Unlock Spins And Cash Wins With The Mr Green Ultimate Dragon Challenge

Unless you’re about to become the new Dothraki queen, dragon eggs don’t often show up out of the blue. Mr Green is giving players the chance to collect these rare beauties on its online casino website so even if that Game of Thrones reference was lost on you, this opportunity to win some goodies is not one to be missed.

Collect eggs for treasure

The premise of this promotion is simple. The objective is to collect dragon eggs by completing challenges set by Mr Green. Each egg is exchanged for a ticket in the prize draw, so the more you collect, the better your odds of taking home a portion of the cash prize pool.

The promotional period lasts until the 15th November and is split into three phases:

  • Phase 1: 3rd to 17:59 EST 7th November
  • Phase 2: 18:00 EST 7th November to 17:59 EST on 11th November and
  • Phase 3: 11th November – 17:59 EST on 15th November

Players can collect eggs during each phase and all will be tallied up when it comes to the final prize draw. However, Mr Green has selected different slots for each phase so players will need to check where they must play to collect their eggs.

Unlock Spins And Cash Wins With The Mr Green Ultimate Dragon Challenge element01 - CasinoTopComplete the challenges

Players can collect up to 50 eggs per day of the promotion and there are different ways to go about doing that. Mr Green has devised six different challenges that range in difficulty from 100 spins on the selected slots (min $0.60) for one dragon egg to 5,000 spins on the slots (min $0.60) to earn 50 eggs all at once.

Challenge number 3 is special in that players are not only rewarded with 6 dragon eggs when they spin selected slots 500 times (min $0.60) but they are also awarded 20 bonus spins on one of the selected games! The chosen game changes depending on the current phase but all the selected slots are fiery and dragon-themed.

Unlock Spins And Cash Wins With The Mr Green Ultimate Dragon Challenge element02 - CasinoTopCash prizes to be won

What does one do with dragon eggs these days? Well at Mr Green, you would exchange them for prize draw tickets and keep your fingers crossed! A random draw will take place on the 18th of November and 100 players will be taking home a share of the rather generous $10,000 cash prize.

Prizes range from $25 all the way up to $1,500 for the player in first place and as these are real cash prizes, they are completely free of wagering requirements. Players can choose to keep playing with their prize or withdraw it.

Important terms

Every promotion has its terms and conditions, and this one is no exception. When completing the third challenge, players will be awarded a bundle of bonus spins immediately upon qualification. These can only be redeemed on the selected slot for that phase. Each is worth $0.20 and spins are valid for 7 days after they are claimed. Bonus spins also come with x35 wagering requirements.

After the prize draw takes place, players will be notified via SMS and/or a notification on their Mr Green player account within 72 hours. Cash prizes are wager-free and can be used or withdrawn as the player decides.

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