The Best No Deposit Bonuses at US Online Casinos

Getting something for free can be the highlight of anyone's day and that is exactly what no deposit bonuses do for players at online casinos. Depending on the online casino, these types of bonuses can be offered as a welcome bonus, to reward loyal players or to get players to come back to the online casino. It is free cash that can be turned into real money or used to earn yourself more coins for your social casino.

Our team of gambling experts have searched far and wide to find the best no deposit bonuses out there. Some bonuses require that you spend a little to get something back, while no deposit bonuses is the complete opposite. We have reviewed some of the best online and social casinos in the US to find out where you will find the best no deposit bonuses and take full advantage of what is on offer. There are so many great online casinos out there these days and finding one with a no deposit bonus can be a bit tough. We have made your search much easier and brought all the no deposit bonus features directly to you.

No Deposit Bonuses Explained

There is no trickery and the name of the bonus explains it. However, we will go into more detail to give you more faith in this powerful online casino bonus. A no deposit bonus does not require that you deposit to benefit from the bonus. All a player has to do is claim it while having a registered casino account. Once the bonus has been claimed, you play real money online casino games for free. Yes, you can play for free without signing up to many online casinos, but with a no deposit bonus, you can turn that bonus cash into real money winnings that you can withdraw and spend however you want.

Targeted Players

These bonuses can seem a bit uncommon, but there are more out there than you think. These types of bonuses are usually used to attract players with casino accounts who haven’t been back to play games for some time. On the other hand, it is the perfect lure to attract new players to an online casino as it gives the sense of there being no strings attached and no risks.

No Deposit Bonus Games

It is an offer that seems too good to be true and places more risk on the operator than the player. To minimize this risk, a no deposit bonus can usually only be used to play specific games at an online casino. Even though the games might not be what you are used to, you have the opportunity to try something new and not risk any of your own hard-earned cash in the process. If you are unable to complete the wagering requirements then that is that. You do not lose any money at all and you stand a chance of winning great jackpot amounts just by giving it a try.

Reasons to Look for No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses come stacked with great benefits that do not place any risk on you as the player. You are given generous amounts of funds for free that you can use to play real money casino games and win real money as well. Additionally, you get to explore exclusive or new titles that you have not tried before or always wanted to, but never wanted to risk your money on something you might not like. Finally, if you are not ready to place real money bets, this bonus allows you to give it a try without the risks of real money gambling.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

When you find no deposit bonuses it can come in a variety of options and it all depends on what the online casino decides to offer players. Regardless of the type of no deposit bonus, there is still no risk that you would need to take on to take advantage of the offer. Here are some of the most common no deposit bonuses you will find at online casinos in the US.

Cash Back Bonuses

This type of bonus is often seen at sportsbooks and it allows you to place a bet with real money that you have deposited. However, if you lose the bet that you placed, a portion of the money you put down for the wager will be returned to you. It is a way for players to place large bets with less risk.

Free Play and Free Spins

When the casino gives you free spins to use on specific online slots or it will have to be used within an allotted period. So, always keep in mind that there might be an expiry date and it will only apply to the games that the online casino specifies.

No Deposit Free Spins

Similar to the previously mentioned bonus. These bonuses usually don’t have any wagering requirements but also need to be used on specific online slots. This is one of the best no deposit bonuses as it allows you to quickly play for free and turn the bonus into real money.

Bonus Cash

A bonus that has no specifications regarding the type of games that you are allowed to play. This is considered to be the best type of no deposit bonus because it gives players an opportunity to explore the online casino and find the games they will be willing to risk their money on when they return.

Top-Rated No Deposit Bonus Casinos

The best online casinos that we have reviewed also offer some of the best bonuses which also include no deposit bonuses. We ensure to do all the research required to give you as much information on the best casinos that offer these types of offers. Here are the best online casinos with the best bonuses on offer.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate
100% + 100 Free Spins
1-7 Days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
96.18% Win Rate

Finding No Deposit Bonuses

These types of bonuses aren’t always advertised, but when they are the bonus information is not hidden. Players can find whether or not an online casino offers no deposit bonuses just by visiting the casino or checking the terms and conditions. Here are a few things to ensure that you claim your no deposit bonus.

One: Check Your Emails

Online casinos will send bonus codes or offers to your email if you have agreed to receive promotional emails from the online casino. So, keep an eye on your inbox if you are already a player with the online casino. There might be a link or promo code for you to use.

Two: Visit the Casino

If there is a no deposit bonus on offer at an online casino that you frequently visit then you will find it displayed on the casino’s webpage.

Three: Locate a Bonus Code

If you are reading through the terms and conditions then you might find that there is a bonus code displayed in that section.

Potential Prizes From No Deposit Casinos

With no deposit bonuses, it is not only real money that you stand to win when you take advantage of the offer. Some casinos will give you additional or alternative prizes that you stand a chance of winning. So, it seems as though there is no way of losing when you receive a no deposit bonus from an online casino. Here are some of the most common prizes that can be won.

Free Money

The obvious prize is winning real money that can be withdrawn after paying a few games at the online casinos or playing the specific games that the online casino has specified you are allowed to play with it.

Free Table Chips

These can be used to place bets on a variety of table games that are available at the online casino which can be extremely exciting.

Free Spins

These prizes can be used to play some of the best online slots at the online casino. Usually, when you win these free spins, they can be used to play a huge selection of online slots available in the online casino. However, some casinos will continue to specify which games you can play.

Game Credits

Added to your bankroll for you to use on any or many of the games of your choice at your online casino. This gives you the most freedom out of all the prizes that you could receive.

Loyalty Points

If the online casino has a VIP or loyalty program then you could receive points to help you climb the ladder and receive even more rewards at your online casino. These reward programmes can then give you a range of other prizes to keep you playing with less risk.

Special Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Another way for online casinos to drive traffic toward their mobile casino apps or mobile casino platforms through internet browsers is to offer no deposit bonuses for mobile gaming. These bonuses can only be claimed if you sign in to your casino account on a mobile device through your smartphone or tablet’s internet browser. Another way is for the casino to offer a no deposit bonus to players who successfully download, install and sign into the online casino app.

We suggest that you give this a try because we have reviewed all the mobile casinos for the recommended online casinos we have on our list. Here are some of the criteria we assess when trying out the mobile casino for all the recommended online casinos.

Safety and Security new icon


We check to see if all the same security measures are in place that we found on the desktop version of the online casino. We also check to see if the bonuses being offered are legitimate.

Bonuses and Promotions

We do a deep dive to find out if there are no deposit bonuses offered on mobile and see what exclusive bonuses are available when you play online casino games on tablets and smartphones.

Customer Support new icon

Customer Support

When using the mobile casino, players should still have access to all the same contact methods that they do on the desktop online casino. If there is an issue with the no deposit bonus, then players should be able to contact the customer support team with ease.

Claim Your No Deposit Bonus

When you see a no deposit bonus now, you will know that it is an amazing offer that removes the risk from the players. There is really nothing to lose with a no deposit bonus and regardless of what you can win, there is always something more in store for you as the player. Don’t forget to make use of the bonus code if it is available as you never want to miss out on what a no deposit bonus has to offer.

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