Top-Rated Betting Sites for Golf

Golf is a game played all over the world that represents glory, class and victory. Luckily, it also represents some of the most exciting betting options at the best online sportsbooks in the US. Our team of experts have put together a bit more information about what you will find at the best golf betting websites in the country. We recommend some of the best online sports betting sites along with more information as to the types of best you can expect. We have all the information you need to make a success of your golf betting experience.

The Best Golf Betting Websites

With so many different golf events taking place year-round, finding the best online golf betting sites can be difficult. However, our team has compiled a list of the most recommended online sports betting sites that feature golf betting options. We can ensure that every website in our list below is safe, trustworthy and has a diverse range of betting options and more.

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The Most Popular Golf Bets

Bettors will fund a great selection of sports betting options when it comes to golf at a reputable online sportsbook. That is why it is important to know what some of the most popular bet types are when it comes to golf. Before spending money and risking it, know what bet type works for you and your budget. Here are some of the most popular golf bet types that you will encounter at an online sportsbook.

Leader after round
To make the cut
Top X finish
Outright winner
Hole in one
Lowest score

Leader after round

You place a straight bet and choose a winner after a specific round. Remember that there might be a few rounds, so this bet will be based on which player will be at the top of the leaderboard for any given round. That means that you can place this particular bet for each round of the golf event or tournament.

To make the cut

This is when you bet on the player or players in a tournament that will have the lowest scores on the leaderboard but still make it through to the next round. Players are typically cut from the bottom of the leaderboard after each round has been completed.

Top X finish

Here you can bet on whether a golfer will place in a specific section on the leaderboard. You will typically find odds and bets that place golfers in the top five, ten or sometimes twenty, depending on how many players are participating.


You place a bet that states a golfer will win the tournament or place highly in the final scores on the leaderboard. You are able to cover two different types of bets in one which leaves you with more opportunities to win your bet.

Outright winner

A straight bet where you as the bettor predict which specific golfer will win the tournament overall. This is not the same as betting on who wins the round, this bet requires patience and waiting for the outcome of the entire tournament.

Hole in one

A risky bet that allows you to predict whether a hole in one will be scored in the tournament. You might also find betting options that allow you to bet on individual players that might score a hole in one during the tournament or round.

Lowest score

You can also place a bet and predict which player in the tournament will score the lowest on the leaderboard. These bets are usually spaced between rounds which give bettors more opportunities to try it out.

Main Golf Events

Many golf tournaments are played around the world and just like any other popular sport, there are professional golfers and tournaments to take note of. There are professional leagues in many parts of the world but some are more noteworthy than others. The main golf events capture the attention of viewers around the world and also fuel the sports betting odds throughout the year. Here is some more information on the most important golf tournaments that you will frequently see at a variety of online sportsbooks.

Ryder Cup

This is a high-profile golf tournament that takes place every two years. Despite the esteem of the tournament, there is no prize money awarded to the victor. The Ryder Cup has a long history and was initially a tournament that took place between America and Great Britain. The player base was expanded to include Europe in 1979. Unlike other golf tournaments, The Ryder Cup is a team event. Teams of 12 players are competing against one another for the triumph.

The event alternates between golf courses in Europe and America at various locales. The United States has won 27 games so far, while Europe has won 14. A captain who does not take part in the competition chooses the team. After the final day of competition, the teams are given points depending on the results of several matches, which are then added up to determine the victor.

European Tour

There are many matches played in the European tour, so it only makes sense that the season spans between January and November each year. The European Senior Tour and the Challenge Tour are also part of the European Tour, and together they account for the 40 matches in this competition. Each year the final day takes place in Dubai and it is for that reason that the tournament is now also known as “The Race to Dubai”. The European Tour has a long history since it was established in the 1970s.

PGA Tour

The major league golf tournaments in North America are managed by this golf organization. The company was formally established in the late 1920s and currently offers six different golf tours. The PGA Tour season consists of 50 sanctioned sporting events and runs from September through August of the following year.

