The Different Types of Gaming Software

As far as playing at an online casino there are three variations in terms of how one may go about playing their chosen game, what this really refers to is how you will be accessing the site or games. As you might have expected, currently the most preferred method for playing these days is either via downloading the software to your device or by playing via what is known as instant play. Instant play has also been referred to as flash play. So essentially, the two main types are known as a flash casino or a download casino.

The third way that players are able to access their favourite games or casinos nowadays is through a mobile casino. Over recent years this sector of the online casino world has enjoyed some incredible growth and the trajectory in terms of global popularity shows no sign of abating any time soon.

The reason for the mobile casinos unrivalled rise to stardom can be attributed to a few factors, however, the main factor is undoubtedly due to the mere fact that since the inception of mobile casinos more and more players have been able to be a part of arguably the world’s fastest growing enterprise.

Let’s take a closer look at the three different types of online casinos you're able to play on and how they differ from one another.

Mobile Casino

As mentioned above this type of gaming has shown the greatest growth and this is certainly due to a few major reasons which have catapulted it to its current status. Firstly, the fact that with each day the mobile sector puts what can only be described as an exorbitant amount of these trusty hand held devices into the hands of thousands of people from around the world. This in turn translates to more individuals being able to log on from their mobile device to play at an online casino. If you think about it, almost all mobile phones sold these days are more similar to an actual computer than just a phone. The processing power being granted to these little devices is far superior than that of a desktop computer from just a few years ago and as such, game developers have created a plethora of games for players to enjoy from just about anywhere that has a signal and at absolutely anytime of the day or night. It’s no wonder that it is fast becoming the most preferred method by gamers the world over.

Online casinos were not about to let this opportunity slip by them and as such, almost every one of them has been hard at work with their chosen developers to create games that are mobile compatible. Their software allows all platforms to play the games, such as iOs and android and even Microsoft and Windows Mobile. Thanks to all these platforms being supported, individuals are able to enjoy most games from the comfort of their own homes and off multiple devices, whether that be a mobile phone, laptop, tablet of any other mobile device that runs these types of software. Just another reason why mobile casinos are bound to expand even further.

When the online casino initially offered players the opportunity to play games via their mobile device there were no more than a few obscure titles, as the years have progressed, so have the number of games that are available to players. This seems to be a highly prized sector in the online industry as new games are being added to online casino lobbies at what seems like a daily rate. Not only can players play some of the most popular titles any casino has to offer. Not only are there now hundreds of mobile friendly games but now players even have the ability to play progressive jackpot slots as well as table games and a plethora of others.

In all honesty, the mobile casino niche is still in its infancy and the games on offer are dwarfed in comparison to their PC casino counterpart. But, there is no doubt that the convenience afforded by mobile gaming makes up for the lack of games. There are quite a few casinos out there that don't even require the user to download an app, they are able to play it directly from the site itself, should you be required to download the app which can be done either from the app store or directly from the site, there will usually be an option to save it to your device so that you will only be required to install it once on your chosen device and then create a shortcut so that it is easily accessible whenever the fancy strikes.

Ok, so now we've got a better understanding of mobile casino gaming and the benefits it has to offer. Even though it is still rather quite young, players can be certain that as technology progresses, so will the number of games on offer as well as the graphics, which, even though they have come a long way since its inception, have ample room for improvement and there is no doubt that at the current rate of development, it is only a matter of time before they are on par with the main casino.

The mobile online casino is only one way you're able to play online and even though it is the most convenient way yet it is still not the most popular or as popular as downloaded games and flash gaming. Lets see what the hype is all about and how to go about playing via one of these platforms.

Download Casino

As the name suggests, this version of an online casino requires that the player download the software needed to play the games via your chosen device. There are a few reasons as to why this form of gaming is the most popular, with that being said it does come with its own pros and cons which we shall discuss in more detail below.

Before being permitted to actually play the game at your chosen casino, you will first need to download the software from the provider. Usually this can be done directly from the site you wish to use, if not, there will be a link that must be clicked on which will direct you to where it can be downloaded. The casino may also offer the option to play the games via an instant play or flash version, however, not all of them do allow this nifty little feature. This is one major factor that has contributed significantly to its popularity amongst players. Once the player has downloaded the online casinos software they will be able to access and play without the need to log onto the site constantly, this will save them a ton of time which they would rather spend playing anyway.

