed from a variety of 1x2Gaming casinos. Whatever the preferred software, the flexible nature of 1x2Gaming enables more variety and power to the user.


As you may already know, bonuses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 1x2gaming casinos are a great place to experience some of this variety, due to their unique games. While deposit bonuses are definitely common ground for the vast majority of casinos, 1x2gaming casinos also offer no-deposit bonuses, wagering contests, prize draws and many other types of promotions. Just remember to keep in mind to always check the time span and wagering requirements for any bonus or offer.

Instant Play

Most of us familiar with web-browsing has run into some sort of issues with Adobe Flash, putting an instant stop to our flow. Well, thanks to 1x2Gaming’s choice to primarily integrate with Java, you’ll be able to experience instant play, even on lower end devices. If you’re the type of person who’s always on the move, then you’ll be sure to appreciate the ease with which 1x2Gaming caters to mobile devices. Less loading times and greater stability means more action at your fingertips.