The Best Payout Percentages at Canadian Online Casinos

We all want to win the jackpot one day, but only a very lucky few will take home the biggest prizes available at online casinos in Canada. That’s why the experts at CasinoTop highly recommend going for the largest payout percentages offered by the various brands out there. One reason we believe in this view is that big wins tend to be great for those very rare few players who can dream of retiring, but a higher payout percentage is beneficial to every single online casino player. After all, a larger Return to Player (RTP) means that you have a better chance of making a profit at the end of any given session.

What is RTP and why should I care?

All online casinos and game providers are required to publish data on the expected Return to Player (RTP) and we recommend that you pay particular attention to these stats, which are published within the information or help sections of all online casino games. As you’ll soon notice by clicking on the ‘i’ or ‘?’ icons on various games, the RTP is expressed as a percentage. Typically you’ll see a figure around 95%, so let’s take that as an example.

On average, then, for every Canadian dollar you wager on a game with an RTP of 95% at an online casino, you can expect to win back 95 cents, with the house edge being comprised of the remaining 5%. That doesn’t mean that you can’t win or that you can’t make a profit, pushing your personal RTP above 100%, but other players must lose in order to keep the average at 95%. After all, these averages, in the case of slots for example, are worked out by simulating millions of spins under strict test conditions. Licencing bodies or independent experts like eCOGRA then ratify the RTP and ensure that no foul play has occurred.

So, with all this in mind, the higher the payout percentage (ie, the closer it is to 100%), the better your chances of winning in the short term or making a profit in the long term. These statistics given on a game by game basis can then be extrapolated to work out the average payout percentage for the entire casino. And luckily the footer links for eCOGRA can give us this information for each brand. Therefore, we’ve dug through the details to bring you the top five highest paying online casinos in Canada, which we’ll reveal in reverse order below:

5. LeoVegas Casino

The lions and lionesses at LeoVegas work hard to bring you the best in online casino games and this is reflected by their high average payout percentage of 96.2%. And with hundreds of top titles available at LeoVegas (not to mention high scores in many other areas), you can be sure to find hours of high quality entertainment.

4. Gate 777 Casino

Upping the ante to a whopping 97%, Gate 777 ticks all the boxes for players based in Canada with its large range of games, excellent mobile compatibility and that fantastic payout percentage. So, we definitely recommend checking in at Gate 777 whenever you’re looking for a new place to play.

3. Dunder Casino

The superb and super slick Dunder Casino is much more than a pretty face. Boasting an average payout percentage of 97.1% also makes it a winning choice for Canadian players. Customers of Dunder tend to stick around for the long haul and we can certainly see why when you see everything it has to offer.

2. Casimba Casino

Another lion-based online casino roars proudly with an excellent average payout percentage of 97.2%. And seeing as Casimba Casino gives you hundreds of fantastic games, as well as a decent selection of progressive jackpot games, you’re bound to want to return to this online casino jungle time and time again.

1. Dream Vegas Casino

The number one spot deservedly goes to Dream Vegas Casino, which has an astonishing average payout percentage of 97.4%. So, there’s no need to catch a plane down to Nevada when you can get everything you ever needed from an online casino right for the comfort of your own couch. Don’t miss out on your chance to play here at least once in your lifetime.

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