The Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is a popular choice among many gamblers and is enjoyed at land-based and online casinos alike. While both of these options are enjoyable, the thrill of having the two combined is even better. That is where live dealer casinos come in. The best online casinos offer live blackjack games for players to enjoy the land-based blackjack experience, but from wherever they choose.

Our team of experts have found the best live dealer blackjack casinos for you to enjoy. We have tried and tested every online casino in our list of recommendations to ensure that you only experience the very best of what live blackjack has to offer in the US.

The Best Live Blackjack Sites in the US

The online casinos we recommend for live blackjack have all been thoroughly tested. So, you can rest assured that when you choose one of the online casinos below, the games offer high-definition live streaming, helpful and professional live dealers and a great gambling experience.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate
100% + 100 Free Spins
1-7 Days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
96.18% Win Rate

Blacklisted Blackjack Casinos

As you may already know, the world of online blackjack can be full of thrills and spills but one of the important factors in choosing a casino is to make sure they are safe and fair. There are a number of casinos that are blacklisted for a number of reasons which include rigged games, lack of customer support, late payments and more. If you want to be certain that you are playing at a legitimate casino, pick one from our list of recommended sites.


Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed


Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out


Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

Playing Online Blackjack

The rules of blackjack remain the same when playing with a live dealer, so you won’t have to worry about not knowing what is going on. There are still three ways to win when playing blackjack as shown below.

A player needs to have a hand of cards with a value that is higher than what the dealer has in their hand.
A player needs to draw a value of 21 from the deck with the first two cards pulled from the deck.
A player also wins if the dealer draws a hand value that exceeds 21.

You must become familiar with the values each card holds in order to fully comprehend how the hand values work. Blackjack online provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the game. Online casinos with a live dealer to help you offer a much wider selection of varieties than traditional casinos do. The game is regarded as having some of the finest odds in the casino industry and is also quite simple to grasp. This indicates that in a game of live blackjack, the player is favored.

Value of the Cards in Blackjack

Here is a quick guide to understanding what value each of the cards in a game of blackjack represents.

Ace – Any Ace can be worth 11 or 1, depending on what you need to get you as close to 21 as possible.
King, Queen, Jack – Receiving a King, Queen or Jack in blackjack will give you 10 for any of these cards you receive.
2 to 10 – These are the only cards with numbers on them and the numbers represent the value of each card.

How to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Now you know what it takes to win a game of blackjack and the value that each card in the decks holds. Here is a step-by-step guide to playing blackjack at a live casino.

Place a wager on who will win the hand, you or the dealer.
Once all bets are placed, the dealer will announce it and then place one card facing up for all players to see.
The dealer will then hand cards to the players at the table from the dealer’s left, which is likely to be your right.
The next step is when the dealer deals another card to each player, face up and one for the dealer, face down.
When you look at your screen, most live dealer blackjack games will show you the total of your hand on the screen to make things easier. If your total is 21, then you win against the dealer.
If you do not have 21 then you can “Double Down” which will double your bet and give you an additional card from the deck. If the dealer does not have 21, then each player will be dealt another card. Once you are happy with your total, you can choose to “Stand” and play your hand.

Different Types of Live Blackjack

The basic rules of blackjack usually remain the same, but slight differences change how the game is experienced. It all depends on the variant you choose to play and there are great options when you play blackjack online. Here are some of the most popular blackjack variants you will encounter.

VIP Blackjack 
Common Draw Blackjack
Party Blackjack
Bet Behind Blackjack


The traditional blackjack game is the most popular live dealer variant. You might need to wait a bit before you get a seat at the table, but when you do, you will have the best time speaking to the dealer and even other players at the same table. Some online casinos also offer standard live blackjack tables with the Bet Behind feature, to bet while you wait.

VIP Blackjack

The perfect game for high rollers where you receive the royal treatment when you join one of these blackjack tables. The most professional and helpful dealers will host your VIP blackjack experience. If you have the bankroll then you are sure to find a seat at one of these tables with ease.

VIP Blackjack

Common Draw Blackjack

All players at the blackjack table are dealt the same hand. From there, there are stakes and a range of bets that players can choose to bet on. There are no limits to the number of players that are allowed to participate. So, there is no need to wait for a seat at this blackjack table.

Common Draw

Party Blackjack

It is exactly what it sounds like, there is a lot of hustle and bustle around the table and usually includes more than one dealer. There is energetic music being played during the game and you get a better sense of being in a land-based casino. This version of live dealer blackjack is exciting and quirky, for a more immersive gaming experience.


Bet Behind Blackjack

Watch other players playing blackjack and place bets on the outcome of their hands. So, you won’t have to feel the pressure of playing the game yourself, but can still gamble and win. It follows the same rules as any blackjack games, depending on which variant you are watching.