The reason this is probably the best way to play at an online casino is due to the fact that once downloaded you will have access to the casinos full library and all the features that come with it. This is the closest thing players will have to an actual casino and being in the brick and mortar establishment in person. Another reason is purely the speed at which the games will be played, often you find that mobile versions and flash versions will have an almost glitchy feel to them, whereas the downloaded version is free from sending data via the internet, this basically means that instead of constantly contacting the casino your device can run the games directly from the hard drive which saves an impressive amount of time and allows the games to run at a smoother rate. Yet another reason players choose this method is because the sound quality and graphics are considerably better than the other methods, allowing a more immersive experience with a higher quality in every aspect. The experience as a whole provides a much more stable environment and a realism one can expect at an actual casino.

So we've had a look at why downloading a casino’s game is definitely the way to go, now let’s look at one of the main things that could tarnish it reputation. As with all dealings online, especially when it comes to downloading something off the net, there is always the constant threat that you may inadvertently download a product or something of similar nature that could be hiding a deadly virus. There are many different viruses out there these days and they seem to be evolving at a rapid pace. This is exactly why it is essential that before choosing an online casino and prior to downloading the software you need to play their games, you do some thorough research on the entity. Even though most online casinos have been audited and checked by third parties to ensure there legitimacy and credibility, it is a good idea to do some further research in order to know without a doubt that whichever you have chosen is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are a safe, secure and a trusted site. By doing this you are ensuring that your sensitive financial and personal information are thoroughly secured and you're not at risk of being bamboozled.

Downloaded online casinos are certainly the best option for any player that really wants to have the real deal casino experience that offers all the bells and whistles. This is the best way to have access to all the games the casino has to offer as well as all the little tit bits and features that come with it. Lets face it, what’s the point of joining an online casino if you can’t use it to its full potential, oh, and the fact that this method allows you to play many different games at the same time should seal the deal for any player looking to have non stop fun.

Instant play & Flash play

This is the third way in which players can enjoy their favourite games, the catch is that not all online casinos actually offer this to their players. What they are essentially, is a game that can be played online without the need to perform any downloads. Playing via this method has many beneficial factors but it also has a few drawbacks which we shall discuss in further detail.

First of all when choosing your desired online casino and your intention is to play flash games it is essential to make sure that they actually offer this method of play and if they do have this facility, that they offer a substantial amount of games that can be played instantly. Most online casinos these days have realised that more and more people are taking to this form of gaming because it doesn't require a download of any sort, all the player needs to do is register with your casino and start playing your favourite titles. When using this method, players will first need to make sure that they have the relative plugin necessary to run this game via the web. There are a number of plugins one can install depending on what platform you are using. A few of the more popular browser plugins available for free download online are Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave and Java amongst others, but it is highly recommended that you choose one of these as they are supported by the majority of online institutions. The convenience of playing flash games is certainly why it is such a popular method, this is thanks to the instant play that happens at the click of a button. If you think about it, should you be a player that is a member at many different online casinos, downloading all of them and their software would require far too much hard drive space which is just not worth it if you ask me. That is exactly what makes flash games so good, even if you're not able to use your personal laptop or computer, you'll be able to log in and start playing immediately from just about anywhere on the planet.

It was mentioned earlier that by downloading casino software , players will be able to play multiple games at the same time. Some of the best flash play providers have noticed the benefits of having a feature like this and have decided to incorporate into their flash sites, just another reason why flash gaming is the most convenient form of online gaming.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine with flash games though, it does come with its own set of drawbacks. First of all, when playing these types of games keep in mind that you will be using data and bandwidth. The amount used is obviously dependent on the quality of the game itself. This is not only referring to the graphics though, the quality of sound also determines the amount of bandwidth used, all of these factor into how much data will be consumed by the game. Another shortfall of playing flash games is the fact that should you not have the best internet speed at your disposal, players will encounter glitchy gameplay. These glitches will affect the sound quality, graphics quality and also the overall smoothness of how the game runs. So if you do not have the best internet speeds it advisable to rather go with a downloaded game.

Now that you have a better understanding of the three different methods players can use to enjoy their favourite past time, hopefully you'll be able to choose which option suits you best. It goes without saying that it is all up to the preference of the player, should you be looking for a more immersive and in depth, casino like experience then you should definitely think about making use of a downloadable online casino which will afford you all the same courtesies of their brick and mortar bigger brother, as well as superior graphics and sound quality to match. Should you be the sort of player who prefers a more fast paced approach and like to get your fix instantly, then why not give the flash games a go. Mobile gaming has come a long way since it first graced the online industry and even though it is still behind flash games and downloaded games at this point in time, it won't be long before they can stand toe to toe with them and the fact the players are able to play the games from anywhere in the world and whenever they want is just another reason why mobile gaming is bound to take over the industry in the years to come.

