Ultimate Sports Betting Guide

The concept of sports betting is one as old as time, but don’t let the age of the industry fool you. Many players forego the usual gaming options such as roulette and slots in favour of sports betting.

There are many reasons why, but it’s mostly due to the fact it’s exhilarating and fun. Most people who opt for this sort of gambliong are either long-life sports fans, have just started following specific sports, or perhaps even someone who has no interest in the sporting codes themselves but has noticed what a lucrative form of gaming sportsbetting is.

If you are a beginner or even a betting veteran, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy this guide. We discuss the history of the sports betting here and teach you how to place a bet on sports, what the popular bets are, which games to bet on and so much more.

Let’s get to it!

The Popularity of Sports Betting

Before we get into the details of how to place a sports bet and what kinds of bets there are, it would be useful to know exactly how popular the industry is.

In recent times, betting on sports has become extremely popular in the United States since it was officially legalized in 2018. These days, more than 50 percent of states in the US have turned to the niche to improve the gaming industry’s revenue. The USA is not the only influential country to embrace the niche though. The UK also offers it to thousands of its residents. As the home of many football leagues, and star football players, UK citizens have bet about £449.44 million on this one sport alone in recent times, closely followed by horse racing and tennis.

Smaller countries have followed suit with the industry reaching small islands in Asia and even Africa. With the advent of e-sports betting, the numbers of players have increased considerably which explains why the niche is so common today.

Sports Betting History Explained

Frankly, not many people know where betting on sports came from and how exactly it has gained popularity over the years. If you’re a bit curious, love doing research, and being in the know before you venture out, then you’re likely to want to know the story behind the industry.

As mentioned, the industry dates back many moons ago. The ancient Greeks, who were lovers of all things competitive, devised a way to bet on the outcomes of the Olympic games, and this was over 2000 years ago! Of course, over time, betting became a bit more complex and regulated, but this is where it all began.

During medieval times, many religious leaders found gambling to be “unholy” and banned the practice altogether. However, that didn’t stop people from wagering as sports were still being played, all that meant was that the industry went underground and thrived in the shadows.

Today you’ll find that European markets are where it has the most success, probably because it was never truly absent in these regions. Furthermore, with the advent of broadcasting and technology, betting options became more varied until most governments in the world realized that since it could not be stopped. They then came to the conclusion that it should be regulated to ensure that the economy benefited from an industry that accrued billions in annual revenue.

Pros of Sports Betting

If you’re already keen to try out sports betting, then there’s no reason to convince you, but if you’re on the fence, here are some of the pros to wagering your money on a sport or two.

Worldwide Access

Initially, when the industry was officially brought to the global market, bettors would have to leave the safety of their homes to venture out in search of retail sportsbook outlets. With the advent of the internet and developments in software, you can now use your laptop or personal computer to access one of the many online casinos that offer sports betting, with minimal effort on your part.

Online casino sites all over the world have taken to the niche, and if you’re located in a country where it’s legal, such as in Canada, it won’t be difficult to find a site that fulfills your every gaming desire.

Great for Beginners

Sports betting is one of the few gambling niches that newbies can truly enjoy. This could be chalked up to the fact that the majority of those who place a wager on a game are either avid watchers of that particular sport or they know someone who is. Or maybe, it is due to the fact that it is very simple at its core.

When it all started, it was as simple as betting on the winner of the game or tournament. These days, there is such a wide variety of sporting codes and events to bet on, but the age-old method is still available to beginners if you just want to try it out.

The Element of Live Streaming

When you join an online casino that has a sportsbooks, you’ll often find that you’ll be given live streaming perks to ensure that you are a part of the action and can see when you’ve won in real time. Not all sites offer this, but there are enough of them that do. Even to the point where many avid sports bettors have even decided to cancel their cable subscriptions since they can stream the games for free on their favourite site or platform.

It's a Great Community to a Part Of

This brings us to the community aspect of this kind of gaming. There is something very special about sports betting that cannot be found at any table game or slot machine and that is a sense of brethren and being part of something bigger. If you play at a blackjack table, it is highly unlikely that any of your fellow players will cheer when you win and cry with you when you lose.
Betting on sports allows multiple players to place the same bet, which means that you’ll be part of a group hoping for a certain result. Many players have even centered social gatherings around watching a game because they’ve all wagered something on the result.

Cons of Sports Betting

Anything in life has two sides to it and sportsbetting is no exception. You’ll find two cons below but keep in mind that they haven’t managed to deter millions.

It’s Highly Competitive

Sports betting is truly competitive. Sports watchers are already quite competitive, and to have a game to play where they are making the calls, is quite notorious. What starts as betting on one game can swiftly turn into betting on all games in a tournament. If fellow players do not deter and rather encourage you to continue placing bets, then you’ll need to have strong will power to resist. Fortunately, there are many tactics to use to make sure you don’t venture into these perilous waters.

