The Golden Hour To Play Online Slots

Is there a time when it is better to play slots than any other time? Is there a clear answer to this? If you’ve searched the internet for answers to these kinds of questions you know that there are plenty of myths and conspiracy theories out there when it comes to online casinos. We’re putting on the hard hat to explore the depths of the subject to see if there is an answer to the question.

A Golden Hour for Slot Play - Is There Such A Thing?

There are surely no clear straightforward answers! If we were to ask a bunch of Canadian players, both rookies and professionals, we’re pretty sure we’d end up with a 50/50 situation where one half says yes and one half says that’s a load of bull.

But we’re not here to discuss, we’re here to set things straight! So let’s look at the different perspectives and see where we end up, shall we?

A Thing Called Return To Player

We’re not sure if you’ve ever noticed the percentage that is sometimes shown in the information-section of a slot. It’s normally somewhere around 95-98% and is called RTP. This is the expected payout of a slot back to a player, or, in short, if you play $10 on a slot with 98% RTP, technically speaking you should be able to get $9.80 back. Now putting the RTP in context to the perfect time to play online slots, the RTP is static and doesn’t change.

This means that even if some players might feel they just happen to win more on a Monday morning in Toronto, that has nothing to do with the RTP. This particular percentage might even be used to prove that there can not, technically speaking, be a specific time that is better than another time for winning.

Size Matters, If We’re Talking Jackpot

Putting the RTP aside however, we can have a look at the phenomenon of the Jackpot, and how you might be able to use that to your advantage. Every slot that has a progressive jackpot also has a record amount of it falling and making someone very, very happy. Knowing this amount means that, if you notice a particular jackpot reaching the record size, this could indicate that it will drop at any minute, giving you a better chance of winning it.

Keep in mind however that you’ll probably not be alone on this theory and you’ll face quite a lot of competition on who will ultimately land the multi-millionaire spin. There’s also the fact that the jackpot falls completely randomly. So, while the jackpot might be closing in on its record amount, there’s nothing that says it won’t surpass that amount and go on for longer than you can afford to chase it.

The Duration Of A Jackpot

There might be other jackpots on the market that you’ve just noticed haven’t fallen in a very long time. It might be a good idea to try them out as they are bound to fall at some point, right?

Know Your Limits, And Set Them

Chasing the winnings is one of the big red flags that your gambling is turning into something unhealthy, and it is very easy to lose the thrill of the game when hunting that big win to appear on the screen. It’s therefore of the essence to make use of at least one of the many effective tools for responsible gaming offered by casinos for players in Canada, as well as to set a personal gambling budget before you even start to play.

Done right, gambling will be fun and entertaining, providing plenty of thrills just like any other exciting means of entertainment. Set a limit on how much you’re allowed to play for or loose, or a time limit, to make sure you won’t exceed your budget. We’d like to make it pretty clear that the only Golden Hour to play online casino slots is the one where you are in control of your gambling and you’re having fun.

There Is A Golden Hour, And It’s Not What You Think

We’re not gonna lie, we did have a bit of a Eureka-moment when we found it, the Golden Hour of when to play online slots. It’s not related to the time of the day, or day of the week, or month of the year. Or if you hold your phone upside down or play via a Windows 95 computer charged by solar panels (we had our intern try that one out).

The Golden Hour of playing online slots is: When you’re in a good mood.

We believe that if you’re happy and having a jolly good day, chances are that you’ll enjoy playing a lot more than if you’re angry or sad. And you’ll also realize that gambling isn’t about winning huge, life-changing amounts, it’s about having fun. That said, we’re ready to bury the hatchet between the camps and call it a truce. Keep to your budget, play when you’re happy, and you’ve found the Golden Hour of Gambling. You’re welcome, Canada.

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