Encryption and Security

When choosing to play at an online casino it is imperative that you do some critical research to determine whether or not you're playing at a trusted site. The security they provide players is probably the most important aspect to consider when deciding on who to go with. When you think about it, the casino you end up choosing will have all your vital information stored in their database, that means your financial information which is probably the most sensitive information you will have to enter when you are required to provide these details once you make a deposit is privy to prying eyes. As we all know, we live in the age of technology and as this industry continues to make amazing advancements in every field, there are those dubious individuals who literally spend their entire lives working on their laptops in the hopes of finding a loophole within security systems of online casinos so that they may have access to your hard earned money. This does not only apply to your financial details though, hackers are also out there trying to get hold of information such as personal details which they will sell off to the highest bidder. This information is used for different reasons, one of the main reasons is identity theft, where your identity is used to create accounts in your name or for various other reasons. So, essentially it is vital that the online casino you choose can provide you with incredible security and unbreakable encryption software. All casinos these days employ some sort of encryption software so let’s take a look at how and why they use it.

Casinos are making use of a data encryption software system and majority of them will use a 128-bit data encryption system which is how they secure clients data. How this system actually works is quite simple in theory, however, it certainly isn't behind the scenes. What it does is it take the data that has been input by the player and scrambles it, this ensures that anyone seeking to catch a glimpse of the sensitive information will see a scrabbled, jumbled bunch of numbers and letters that make absolutely no sense at all. This basically makes certain that only the person who is authorized to use the account may use the account or view the details contained within. Ok, so what is actually happening is that once the data is typed into the system it will first head to the designated satellite where it will then be scrambled and sent back to the casinos server system. Once there, only the authorized person, in this case the player, will have the virtual key otherwise known as the password which will unlock the digital safe in which it is kept and then unscramble it so that it becomes readable. This is especially helpful when players are constantly typing in bank account numbers or credit card details which obviously no one but them should have the privilege of seeing.

Encryption is the first line of defense that casinos have put into place to protect the highly confidential information that is put into their systems by the numerous new sign ups. This is by far the most effective tool put into use by casinos, even though there are quite a few different encryption techniques used by various casinos, they are all pretty much the same and do the same thing really. These same encryption systems are those used by many banking institutions all over the world and have provided unrivalled security to millions of clients since it was first implemented. The mere fact that almost every casino and bank makes use of this incredibly secure system is testament to how proficient it is at doing its intended
function, which is making sure that fraudsters don't use your personal information for their own gain and hackers are unable to get access to our bank accounts.

As mentioned above, there are two different encryption methods used by most facilities. These are primarily Secure Socket Layer often referred to as SSL and Transport Layer Security which is commonly referred to as TSL. Every legitimate casino will have this logo displayed somewhere in their website page and this is usually a good sign that you're using a secure online casino. Should you not be able to locate these symbols on the site, it is advisable that you stay away from them. As mentioned earlier, these are considered to be the best encryption protocols available to the industry which is why they are implemented with majority of the online casinos these days as they are yet to be proved ineffective. These encryption methods are constantly being updated and revised to make certain that the system is always as fool proof as possible.

HTTPS is the abbreviation of HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, your computer internet will use this in conjunction with either the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transfer Layer Security (TSL) which helps encrypt the client sensitive data even further to ensure it is even more secure. Most devices will have an image of a tiny lock symbol which can be located next to the search bar at the top of the page, this could appear either on the left hand side or the right hand side of the bar. Should you not be able to see this symbol it is quite possible that the site does not use HTTPS software and it is most likely a good idea to stay away, if you are unable to use another site, players should exercise caution when making downloads to your device as it is not as secure as you may think. HTTP communication is rather rudimentary in terms of safety protocols when using the internet, HyperText Transfer Protocol will be layered on top of your SSL or TSL, the reason being that the latter two provide much more advancement communication and security capabilities due to their superiority in the data encryption facet. Please use a site with extreme caution should they not employ both of these security methods to keep your personal data safe.

It goes without saying that the internet, although a wonderful place, is actually quite dangerous in terms of hackers being able to get access to your personal and sensitive information. For this reason, it is vital that you always have some kind of anti-virus software running on your device. They will provide even more protection from those dubious individuals or spyware and malware programs that may have been placed into a download. These are referred to as trojan virus as they will masquerade as another kind of software and once downloaded onto your device will then proceed to infiltrate every aspect of your computer to either gain access to your personal files or just corrupt data in general.

These days, almost all online casinos will have their own anti-virus software that is embedded with their program. In all likelihood theirs may even be stronger than yours and provide a highly effective malware defense system that will guard against threatening viruses.