Big Losses Can Occur

This is why many people are against many forms of betting because it’s always a gamble. But when it comes to sports betting, you’ll find that the stakes can double quickly. In order to place a bet that you feel strongly about, you might be tempted to wager more than you’d budgeted to. This is a slippery slope, especially because there is no guaranteed way to win.

It’s because of this that many people are against betting, to begin with, it’s a gamble but you should always remember to keep strict rules in place for yourself to make sure you don’t lose more than you can afford to.

Different Kinds of Sports Bets and How They Work

The amazing world of sportsbetting has a few tricks up its sleeves with all the bets that a player can place to take their chances. Below are four of the most popular bets that are placed daily.

Straight Bets

This is the most basic kind of bet, so if you’re a beginner, this is probably the safest option. This is especially true if you’re betting on football or basketball outcomes. A point spread is set, which is basically like a bet line, and you can bet on the favourite team and give-up some points or you can bet on the unlikely team, or “underdog”, to receive points.

If you choose the former, the favourite team has to win by more than the points set out on the spread. If you choose the former, then the team has to win in order for you to win or lose with fewer points than what is depicted on the spread to cover the bet. When a game results in a tie, it is called “push” and no bets win.

Parlay Bets

This is for those who are looking for something a little more exciting. How this type of bet works is that players group games or events together and place a bet on both games. The risk here is very high, but you should keep in mind that it could lead to a big win if you get lucky. The only way to win a parlay bet is for both teams to win otherwise the parlay is void.

Total Line Bets

Total Line bets are a bit more exciting than straight but far less risky than a parlay. It is an appropriate betting territory for beginners and seasoned betters alike. In this scenario, you’d bet on the combined total score resulting from a game by using a set number. You will either bet the score to be under or over the number depicted. When betting on football and basketball, you have until half time to place your bet to ensure that you understand the trajectory of the game, but there are always a few shockers in-store that nobody can account for from time to time.

Head-to-Head Bets

If you’re a fan of professional sports car racing like NASCAR or perhaps golf, then this is how you’d go about placing a bet on your favourite players in a very wild field. Basically, players bet on the outcome of two competitors and put them in a mini-match of sorts. You’d then want to choose who you think would win between the two you’ve selected and placed your wager according to that.

How to Place and Bet and Get Started

Now that we’ve covered most of the basics, let’s get into how you’d go about placing a bet and getting started on your sports betting adventure.

Step One: Choose an Online Casino

To place a bet you’re going to need to do a bit of research. Firstly you’d need to ensure that sports betting is legal where you are, secondly, you’d want to go with reputable and licensed online sportsbook operators, and lastly you’d want to have a second option. Many people prefer using the online option but if you’d prefer to be in the thick of the action then you could also visit a land-based location.

Step Two: Register or Sign up

Once you’ve chosen a reputable sportsbook, you’ll be required to sign up or register for the service you’ll be using. The sports betting site may want to verify your age due to strict regulations within the industry that forbid underage gambling.

Step Three: Fund your account

In the event that you’ve chosen an online casino or sportsbook platform, you’d need to fund your account to place a bet. You can usually keep and eye out for the site or platform that will then allow you to deposit funds via a variety of methods. Choose the one that works best for you and complete your transaction.

Step Four: Choose and Bet

Once you’ve funded your sportsbook account, you will have to choose a sporting event or code that you would like to wager on. Sportsbooks will have predetermined offerings that have been worked out by what is most popular and what is current. You can then place a bet on what is offered to you.

Great Sports to Bet On

If you’re joining the betting community, then you’re probably going to want to place bets on the sports where all the action is. Below are a few of the most popular sports to bet on.

Soccer/ European Football

One of the most popular sports to be on is soccer or European football. Its popularity has mostly been attributed to the fact that sportsbetting originated in Europe and this is the favourite sport of most countries in the region, especially in the UK and Italy. These make up a large percentage of online sports wagers on a global scale. That, coupled with the numerous leagues that are on offer, leave players with a wide variety of offerings.

American Football

American football has fast become one of the betting favourites. This is a little unusual since there is still a portion of states in the US where the industry is illegal. Nevertheless, the operators that have sportsbooks in states where it is legalized have made billions on a single NFL match. We can only imagine how much revenue they accrue for the entire season.


Horse-racing has been around for a couple of hundred years so it only makes sense that bettors would be able to bet on the outcomes of this sport, which is what thousands do every single year. Horse-racing still holds the old-world charm that it was born into and as such, many players who bet on this will do so at a retail location located on the horse track itself to catch the action live.

Mobile Sports Betting

The evolution of sports betting has slowly but steadily shown some improvements in the way that bettors place their bets. But the best by far has been the invention of the sports betting apps that can be downloaded on smartphones and mobile devices.

As far as ease is concerned, this one takes the cake and those who have made the shift show no regrets. The ease of placing a wager in the middle of your day when you’re waiting in a long line or watching the game when you’re stuck on a long train ride home has made all the difference for sports lovers globally.

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