Superstitions - Are you on good terms with the gambling gods?

An informative do’s and don’ts guide to giving your gambling a boost with some of the most common superstitions.

Do you ever find yourself choosing a particular color to wear from your wardrobe when you’re about to start your gambling day at your online casino? Have you ever cursed that damn black cat for running past you in the street, especially right before spinning some wheels at the casino? If so you’re certainly not alone, because it’s a fact that gamblers are among the most superstitious people around and none more so than the Chinese.

First, let’s take a look at 5 common ‘Do’s’ for superstitious gamblers.

The Color of Money!

  • Red is said to be the luckiest color in China, and it’s also associated with happiness, beauty, vitality and success. It’s probably no coincidence that Red and White are also considered to be lucky in Canada because of their flag.
  • Green is the color that represents wealth, fertility, hope and growth. Make sure you put a little green in your life to attract the big bucks!

The Loonie Dollar is always good for a competition.

Always a favorite in sporting competitions in Canada, ever since 2002, when the Canadian hockey teams won Olympic gold. The Lucky Loonie has been a favorite good luck charm to have on you, so when playing the slots, keep that gold coin close at hand. People have even been known to drop them into a fountain before an important event.

No bad spirits or omens with a Rabbit’s Foot

Dating back to the Celtic tribes in Britain, the rabbit’s foot was carried around as a means of warding off evil, while magic and superstition in the form of African/American ‘Hoodoo’ also believed in using this lucky charm.

Knock on Wood

What does wood have to do with luck you may ask….
Something to do with Christ’s wooden crucifix, and ancient stories about good spirits in trees, so the idea was not to anger the universe, which people believed to be a common thing back then. So just in case, it’s true, touch wood whenever you’re about to wager on your favorite game so as not to risk angering the universe.

Horse Shoe Heaven

In most rural parts of Canada as well as in other countries around the world, the humble horseshoe has been hung over the door to protect and bring fortune to those who enter their home. This came about from ancient beliefs that iron conquers evil spirits.

Now 5 ‘don’ts’ for gamblers to avoid

Smash a mirror! 7 years bad luck? Really?

The saying goes that if you break a mirror you’re doomed for 7 years… true or merely an old superstition? I don’t know for sure, but we shouldn’t take any chances. The humble mirror is said to not only reflect our image but also take away part of our souls. In days gone by, people so feared this happening, that they covered all the mirrors in the house when someone passed away so their soul wouldn’t be trapped inside it.

666 Number of the Beast.

Coming from the Book of Revelations, chapter 13 in the New Testament, 666 is referred to as “man’s number” or the “antagonistic beast” and is also often associated with the devil and the antichrist. Some people are so terrified of the ill will that the three 6’s bring, that they have their own word; they are referred to as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic…. What a mouthful!!

Gambler’s Conceit

A superstitious belief or fallacy? Gamblers beware…
Do you continue to take big risks even when you’re not able to stop yourself from losing everything? Do you think you are in total control of skillfully putting yourself ahead of your game? This is the classic description of Gambler’s Conceit, which is an actual superstitious condition when a gambler engages in games of chance and believes that he will stop playing when he has finally got himself financially ahead. Then once he starts winning, he finds it senseless to quit. So these gambling types think they should keep betting when they’re winning and when they’re losing.

Not just one disaster, but three!

Have you ever noticed that bad things happen in 3’s? It’s what’s called confirmation bias. So what does it mean? Well those of us who are on the superstitious side, tend to look for a second or third bit of bad luck if we’ve already experienced one or two. It could be a very inconvenient superstition to have as you might just bring on more disaster than you need, simply because you’re expecting it to come your way.

Friday the 13th unlucky for some…

The most terrifying thing about Friday the 13th surely must be the words that are used for people who fear it friggatriskaidekaphobics or "paraskevidekatriaphobia." It seems that this fear started in the late 1800’s but probably dates back to Christ dying on a Friday. So it’s a double whammy because Fridays are deemed to be an unlucky day and the number 13 has long been regarded as the most unlucky number to many people. The funny thing is that people only notice when bad things happen on that particular fateful day, but ignore the good things. So do you actively avoid placing bets on that particular day? If so I don’t blame you as it can be a little nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Here are some of our top favorite gambling idiosyncrasies

Don’t Look!

In land-based casinos, you’ll often see people looking away while playing slots and other types of gambling games. So while the machine reels are still spinning it’s best not to stare just incase you jinx the outcome. So when playing random games of chance, just be sure to avert your eyes at the crucial time.

Red is best!

As previously mentioned, Red is known to be the luckiest color, which is where the gambling saying “betting on red” comes from when play roulette. So try wearing red as often as possible, and it the color really doesn’t suit your complexion, you can always wear a pair of red underpants!

Cross your fingers but for heaven's sake uncross your legs!

In the gambling world as well as in everyday life, crossing your fingers is really believe to effect an outcome favorably. The same cannot be said for crossing your legs, as it is widely known to cancel any of the good luck winnings that may have been coming your way.

You gotta love the number 7!

We already established that the number 13 is not known to bring good luck, however it’s a different story when it comes to the number 7! Online gambling, particularly slots and blackjack games have a great connection with 7, so make sure you make it one of your favorites!

Keep away from $50 bills!

In the USA it’s said to be bad luck to be paid out in $50 notes. It’s such bad luck and the only thing we can put this particular superstition down to, is the habit gangsters have of placing $50 bills into the pockets of the poor victims they’re bumped off. I’d keep away from them too if I were you!

To sum it up!

So are we gamblers justified in our suspicious natures? Our brains tend to make things up when they can’t understand something. It’s the same trait that makes us believe in supernatural and ghoulish stories. A study in 2010 showed that superstitions can actually work sometimes because when we believe something strongly enough, we can actually improve our performance through sheer will. So next time you head over to your favorite online casino to play, think about whether your superstitions are worth taking note of and spin away to more wins and fortune.

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