When using an online casino you are more than likely protected in a vast number of ways. All casino’s, due to the security measures they have put into place will have a thoroughly detailed history of all transactions that have taken place. This ensures that no matter what happens, there will be a data trail available which can be used when there is some kind of discrepancy regarding either financial or identity fraud. Many casinos will have some sort of anti-fraud software used in conjunction with all their other forms of protection which further ensures the safety and security of their clients sensitive information. It is also important to know that all casinos consider the protection of this data as a top priority, so clients can be sure that they are in good hands and that they will have taken all measures available to them to provide a safe and secure environment to their clients.

With all this being said, it is vital that you remember that hackers will go to all sorts of measures to try and get a hold of your data. Even though the casinos have placed the strictest security measures in place to ensure that their site is safe, the casino you have chosen could still just be a front. So, if you are unable to find information on their site regarding what kind of encryption and security technology they are making use of, it is highly advisable that you perform your own research to determine the authenticity of that particular site. There are a myriad of sites that have gone through the arduous task of compiling extensive lists of online casinos that have either been black listed or rated as unsafe, be sure to make use of these sites as they are an invaluable tool in the world of online gaming. All casinos have a customer support program so be sure to make contact with them to get this information prior to actually signing up, entering your details and depositing money. This is vital if you want to keep yourself safe online.

Game Logs & Statistics

Game logs have become a frequent use facility in online casinos these days and for good reason. No matter which casino you have chosen to register with, they will almost certainly have this function. Keep in mind that how they refer to this section may vary from site to site. Expect to see “Play Check”, “Play History” or “Game Logs” among other names, but they will usually be pretty straight forward and provide an invaluable tool to players who want to keep track of what they have played, how many times they have played a certain game and of course, how much money they have been putting into certain machines or games.

There are a few reasons why players like to keep track of these things and how far back these logs go vary from casino to casino, some go back as far as six months. The only way you will be able to view this history is by logging into your online casino and you must be playing with actual money as free games will not be displayed so therefore you will be unable to view them. This doesn't matter much as most of the time the reason for keeping track of this is to see how much money you have either spent or received from a certain game.

Many casinos have made it a super simple process to gain access and view this play history, it is usually achieved with the click of the mouse. What you will see is an extremely detailed list of absolutely everything that has occurred over this given period of time, players will see the times of every single spin they made, bets placed and wins made. Depending on who the software providers are, there could be even more details available for players to scrutinize. For instance, this feature is also available to use for table games and specialty games which means that you can literally see everything that you have played and learn from mistakes you’ve made or what you did when you won, as you can see, this is an absolutely fantastic feature and certainly gives players a little extra help when trying to come up trumps against the casino, unless you're playing a luck based game of course.

With the game logs and statistics it has created an avenue where players can analyse how they have been playing in extreme detail. If you are a frequent player you will certainly not be able to remember every hand you were dealt, every number you rolled on the dice or even what number on the roulette wheel the ball landed on. This is the main reason why players have taken such a liking to this feature and it is surely why most casino do not provide a longer time period in terms of how long they keep these logs for. However, in all honesty if you imagine the amount of data that needs to be stored due to the extremely comprehensive lists you can understand why they can’t keep records for extended periods of time. Just remember that you can use this feature to see which games play in your favour and which games you should stay away from in the future. This is probably one of the best features of online gaming is is another reason why the online industry has surpassed its brick and mortar counterpart.

Fairness and RTP explanation

All players would have undoubtedly noticed the letters RTP and a percentage sign next to it when choosing a game to play at an online casino, what this is referring to is the Return to Player percentage. This is basically the number agreed upon by the software company and the casino itself on how much money the game is designed to payout, in other words, it is the percentage it will give back to the player on a certain amount that is put into the machine over a specified period of time. These RTPs will vary from casino to casino but what you need to understand is that there is a minimum limit that is set in order to keep the games fair.

All slot machines have been designed or programmed to ensure that they meet the theoretical player payout percentages. As mentioned above this percentage does vary depending on the casino and the software provider of the game you have chosen to play. It is important to keep in mind that this variation is dependent on where the casino is located and under whose jurisdiction they fall in terms of who is the governing body or authority that provides the casino license. The laws are constantly changing for online casinos due to the industry being relatively new, this is understandable due to the fact that every new economic venture will having teething problems and this is even more true with regards to the gambling sector. Let’s have a look at some of the percentages and there variance from country to country or state to state. Currently the minimum payout percentage required for online casinos operating out of the state of Nevada is set at 75% whereas Mississippi is set at 83%, this is an 8% variance which is actually quite a sum if you think about it. Players need to remember that this is a theoretical payout percentage and the numbers stated above are just the minimum requirement. There are a staggering number of casinos that will actually have a much higher payout percentage, some may be as high as 97% in fact. Keep in mind that this percentage will also change depending on the game. For instance, one slot machine may have a player payout percentage of 88% while the next may have a 96% percentage. This is a good way of deciding which game you should play .