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Reviewing and Recommending Online Blackjack Sites

A live blackjack casino only makes it onto our list of recommended online casinos if it passes a series of tests. Our team of experts have created a system whereby all online casinos are thoroughly tested. These tests help us determine whether a live dealer blackjack casino can be trusted, is secure, has great bonuses and much more. Here are some of the most important factors that we assess.

New Trusted Badge

Reviewing and Recommending Online Blackjack Sites

A live blackjack casino only makes it onto our list of recommended online casinos if it passes a series of tests. Our team of experts have created a system whereby all online casinos are thoroughly tested. These tests help us determine whether a live dealer blackjack casino can be trusted, is secure, has great bonuses and much more. Here are some of the most important factors that we assess.

Range of Games

Before suggesting an online casino, we look at how many live blackjack versions it offers. To guarantee that players have a varied blackjack gaming experience, we want to see a fantastic assortment that has a variety of alternatives and themes represented.

Collection of Games new icon


Before selecting a website, we read player reviews of the many live blackjack casinos and play the games for ourselves. We want to ensure that the odds are not unfairly stacked against players and that they have a reasonable opportunity to profit from their knowledge of blackjack.

Gaming Licenses new icon

Bonuses and Promotions

Players should be able to easily convert bonus money into real money profits thanks to a sizable welcome offer. The wagering requirements must be understandable and fair. We appreciate it when an online casino offers its customers a loyalty program or continuing promotions. The bonus should allow players to make the most of their bankroll without putting them under undue stress or strain to meet the wagering requirements.

Promotions and welcome bonuses new icon

Efficiency of Payouts

We only recommend a live blackjack casino after playing the games, winning and then withdrawing our winnings. We follow the same process that any player would follow to ensure that payouts are secure, easy and fast. Players should not have to wait a long time to spend what they have won after they play a game of blackjack.

Speedy Payouts new style icon

Mobile Compatibility

Any credible live blackjack casino should spend money making their website mobile-friendly. Players should have the same experience whether they use the mobile internet browser or an app, as they would on the desktop version of the live blackjack casino. We examine the websites on a variety of gadgets to determine how well they function when playing various blackjack variations.

Mobile compatibility new icon

Finalizing The Review

Any live blackjack casino you find on our list of recommendations has scored really well during our review process. You can rest assured that the live blackjack casinos have great options and are secure at all times. So, when you choose one of the online casinos we recommend you will enjoy some of the best live blackjack gaming experiences that can be found on the internet.

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Things to Consider About Live Blackjack

Know Your Betting Limits

Choose your live dealer blackjack game wisely by making sure what the betting limits are. You may need to wait for a seat and knowing how much you can bet is important. Find out more about the minimum amount you can bet as well as the maximum bet limit. You can find live dealer blackjack tables where you can bet as little as $1 and VIP blackjack tables where you can spend as much as $5,000 at a blackjack table.

Live Blackjack is Not Fast

If you have played online blackjack before, you will know that you can speed up the game if you want. The online blackjack experience is usually faster than what you would experience at a land-based casino. Keep in mind that live dealer blackjack will be relatively slow as you will need to wait while the dealer considers all the players at the table.

Tips for Playing Live Blackjack

Manage Your Bankroll Responsibly

This advice is always applicable when it comes to real money gambling, regardless of whether you're playing video poker, blackjack, online slots, or any other real money casino game. Make sure you are only investing funds that you can afford to lose. So, if you discover that you are spending money that you need for necessities, you should stop playing and take a loss.

Space Out Your Bets

Try not to bet too high. Take your time and place smaller bets for a better return on your stake. This also ensures that you can play for longer and have more fun playing live blackjack. It is a great experience playing the game and you don’t want to limit yourself by blowing your bankroll.

Learn Blackjack Strategies

Even though it is a game of chance, for the most part, there are strategies available that can help you secure a win. It is not a sure way to win, but it can help you improve the odds of winning your hand against the dealer. Strategies also help you gain more confidence when playing live blackjack so you can try many of the other variants.

You’re Ready to Play Live Blackjack

The conventional blackjack game has simple rules that are easy to understand. With some of the best odds for players, it is a well-liked casino game for a reason. Before placing real money wagers at a live blackjack table, don't be scared to experiment with different game variations or learn blackjack strategies for free. All the advice in the world won't help you get ready as much as practice will. Find the blackjack variation that most suits you, then try it out.

The live blackjack casinos on our list of suggestions offer a ton of alternatives available. Remember that every single one of those online casinos has passed our stringent testing procedures, proving that they are the top live blackjack casinos. You should have no trouble locating the blackjack game that suits you. If you reach 21 before the dealer, you will be successful.