PGA Championship

A major tournament in the US and watched by fans all over the world. The official name of the tournament is the US PGA Championship and is one of the four majors. The tournament is held in a different US state each year and happens in May. There are around 75 golf courses in the USA which have played host to the PGA Championship since its establishment in 1916.

US Open

One of the four major golf tournaments that are played annually takes place in June. Since the first US Open was played in 1895, the competition has been held at a new golf site each year. Since the first tournament was held in Newport, Rhode Island, 19 US states have had the honor of serving as the tournament's hosts.

The Open

Annually, The Open Championship, often known as The Open or British Open, is held. Every year since 1860, The Royal & Ancient has hosted the competition at a different coastal links golf course in the UK. 14 different locations, mostly in Scotland and England but also Northern Ireland, have hosted The Open. This competition takes place in July. The golfer Harry Vardon, who competed around the 20th century, has six victories in the Open Championship to his credit.

The Masters

In 1934, the world's most renowned golf competition was established. The four major tournaments that take place annually—currently held in April—begin with this tournament. Both golf enthusiasts and amateurs are familiar with the green jacket worn by the US Masters champion. This golf competition, unlike the majority of others, is held in Augusta, Georgia, for a complete week. Each year, the tournament attracts a lot of media coverage and betting opportunities.

Quick Tips for a Better Golf Betting Strategy

While there are quite a few ways to bet on golf, whether you are betting on the performance of an individual player or the outcome of the overall tournament, there is a lot to choose from. However, when you are placing bets on this sport, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind.

Don’t get stuck on a specific betting system, make sure to try different ones now and again, especially since the bet types are so diverse.

Get to know as many of the golfers as possible and don’t just stick to the favorites for any given golf tournament.

Try in-play betting as it will give you results faster than long-term bets that depend on the overall outcome of a round or tournament.

Try to find as many value bets as possible given that the sport is very competitive and many sportsbooks will try to get your attention.

Do your research on the different tournaments, venues and especially the golfers participating. It is not always the favorite that has worked hard to improve their performance.

Do your best not to bet emotionally and take a look at the stats and bet on golf with your head. This piece of advice goes hand in hand with doing as much research as possible for a better outcome.

Advice on Golf Betting

The tips above should be suitable for many different types of betting, but now we want to impart some knowledge that is more specific to golf. The sport is similar to others but also unique in a way that only golfers understand. This is a bit of a problem when a bettor wants to give betting on golf a try and doesn’t really know much about what to look out for.

Know your Options

Unlike other sports, golf is quite competitive. In one of the main tournaments, there may be over 100 golfers competing. Even though there are favorites to win a golf tournament, pay attention to what transpires prior to the championship round. There will be other minor betting chances during the competition. By comparing the market to the field, there is potential for greater profit. In comparison to putting all your eggs in one basket, you will place more bets but have a higher probability of total success.

In-Play Betting and Pre-Tournament Wagers

Sportsbooks will present odds prior to the commencement of the sporting event based on golfers' recent and historical performance. During a tournament, a lot can happen after the first tee shot. Therefore, if you put a wager before the event begins, now is a good moment to evaluate whether that wager was successful or unsuccessful.

In these situations, in-play or live betting can be a huge benefit. An excellent approach to breaking even if a golfer's performance falls short of your initial bet is to complement it with wagers on events that are already taking place. On the other hand, if your pre-tournament gamble appears to be paying off, going with in-play wagers will increase your payout at the end of the competition.

Use Place and Each-Way Betting Markets

If the golfer you backed wins the competition, betting on the outright winner is an effective strategy for securing a sizable payout. It is best to place a wager that concentrates on each-way bets or the golfer's finish to reduce risk. Although the reward isn't as substantial, it's still a fantastic way to travel farther.

As opposed to hoping that one particular golfer will take the entire tournament, your chances of correctly predicting whether a player will place in the top 5, 10, or 20 are higher. As long as their selection finishes in the predetermined range on the leaderboard, bettors have a better chance of turning a profit even if they did not predict the winner of the competition.