ANy casino player will have heard the words loose machines or tight machines being thrown about, this refers to how often or frequently a particular game will payout. Essentially what they are saying that the machine with a 97% RTP is considered to be “loose”, meaning that they are more likely to payout than the machine which has 89% RTP, considered “tight” Over the years the casino industry as a whole have been somewhat reluctant to reveal these payout percentage to players, as knowing these stats will ultimately give the players more of a chance to play a machine that pays out more regularly.

This is extremely important information you're about to read, so pay attention. Ever since the laws have changed, as the constantly do, casinos are required to a certain extent to reveal these RTP’s to the players. This is exactly how they bait players into playing certain machines as many do not actually know how this process really works, so let’s explain. When the machine or game is being built and programmed by the game developer that is when the return to player percentage is actually programmed into the game. Should the casino want to change this percentage after the game has been released they will need to actually change or swap the software, it cannot just be done with the flick of a switch so to speak. This means that it will probably not change for a while so keep this in mind. This is how the payout percentage works and keep in mind that this is just an example and the numbers do not apply to all games in the same way. Let us just say for example sake that when being developed the game was set to at a 90% RTP, this could mean that it would have to make this happen either after a certain amount of time or after a predetermined number of spins. So let’s just say that after every 1 million spins of the reels the machine would then need to have met that allocated RTP of 90%. Many players are unaware that this is what RTP’s actually mean and not that if you put $100 into the machine it has to payout at least $90, a common misconception but one that favours the house. Here is just another way casinos manage to confuse players with RTP’s, for instance, they could advertise a game that has a 100% RTP but all that could really mean is that the player is more likely to hit the jackpot and win way more than what they put in. So, essentially the machine does not have to pay out a single dime for extended periods of time, because once a player hits the jackpot the machine will undoubtedly have hit the target of 100% RTP. Don't stress yourself too much about this though as casinos tend not to do this as it would make the game very boring for all those thousands of players that never see a win and they would probably not return to the game in the future. With this being said, it is vital that players keep in mind that the house will always win in the long run but that does not mean that you don't have the chance of winning a life changing sum of money.

There is a term referred to as payout frequency and this basically describes how often a game will make a pay out. Basically, games that the casino has marketed or advertised as having a high payout frequency is designed to make smaller payouts but with much more regularity, say after every 5 spins on average, but the winnings will certainly be lower numbers. The games that are marketed as low frequency payouts will not make payouts as often as their high frequency counterparts, for instance they may only register a win after every 10 to 15 spins, the wins will be significantly larger than the high frequency payers. So as you can see this is another great way for players to make a decision on which game to play. Please remember that the frequency does not relate to the return to player percentage, they are not the same thing so don't get confused.

So just to sum up what was said above, RTPs refer to how much a game is required to payout over either a certain period and over a certain amount of spins, it does not mean that you will see those averages met on your first deposit or even on your second. All you can hope for is that you are playing when the game reaches its limit timeout. The frequency is not the RTP and is a good way to tell whether a whether or not your wins will receive massive payouts or just small ones and how often you can expect to hear those bells chiming for you.

Now let’s have a look how casinos are regulated and how they meet the fairness standards laid out for them. CAsinos will often state that they have been checked for fairness by a third party, the standard authority that is recognised the world over is a company that goes by the name eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation Assurance). They are the go to guys when is comes to casinos calculating the average payout percentage, they are a non-profit organization and for good reason. The company is based in London and has been internationally approved to test if games and casinos meet the player protection standards required by the industry. They were initially established in 2003 which was also the year they provided this program to the online gambling industry. Their forte is providing certification of online gaming software and auditing of information security systems. Since their inception, eCOGRA has gone on to become an approved testing agency, inspection body and the designated certification entity for various online gambling jurisdictions from all over the globe. eCogra is a vital institution to the players of the online gaming community, by providing a constant audit of online casinos to make sure that they are following the guidelines and regulations set out by the gaming authorities that be. Making sure that casinos are abiding by the laws is by far one of the most important aspects of the company’s duties and if a casino has received the seal of approval from eCOGRA it does wonders for their credibility and this in turn will certainly procure many new players to their site by offering a service that is safe, secure and of course fair, so players can rest assured that the games they are playing been checked to see if they do provide RTPs that they have advertised.

It is essential that prior to registering with a casino you make sure they offer all of the above. This is referring to the seal of approval from eCOGRA, they provide adequate safety and security through either their SSL or TSL data encryption technology and don't forget about the HTTPS encryption software which can been seen next to the address bar once you log on to the casino. If your chosen online casino offers all three of these factors, you're good to go in terms of using a secure and regulated site that abides by all the laws.

