Crockfords Casino Review 2023

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The Crockfords Club, or Crockfords Club Casino, is considered to be one of the oldest casino gaming establishments in London today. The current location of this casino is the exact location where the Crockfords Gentleman’s Club, established in 1828, was once situated. While several changes have been made to the location and the brand, there is little doubt that Crockfords still has some of its original flair. It’s also worth noting that Crockfords Casino is one of four casinos in the UK that is operated by the Genting group.

Crockfords Casino


30 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7TN, United Kingdom

Contact Information

Telephone Number: +44 20 7493 7771

Contact Information

Telephone Number:
+44 20 7493 7771

Support: crockfords_reception

Crockford Club’s History

Crockford’s Club is often seen as a gambling venue that is steeped in history and has been able to retain the old-world charms that clubs used to have. This club was originally known as the Crockfords Private Member’s Club and was established in 1828. The venue was founded by William Crockford, whose intention was to create a gambling arena that would be a great fit for royalty, diplomats and others considered to be society’s elite. At this time, the laws in England did not allow for such gaming venues to exist and William Crockford often paid heavy fines.

Today, Crockford’s Club is part of the Genting Group, a global and internationally recognized gaming empire founded in Malaysia. The Genting growth has added to the level of service that can be expected by leveraging its knowledge and experience within the gambling industry. However, the Genting Group has been careful not to change anything at Crockford’s that would interfere with the atmosphere that William Crockford built.

Lodging and Accommodation

If you’re planning a trip to Mayfair to experience the Crockford Casino, be sure to book accommodation at one of the surrounding hotels, such as the Hilton, Grosvenor House, The Dorchester, The Four Seasons and the Lanesborough. Unfortunately, this venue does not have a dedicated hotel or any other lodging for visitors to stay on-site.


Gaming Options

It’s important to have the right expectations of the Crockford’s Club before you consider visiting. This casino gaming venue is not like any of the modern casinos that players visit today which draw very heavily on Vegas-style design, experiences and entertainment. The Crockford Casinos is relatively small in comparison to these newer venues and does not offer any gaming video poker or slot gaming machines. While this might seem unusual, the operator of Crockford’s has remained committed to preserving the elegance of the venue’s 19th-century atmosphere.

Instead of gaming machines, players can enjoy a variety of card and table games. This includes punto banco, roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat games. The space inside this venue is not large, which has limited the number of tables available. There are two blackjack tables, 4 roulette tables, 3 poker tables and 3 baccarat tables at Crockford’s. In addition to these tables on the main floor, the Crockford clubs offer exclusive members access to high-limit areas and private gaming rooms.


In order to remain true to the atmosphere of this venue, modern entertainment won’t be available at Crockford’s Club. However, there is an excellent Wellington Restaurant at the venue that provides players with their pick of delicious cuisine from different regions of the world. The restaurant has signature Thai, Italian, British, Oriental and Middle Eastern menus. In addition to this, there is a dedicated bar in the Rouje Room that serves excellent cocktails.

Rating Explained

There is little doubt that Crockford’s Casino is aimed at a specific group of people and has ensured that all of the bells and whistles for a luxury experience are in place, there are other criteria that we’re looking into for the purpose of this review. This gaming venue doesn’t offer lodgings, has a limited number of games and gaming facilities, is not centrally located and doesn’t provide any entertainment beyond gambling. As such, we have given this casino 2.5 stars as we believe that it only offers players 50% of the services that modern gaming venues boast.

Crockfords FAQs

Can I play slots at Crockfords?

No, Crockfords Casino does not offer any gaming machines. This includes slots and even video poker games. If you’re looking for a great casino for slots, there are a handful of other gaming venues that will cater to your gaming needs.

Do I need a membership to play at this casino?

No, membership is not a requirement at Crockfords Casino, which has an open-door policy. While the casino does encourage players to apply for memberships that need to be approved, all UK players are welcome to visit the casino and experience what’s on offer. However, walk-in players should keep in mind that they will be asked to present identification documentation and will have to adhere to strict wagering limits.

Which casino games are available?

The only casino games that can be played at Crockford’s are table games. This means that baccarat, poker, roulette and blackjack are available.

Does Crockfords provide accommodation?

No, Crockford’s casino does not offer any accommodation or lodging services for their visitors or members.

Is there a minimum floor limit?

Considering that Crockford’s is one of the elite casinos in the UK today, there are no cheap table games at this classic establishment. The minimum table limit on the main floor is between £50 - £100. Private rooms and events will likely have different limits that are available upon request.