Sussex Builder Takes Home 8th Largest UK Lotto Win of £105M

Life is about to change in amazing ways for Steve Thomson and his wife Lenka after winning an eye-popping £105.1 million in the EuroMillions lottery earlier this month. This incredible win is the eighth largest lotto win in the UK and the Thomsons have big plans for spending and sharing their newfound wealth.

A dream come true

Self-employed builder Steve, aged 42, has been playing the lottery for the past 25 years but he never dreamed he would one day take home such a large prize. His wife Lenka, 41, and their three children live in the village of Selsey, West Sussex.

"I think I was on the verge of having a heart attack," says Steve, telling The Sun about his first reaction to hearing the news. Even in the wake of such a life-changing event, Steve is determined to stay grounded, saying he would complete all of his building jobs before Christmas as planned before retiring.

Splashing out

After such a significant win, it comes as no surprise that the Thomsons will splash out a little bit before thinking about their long-term plans for the cash. Lenka is looking forward to going on holiday more often and the couple are also looking to upgrade to a larger home so each of their kids can have their own room.

While it looks like it’s going to be a very good Christmas indeed for the Thomson children, their parents will not be letting this big change go to their heads. “If they want something,” says Steve, referring to his two sons and his daughter, “they will need to earn it.”

The couple also have plans to help their nearest and dearest by paying off mortgages and buying homes for friends and family. Steve has also offered his business partner support if it should be needed.

Sussex Builder Takes Home 8th Largest UK Lotto Win of £105M element01 - CasinoTop‘It couldn't happen to a nicer family’

The news of the win was met with nothing but good wishes from those who know the Thomsons. Clients of Steve’s have spoken highly of his skill as a builder and would gladly recommend him to anyone if he weren’t about to retire.

A colleague of Lenka’s at the Premier convenience store where they work said that he would miss her but was thrilled for the life-changing win. Neighbours in Selsey were also effusive in their praise for the family, who they described as hard-working and lovely people.

Sussex Builder Takes Home 8th Largest UK Lotto Win of £105M element02 - CasinoTopSpending the winnings

Steve and Lenka are determined not to let the win change them. "At the end of the day I'm still Steve - and she is still Lenka - that is not going to change. We're just better off financially," said Steve.

The couple plans to move house and travel more often, especially to see Lenka’s family in Slovakia, who they could only afford to visit once a year before the big win. But they also want to be sensible with the money and say that with a little careful planning, can help even more people than just their loved ones.

EuroMillions winners

Steve and Lenka Thomson are the 6th EuroMillions jackpot winners in the United Kingdom this year and the biggest jackpot in 2019 - £170 million - was won just last month by an anonymous winner.

The win is also the 8th largest lottery win in the UK ever. The Thomsons come in behind Neil Trotter, who won £107.9M in 2014, Frances and Patrick Connolly, who won £114.9M on New Year’s Day this year, and Colin and Chris Weir, who won a jaw-dropping £161M in 2011.

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