(RNG) Random Number Generator explanation

When deciding to play at a casino you must remember that all games are a game of chance, even though there are some games that are considered skill games which allows players to have somewhat of an influence on the outcome of the games, however, the majority of the games you will find out there are referred to as luck based games which means that there is no real strategy involved when it comes to winning. When it comes to slot games you can be sure these are totally luck based, as you have no say in what symbols appear on the reels and no real way to make sure you win, another example in luck based games is roulette, where there is no way of telling which number that little ball will land on and yet another example is craps, obviously because you would be hard pressed to predict with any sort of accuracy, what number the dice will land on. For the purpose of this guide let us focus on slots games, this is where Random Number Generators also referred to as RNG’s, will be used the most.

Basically there are a few types of random numbers generators but all do the same thing really. Their job is to generate a seemingly random sequence of numbers or in the case of today’s slot machines, symbols that cannot be predicted with any accuracy. The two main types that exist these days are Hardware Random Number Generators (HRNG) and Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNG). The latter is designed to look as if the numbers are random when in actual fact they are really deterministic and could be recreated or reproduced if the state is known. The HNRG on the other hand does actually generate a series of truly random numbers. The concept may seem as if its very new, however, it has been around for centuries and humans have come up with many methods that actually do the job quite well. One great example of this is the rolling dice, like the ones used in craps for instance. The reason why we have had to elaborate on these is due to the fact that they will only randomise up to 6 numbers, as you can tell, this just won't cut it in the slot game industry as there are thousands of combinations and usually for than 20 symbols and numbers which is why we have digital RNG’s these days.

The whole point of having RNG’s is to produce a seemingly random result every time you spin the reels. As mentioned earlier, there are two types, but let’s focus our attention on the Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG). The reason we will take a closer look at this form of random number generation is simply due to the fact that it is the most commonly used method within the casino industry. PRNG’s, are basically algorithms that will generate a long sequence of numbers automatically, this will seem random to the average person, but in actual fact the sequence will repeat itself after a certain number of spins. There is a start to these sequences which is known as a seed, every time the number generator reaches the end of its sequence it will start again with the seed. Some PRNG’s will begin the same sequence again while others will change over time.

For online casinos the most important factor that their RNG must exhibit is that they should not form patterns of kind, well, at least not discernable to the human psyche anyway. This method definitely requires a slightly more complex design in terms of formulas used compared to one that needs not hide a pattern. Probability will always play a major role in the outcome of games and these will vary depending on the length of time, it may seem like the number generation is not working over the short period but over longer periods of time it will become more apparent that it is actually working.

It is vital to remember that no matter what you may hear from those casino stalwarts out there, it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of a game. Many players will tend to pass the blame onto the casino for the losing streak which is normal for anyone. We would all like to think that the casino may be behind the fact that we do not win all the time but that is simply not the case. The casino is bound by laws to provide a fair and secure gaming environment and there are specific bodies who are put in place to audit and check to make sure that their games are in fact following these strict laws. As mentioned earlier, eCOGRA is one of the entities that provide clearance. This is actually the exact function of random number generators and why casinos must have them in their machines and games, to avoid the chances of the casino themselves cheating the players out of their hard earned money. So the next time someone tells you their story of how they managed to beat the RNG, take it with a pinch of salt, unless they have an inside scoop or are one of the software engineers that is.

With all this being said, it is key to remember that there will always be winners and there will always be losers, that's just how the industry works and this is exactly why players continue to come back to their casinos. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, all you can really do is make sure you have done some thorough research on the casino you wish to join before actually giving them any of your money, as mentioned earlier, there are quite a few sites on the web that have compiled extensive lists of those casinos that have been dubbed dubious, unfair, unsecure or have been blacklisted, so make sure you check these before making your final decision. Try Casinotop for an updated list of the naughty casinos.

A Few of the biggest software providers in the industry

Over recent years there has been an incredible bloom in software providers in the online casino industry. Initially there were no more than just a few but now there seems to be quite a large number, with more and more popping up on what seems to be a monthly basis. When it comes to games and their developers, players can usually tell whether or not it’s going to be good, bad or just absolutely amazing. With that being said, there are a number of big names that have cemented themselves in the market are in doing so have garnered quite the following in terms of players who will join an online casino just because they know there are certain developers and their games listed. Let us take a closer look at some of the big names dominating the market right now.


