The Day Two NetEnt Millionaire-Making Jackpots Dropped Within 24 Hours

Every time a jackpot is won is a time to celebrate, but when NetEnt surprises us all by having two of their most popular slots drop a jackpot within a 24-hour timeframe it calls for a party!

Well, that's exactly what happened, and it might be one for the history books to keep hold of for a while. Here’s how it all played out.

One Extra Large Double Jackpot Please

Now, jackpots aren’t anything new for the game provider NetEnt, who are the creators of some of the most popular jackpot slots in the world. However, two jackpot wins within 24 hours on jackpot games that come from the same game provider? That’s something not even NetEnt could’ve foreseen!

It might not come as a big surprise that these jackpots were won at the most popular slots either. The first winner placed a C$1 bet on the Mega Fortune slot at PokerStars Casino, telling the casino that;

“I put my hand over [the screen] because I thought, ‘I’ve got no chance of winning this, I want it to be a surprise’. It spun. When I took my hand away and saw what happened… I almost passed out. No this can’t be real.”

What was revealed on the screen was a massive €2,667,743.19 jackpot win! That’s almost 4 million Canadian dollars!

Then The 2nd Millionaire-Making Jackpot Happened

We’re imagining that the Mega Fortune Dreams slot felt left out and therefore played right into the pockets of a player at another casino who topped the first jackpot with their €4,084,430 win (over 6 million CAD).

We’re talking 10m Canadian dollars in 24 hours!

Are You Next In Line For Millionaire Duty?

The progressive slot games from this game provider are often trickling up to life-changing sums, and who knows, the next winner might be you!

Just keep in mind to always play responsibly. Every online casino has convenient tools that help you keep track of your gambling. Good luck!

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