Crown Aspinalls Casino Review 2023

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Crown Aspinalls Casino was established by John Aspinall in the 1960s and it just so happens that it was named after him. Some years later, the Crown Resorts Group, based in Australia, purchased 50% of the gaming venue while the remaining 50% remains the property of the Aspinall family. The Crown Aspinall casino is a private gambling venue that offers a wide variety of cuisine options, a gaming floor, hosts poker tournaments and reserves a few private gaming rooms for their VIP members.

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150-162 Edgware Road, London W2 2DT, United Kingdom

Contact Information

Phone: +44 20 7499 4599

Key Aspects

Close to 20 gaming tables available
Membership requirement, application form can be found here
Tournaments can be requested

Gaming Options Available

The gaming focus at Crown Aspinall is undoubtedly on table games, which is often the case with establishments similar to the Crown Aspinall, that protects the gaming atmosphere fiercely. As such, this exclusive gaming venue does not include any gaming machines, including slots and video poker machines, since the Aspinall was established many years before these games became commonplace. While this might disappoint slot enthusiasts greatly, we respect that the operators are staying true to the original spirit of the venue and haven’t made changes that don’t suit the brand.

That means that only table games can be played at Crown Aspinall. There is currently a total of 16 gaming tables on offer at the venue, with seven of these tables located in private gaming areas that are reserved for VIP members and notable guests. These VIP rooms are all designed by Tessa Kennedy, a famous British designer, according to various themes, are decorated with appropriate décor and some even offer private dining facilities. UK members of this club can enjoy roulette, baccarat, three card poker, tournaments, and blackjack.

Crown Aspinalls’ History

Crown Aspinall’s, originally just called Aspinall’s, was established in Mayfair in the 60s by an aristocrat named John Aspinall. When the gaming lounge first opened its doors, the venue was occupied by John’s fellow aristocrats, who were wealthy and well-to-do. Crown Resorts acquired a 50% stake in the business and requested that the name be changed to Crown Aspinalls. The other 50% of the casino remains in the possession of the Aspinall family and is managed by Damian Aspinall, a casino developer, and son of John Aspinall.

The acquisition of half of the company by a commercial gaming company and changing times prompted the operators to do away with their willingness to only accept fellow aristocrats as members of the venue. Today, membership applications are open to anyone in the UK, so long as they are 18 years or older. While the membership requirements have changed, the atmosphere at Crown Aspinall is still very much exclusive as a result of smart choices and careful management.

Promotions and Bonuses

Crown Aspinall offers its members a revolving variety of promotions and bonuses. Since the nature of these offers is dynamic, and sometimes seasonal, it’s best to contact the casino directly or visit the website to find out more about what’s currently on offer.


Crown Aspinall does not currently provide lodging services, and this is unlikely to change since hospitality was not part of John Aspinall’s original vision. With that being said, the casino venue has made sure to offer a concierge service that will assist all members with finding fitting accommodations at one of the many hotels in the vicinity.



Besides gambling and socialising with other high rollers, Crown Aspinall doesn’t offer any unique entertainments or attractions to their members. One of the newest additions to the venue is the soft gaming where members can escape the gaming floor to watch live action sporting events. In addition to this, the range of cuisines available at this exclusive club include Indian, European, Chinese and Middle Eastern.

If you’re visiting the UK, or Mayfair, for the first time, you’re welcomed to visit the concierge to inquire about local entertainments and attractions that include playing golf, live shows in London and shopping. Exclusive members of Crown Aspinalls are privy to privilege services that are provided only by invitation. A personal concierge service can be arranged to ensure that special guests and VIP members have every experience at their fingertips.

Bonus Services

As a special service, the Crown Aspinalls’ staff often take requests to organise poker tournaments for members. The management team of the casino venue does this to ensure that players who prefer fast-paced and dynamic gameplay are not disappointed with their Crown Aspinall experience. Tournaments can be arranged by contacting the casino management team.

Rating Explained

While Crown Aspinall is a smaller venue compared to most modern casinos, the exclusivity and sheer opulence of this casino allows for members to have a unique and traditional gaming experience with the plushest of surroundings. The wealth of this casino can be found in the finer details, excellent services and exclusive services that can be tailored to members’ specific needs upon request. The only aspect of this casino venue that disappoints is the lack of other entertainment available for members who don’t shy away from spending money to have an experience.

In Closing

It’s very clear that Crown Aspinalls is not the kind of casino venue that casual players, who are mindful of their budgets, would prefer to go. However, there is a niche market for the experience that’s provided by the Crown Aspinalls. Before deciding whether this is a casino that you want a membership for, consider your budget and your gaming preferences before paying the membership fee.

Crown Aspinalls FAQs

What games can I play at Crown Aspinalls?

The only games on offer at this casino are table games. This includes poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. There are no slot or video poker gaming machines on offer.

Can I play at this casino without a membership?

No, only members of this casino can engage in gambling activities at Crown Aspinalls.

How much does the membership cost?

The current lifetime membership fee is £1,000. While this is a large amount, the good news is that members are only required to pay this fee once.

Are there private gaming rooms at Crown Aspinall?

Yes, there are a handful of private gaming rooms or salons at Crown Aspinall.

What’s the dress code for Crown Aspinall?

Crown Aspinall does not have a specific dress code that it enforces on its members. However, it would be best to go to this casino in smart clothes to feel more comfortable in the gaming environment.