Ritz Club Casino Review 2023

The Ritz Club Casino has been around for more than a century and, in this time, welcomed some of the most influential names in history. Guests of the Ritz Hotel are privy to complimentary access to the gaming venue, which provides nothing short of an exemplary service to its guests and visitors. The service has been described as welcoming and accommodating, while guests are treated to gourmet and decadent refreshments.

The casino itself doesn’t just offer table games but also includes a selection of private gaming rooms. Unfortunately, having a membership is a requirement to play at this casino but most members happily foot the bill for the VIP level of service that they receive. The current once-off price of this membership is a hefty £1,000 and applicants have to be 18 years or older.

Ritz Club Casino


The Ritz Club Casino/ Hotel can be found at: 150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BS, United Kingdom

Contact Information

Phone Number: +44 20 7499 1818
Contact Form: https://www.theritzclub.com/ritz-club
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRitzClub

History of the Ritz Club

As we’ve mentioned, the Ritz brand has been around for well over a century. This means that the venue has a rich history and has served many functions. Originally, the basement portion of the Ritz Hotel was the Ritz Bar and Grill. It was remodelled early in the early 1900s and turned into the hotel’s banquet hall. In 1970, fifty years after the initial remodel, the basement section of the hotel was closed off to the public. Seven years later, Pleasurama and Mecca Sportsman entered into a lease agreement with the hotel and established the Ritz Club 12 months later. The space was eventually restored and 6,000 sheets of gold leaf were added to express the opulence that the operator wished to convey.

In 1998, the Ritz Club was purchased by London Clubs which then formed a new brand, called the Ritz Hotel and Casino Limited. This brand currently still owns and operates the gaming venue.


Ritz Lodging

While the Ritz Club and the Ritz Hotel are operated by two different companies, the proximity and relationship between the owners has resulted in the business being mutually beneficial. There are many great lodging options available to the Ritz Club members at the Ritz Hotel’s 23 suites and 111 hotel rooms.

There are currently four different types of rooms that can be booked at the Ritz Hotel, with each catering to different groups of guests. Ritz Club members who wish to stay at the hotel can choose from Superior King and Queen, Deluxe King and Executive King rooms. There are also Junior, One- five bedroom and Signature suites available for booking. Each of these rooms come with 24-hour room service, porter service, valet service, free wiFi, chauffeur service, daily newspaper delivery services and a minibar for light refreshments.

Gambling Options

With each membership costing players £1,000, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there is a plethora of gaming options and several gaming areas for Ritz club members to enjoy. Below, we’ll share which games are on offer in the different gaming rooms that are exclusive to members:

Main Gaming Floor

3 blackjack tables

2 baccarat tables

2 Poker Tables

4 Roulette tables

The Carmen Private Room

2 Roulette tables

1 baccarat table

1 blackjack table

The Aida Private Room

2 baccarat tables

The Amber Private Room

2 baccarat tables

2 roulette tables

While there are many different rooms for members to choose from, the minimum stake available for each game is strict and should be considered before you commit to this casino:

Poker: £25

Baccarat: £25

Roulette: £25

Blackjack: £25

The maximum stake available is a bit more flexible for each game, with this information available upon request.

Entertainment and Attraction

From an attraction perspective, the Ritz Club doesn’t offer up much more than gambling, drinks and good food. The venue is home to a restaurant and dedicated bar. The restaurant offers up a menu for each main meal of the day, a special wine menu and an anytime-of-the-day Dim Sum eating option.

Rating Explained

Considering the efforts that have been to ensure that members of this casino feel welcome and comfortable, we can only give this venue 3.5 stars. While this rating might appear to be low for the services on offer, we found the venue and casino falling short of our expectation in several key aspects. The first aspect that was found as a shortcoming is the 11 gaming tables on the main gaming floor. There are other gaming tables available but these are located in private gaming areas that members need to pay extra to gain access to.

This, coupled with the hefty membership and high stakes for each game, means that even playing one game at this casino could blow an average player’s bankroll. Secondly, we found the games on offer to be limited compared to other casinos in the area. In addition to that, there are no other entertainments or attractions that recommend this venue to guests or visitors.

The aspects that we found impressive were the superior lodging quality, and related services, and the casino’s dedication to frequently hosting gambling events and tournaments that are open for all members to join.

Ritz Club FAQs

Can I play at the Ritz Club without a membership?

No, UK players who wish to play at this exclusive casino will need to be willing to pay £1,000 to be granted access to this casino and it’s gaming options.

Does the Ritz Club offer slots?

No. The Ritz Club has remained dedicated to its mission of being one of the most traditional and exclusive gaming venues in the UK. As such, electronic gaming machines, such as video poker and slot machines were never added to the Ritz list of available games and this is unlikely to change.

Does the Ritz Club offer accommodation?

Yes. The Ritz Club shares its venue with the Ritz hotel. This hotel is internationally famous for its superior lodging options and services.

How old do I have to be to gamble at the Ritz?

Potential members of the Ritz Club need to be 18 years or older.

What is the minimum gambling limit at the Ritz?

The minimum stake available at the Ritz is £25 for all games, while the maximum stake is available upon request.