The full name is Net Entertainment but will be commonly known as NetEnt when seen on a casino site. The company has been at the forefront of the game development industry for more than 20 years so far and they seem to be going from strength to strength. They were first established in 1996 under the name NetEnt with the intention of providing the traditional casino industry with top quality games, but their history goes even further back than that to be honest. In 1972 the company was known as Cherry and it was then that they started making a name for themselves with that iconic chery logo, after a few tumultuous decades it was eventually renamed NetEnt and became a trusted name in the pioneering of casino games. They were able to launch their first online casino as soon as it became legal to do so in 2000. There’s been no looking back since then and they have grown to be one of the most dominant forces on the market.

In 2002, NetEnt was launched, and in 2003, NetEnt started delivering casino modules to several players and the company managed to grow sales at a rapid pace until it became exceptionally profitable. In 2004 though, they began to deliver even more of the casino modules, but now even to international customers. It was not until the year of 2004 that they received their gaming license in Malta. In 2009, they were officially listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. When 2010 came along, it was a great year for them as they launched the iconic Gonzo’s Quest slot game which has become a fan favourite around the world, incidentally, it was also the year in which they received their category 2 license in Alderney. The year 2012 saw NetEnt enter into agreements with Boylesports and Paddy Power as well as obtain Danish certification. In 2013, they made a number of massive deals with entities regarding casino games and an agreement with GTECH, they also managed to launch their live casino and several mobile compatible games. 2014 saw them procuring 31 new customers including, Betfair and the Rational Group as well as collaborating with platform supplier GameAccount Network.This was also the year that they created their first ever HTML5 game which is a standard for both desktop and mobile. They finally reached the EUR 1 Billion market capitalization mark. In 2015 they got their UK and Spain licenses as well as their games becoming fully available on land based machines. In 2016 NetEnt launches their mobile live casino and becomes a member of the World Lottery Association. At this point, 39% of revenue come from the mobile game sector. 2017 saw them acquiring their British Columbia gaming license. 2018 NetEnt launches its first social casino (play-for-fun app).

NetEnt have certainly made it abundantly clear that they are one of the giants of the game development industry. Their games are nothing short of absolutely amazing, when it comes to mesmerizing graphics graphics, the highest quality sounds and they come with some of the best special symbols that offer fantastic payouts and with excellent regularity. Their games are available to be played off smartphones and tablets that operate using Android or iPhone. The number of games that they currently offer is way above average and they insist that they will continue to expand their already massive library of games.

Some of the biggest names in terms of games to come from them include Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Beanstalk to name just a few that have captivated gamers around the world. NetEnt will surely exceed all your expectations when it comes to what a really good game offers, you will have the opportunity to win free spins galore, they often employ wilds that substitute other symbols and almost always have an in game jackpot, not to mention that most games will even have bonus levels that come in a variety of different forms.


This is probably the biggest name in the industry and as such you are likely to find their games at almost any casino you choose to enter. The name is synonymous with high end games that are considered to be the bench mark in the online casino industry. Microgaming is a privately owned entity and their forte is software development, they have stated that they released the first genuine online casino in 1994 and since then have continued to lead the charge in terms of gaming industry. In 2004 they went on to create the first mobile casino.

Their head office is based in on the Isle of Man which is smack bang in the middle of the Irish Sea which means that their developers have the best idyllic location to work from, it is no wonder that they consistently create games to die for. They are currently licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commision and have also received the all important stamp of approval from eCOGRA. If that doesn't blow your socks off, then maybe the fact that they are one of the founding members of eCogra will. This is most certainly why they are just about everywhere in the industry and have managed to keep their brand a trusted amongst the market. Their commitment to innovation is cemented by the fact that they managed to receive the BREEAM rating of excellence. They honestly set the standard with regards to fair and responsible gaming all the while finding time to give back to the community in a variety of ways.

The company has given the online community numerous blockbuster titles and none are more well known than the progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah. This game has single handedly created more millionaires around the globe than any other game to date. They have the largest progressive jackpot network ever and so far the have paid out more than $1 billion, they even received a Guinness World Records title for the largest ever single jackpot payout that was more than $17 million from just a 25p spin. There are many more games that they have graced us with, some of the more well known titles include Home to Avalon, Thunderstruck, Dragonz and countless others when it comes to classic and video slots. They have also created quite a name for themselves in the blockbuster titles sector with names such as Jurassic World, Game of Thrones and Playboy Gold to name just three titles, It is evident that they will continue to develop and release many many more in the years to come, if they plan to stay at the head of the pack.

