Big Time Gaming Casinos

Contrary to their name, Big Time Gaming is actually quite a small development studio, which was founded in 2011. Created by 3 industry experts and more than making up for their relatively small team with their continued successes; Big Time Gaming initially started out as a subsidiary for larger market leaders, such as Microgaming. They have since built up a very reputable name and are now considered key innovators in the field of slot game development, having made a name for themselves with popular features such as; MegaWays and Unlimited Multipliers, which have seen players flocking to their games. This is another provider that has won over the confidence of the big players in the online casino world, meaning that you are more than likely going to easily find a great selection of their games across several platforms. While you may not be initially wowed by graphical presentations, their mechanics more than makeup for it.

We also really like Big Time Gaming’s dedication to localizing their games, including for French speaking customers. Something we’d like to see more providers work towards.

Bonanza and White Rabbit are two games we recommend you keep a lookout for. Bonanza is probably their most notable game, emphasizing the MegaWays feature, which allows for 1117,649 winning combinations wrapped up in a unique prospector theme. The game is played on 6 reels and has a great average return to player (RTP) of 96%. White Rabbit also features some unique twists and turns, which is quite fitting based on its Alice in Wonderland theme. One of the uncommon mechanics of this slot game is the ability to ‘purchase’ a feature drop at a cost of your stake multiplied by one hundred. This Feature Drop mechanics allows you to gain instant access to the bonus feature, making it a high risk high reward option for those you daring enough. It is worth checking out the slots on offer, purely to see what slots can provide in terms of unique features and evolving frameworks. Big Time Gaming has around 25 slots to their name, but also provide blackjack and roulette games to cater to the table gamers out there.

Be sure to remember that Big Time Gaming’s slots may be listed under other providers on some online casinos. Many of their games may be categorised as NYX or Microgaming games, however, you’ll soon notice on the loading screen that they are in fact Big Time Gaming slots.