In 2010 Microgaming launched Quickfire Games which is a company that licenses their game content to third party developers. In 2016 they launched virtual reality games that utilize the Oculus Rift technology with the focus being on VR roulette. It was also in this year that they signed an agreement with SkillOnNet who is an online solutions provider, this contract gave them licenses and access to over 500 games from Microgaming’s portfolio. The company has every different type of game one could think of, they have more than 1200 games that come in numerous variants whether it be live casino games, table games with a myriad of variations, sportsbooks and specialty games. Their mobile game library has over 220.

With all this being said, Microgaming certainly are the cream of the crop when it comes to game development and providing an all round world class gaming experience. They are a trusted name for a reason and that should be more than enough for any player.


Playtech has been providing online casinos with software from 1999, and ever since they first hit the market they have gone on to be a trusted supplier to online poker rooms, online bingo rooms and even online sports betting. Their expertise doesn't stop there though, they have recently delved into providing software for scratch game live dealer games and also fixed odds arcade games which are played online.

Playtech launched their first casino in 2001 and have become one of the leading software suppliers around the globe, they are now considered to be in the same league as Microgaming and NetEnt in terms of quality of games offered. One of the company’s greatest assets is the fact that they managed to strike a deal with Warner Bros, this meant that they would have the rights to create games based on iconic comic book superheroes from the DC universe such as Superman and Batman. This definitely has given them a boost since these comic book characters are probably the most famous ones in the world and even though they may not appeal to the older generation they certainly appeal to the younger players. The industry has seen an incredible rise in popularity with more and more of the younger individuals taking to gaming via the multitude of platforms that are available, such as mobile and online, meaning that they longer have to leave the comfort of their own home to enjoy the best games out there. One of the greatest things about Playtech has to be the fact that they allow seamless switching across devices.

Among some of the games that have gained them recognition and put them on par with the big names has to be blockbuster slots such as Iron Man 2, The Hulk, Batman versus Superman and many more titles that come from the superhero movie franchise which make up the newer titles whereas they still offer other slots such as Robocop, Ace Ventura, Top Gun and The Mummy. This list seems to go on forever as they have hundreds of games on offer. This is how they managed to rival the giants of the industry, not only do they create games that are incredibly immersive but the graphics are like being in the cinema itself and the sound quality only helps with the overall experience. With that being said, Playtech are destined for greater things and they surely have gained the adoration of thousands of fans thanks to their dedication to excellence and constant innovation within the market.

Betsoft Gaming

This is another game software developer that has created quite a stir throughout the industry since they arrived on the scene. It has taken them quite a while to reach the level of the big names that have dominated the market for a while now but there are finally a few companies that are rivalling them and one of them is Betsoft Gaming. They are still relatively new in terms of the other giants having only been established in 2006 they provide a variety of games that will satisfy any gamers needs. They have managed to amass a huge library of top notch games that are easily recognizable due to their games providing an experience unmatched by other games.

Betsoft have earned themselves a reputation thanks to their crack team of world class engineers and software developers, game developers and 3D animators. This is exactly how they have managed to rival the top dogs. Their games are incredibly immersive with an almost cinematic like feel to them thanks to the team who are behind the scenes creating these images. They have created the first full 3D video slots with titles such as Slots 3, Pinocchio and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to name just a few. When it comes to these types of slot games they are really at the top of their game, that fact cannot be disputed. Some other fantastic games they have to offer players are Spinfinity Man, Carnival Forever, Wolf Moon Rising, Tigers Claw, The Angler and Stampede. Betsoft offer games in all the categories, so whether you're looking for table games, video poker, scratch cards or virtual racing they virtually have it all.

Betsoft have become a well known name in the online casino industry and they are only showing signs of continued growth. Their dedication to providing only the best games that are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to eye popping immersive gaming. The are regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao eGaming.

Yggdrasil Gaming

This software development company is the youngest on our list since they were only founded as a business in 2013, but don't let that fool you. Since then they have established themselves as one of the premier developers and suppliers in the industry and are giving the big names a good run for their money. In 2014 they did away with their flash games and welcomed in the HTML software. They have gone on to accumulate multiple awards thanks to their world class games and dedication to customer satisfaction, among these awards you'll find the 2018 B2B Award, they won the 2018 International Gaming Awards. They currently have licenses to operate in Malta, Great Britain, Gibraltar and Romania.

AS you can expect from one of the top software providers their games are nothing short of spectacular, they have given rise to video slots, classic slots, video scratch games, keno games, instant play games and lottery games. All these games have games can be played online and on multiple platforms such as desktop, tablet and your mobile device, just another reason why they have become a force to be reckoned with. Players will be able to enjoy titles such as Hanzo’s Dojo, Dr Fortuno, Dwarf Mine, Cazino Zeppelin, Alchymedes and Beauty and the Beast, that's just a taste, visit their site to see some of the other amazing games on offer.

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