The Best e-Check Online Casinos

Having a great selection of payment options is important when players are looking for an online casino. One of the most convenient and even one of the safest options is the use of e-Checks. The use of an e-Check means that you can transact between your bank and your casino account with ease. The direct transfer means that the funds do not have to go through any other payment systems before ending up in your casino account to be used to play your favorite online casino games.

Our team of gambling experts have found the best online casinos that offer eCheck as a payment option for deposits and withdrawals. We have tested each of the online casinos rigorously to bring players only the best of the best options for you to choose from.

The Best E-Check Online Casinos

Once you have your funds on your e-Check you will need to know which online casinos accept the payment method. That is what we are here for. Our team of gambling experts have assessed and tested e-Check on the best online casinos that offer it as a payment option. These online casinos are rigorously tested and are then rated and placed in the list of recommended online casinos below.

300% up to $6,000
1-5 days Payout
Win Rate
100% + 100 Free Spins
1-7 Days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
Win Rate
3-7 days Payout
96.18% Win Rate

Blacklisted E-Check Casinos

While we review and recommend some of the best e-Check casinos available in the US, there are online casinos that do not pass our testing process. If an online casino that accepts e-Check does not pass our assessment then it is added to a different list. This is the list of blacklisted casinos. The list of online casinos on the following list will show you that the online casinos lack security, are not approved by trusted companies or cannot be trusted for a host of other reasons. We suggest that players avoid these online casinos at all costs.


Incorrect and misleading marketing relating to safety measures
Confusing wagering requirements
Inferior quality of games displayed


Customer complaints remain unresolved
Unprofessional customer service received
Stalled winnings being paid out


Consumer complaints ignored
Misleading claims to proper international licensing
Improper online casino practices in use

Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Check

As with any type of payment option, there are pros and cons to using e-Check at online casinos as well. Here are some of the things that our team has identified as pros and cons when using eCheck and the type of things you want to consider when using it at an online casino.

Control of your budget by playing only with what you have
Low or no additional fees to complete transactions
No cards required to complete online transactions
Easily used on mobile casinos and desktop casinos
Payment options with the highest level of security offered
Bank account details will need to be shared with the online casino
You need to have a routing number from your bank
Limited number of online casinos accept e-Checks

Online Casinos We Recommend

Top Rated Casinos

Introduction to E-Check

Electronic checks, often known as eChecks, have been a common form of payment online for more than 20 years thanks to increased security safeguards. When it comes to paying significant amounts,for things like gym memberships or rent, among other things, eCheck payments are preferable because they typically have cheaper processing fees than credit card payments and other payment options.

When playing for real money at online casinos, players can deposit and withdraw funds securely while protecting their bank information by using eChecks. If there are any problems, your bank's verification network for checks will also provide significant protection of your money. Finally, casinos handle these payments at the cashier as easily and quickly as feasible.

E-Check Security

Websites have numerous security measures in place to allow for the usage of online payments. Every payment option employs a distinct defense mechanism to guarantee that your information is always kept secure. We must examine how eChecks operate in order to determine how secure they are.

First off, you provide your bank information to the online casino when using an eCheck payment, and the casino has numerous security measures and encryptions in place. The casino contacts your bank through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) as it electronically asks for the monies from your account. The ACH is a secure payment processor that decides whether to approve or reject a transaction based on the information it has been given: are the bank details accurate, are there sufficient funds in your account, and has the payment been validated?

If there is a mistake, using an eCheck enables the user to go back and cancel the payment. Because of this, eChecks are safer and more practical than conventional, irreversible wire transactions. So, using an e-Check ensures that you have more flexibility when completing online transactions at your selected online casino and added security to make changes if you made any mistakes.

Completing Online Transactions

How you deposit or withdraw money will depend on which online casino you choose to play at. These methods should provide you with a better knowledge of how to deposit and withdraw money to and from your casino account, according to our specialists' reviews and testing of numerous online casinos that accept E-Checks. You will find the exact instructions after you create an account with the online casino you have chosen and head to the cashier.

Making E-Check Deposits

You will be using your eCheck the same way that you use any other payment option presented at an online casino. So, if you have deposited funds before, all you need to do is follow the steps on the screen to successfully deposit cash into your bankroll. Here are the general steps you will follow, but remember that each online casino that offers e-Check might have a different process to follow:


Sign up for your selected online casino and verify your account in full with all the required personal details.


Make sure that you have all your e-Check and banking details with you.


Find the cashier on the online casino which can usually be found in the website’s menu or near the top of the webpage.


Find the payment option you want to use or a selection that states “e-Check” and fill out the fields that require your bank account and routing number along with the name that the bank account is linked to.


Enter the amount you want to deposit to your casino account. Most online casinos will have a minimum amount that can be deposited with the selected payment option.


Once all the details are entered, continue with the payment and wait for your notification of approval or a notification from your bank.


Once approved, the funds will appear in your bankroll within 1-3 business days.

Withdrawing Funds With a eCheck

There aren’t many online casinos that still offer the use of an e-Check to complete withdrawals. The main reason is that it can take a few days to clear. The same reason is true for deposits. However, the withdrawal process is simple as well but does require patience as it takes a few business days to complete.


Navigate to the cashier and select the withdrawal option. A list of available withdrawal options will appear on the screen and in this case, you will select the e-Check option.


You will need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your casino account and add your banking details to the payment form before you can continue.


Check to see what the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are and make sure that you have selected an amount in the proper range.


Select the withdrawal option after checking all the details to complete the process.


You will receive a notification that a transaction is in process and the money should show up in your bank account within three to five working days.

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Reviewing Payment Options

A lot is done to make sure an online casino is the finest of the best before it is added to our list of suggested e-Check casinos. When choosing an online casino to deposit money into, any player will be looking out for the most crucial factors, according to our team of gambling specialists. There are numerous steps to the procedure, and various factors are evaluated and ranked at each step. You can read about what we consider to be the most crucial features of an online casino that accepts e-Checks below. These features are relevant to both novice and seasoned players.

Customer Support

For online transactions, both the online casino and the company offering the payment option must have capable, quick, and competent customer care staff. Players must be confident that they can get help from one of these teams if something goes wrong. We get in touch with these teams and ask a number of questions to ascertain how well issues are resolved.

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Background Check

The online casino and method of payment undergo thorough background checks. We want to find out if the online casino is fully licensed and if the payment option is backed by trusted providers. We push to find out if all financial data is protected using the latest and best encryption technology. Encryption of your information needs to come from both the payment provider as well as the online casino we recommend.

Depositing Funds

The process that a player follows to deposit funds into their bankroll is what we follow as well. Whether it is a credit card, debit card or e-wallet, we go through all of the steps to successfully deposit funds into an online casino account. We find out how quickly you can have access to your funds, how secure it is and how easy the process is to complete. Our team wants to see that funds are almost immediately available to use on the casino account.

Play Games Using Funds

Once the casino account is funded with the payment option of your choice. We also check to see that all the funds have been placed in the account and that they can easily be used to play a range of different games. We also want to find out how the balance is shown to players when playing different games to ensure that players are keeping track of how much they are spending.

Withdrawing Funds

We then check how well an online casino and payment method performs when withdrawing any winnings. We find out more about if there are any additional charges, whether you can withdraw using the method you used for deposits and just how many payment options there are for making a withdrawal.

Finalize Review and Rate

We test a range of payment options and provide as much detail as possible. We take all that we have learned about any reviewed payment option and how it performs at different online casinos. These online casinos are then rated based on how well a specific payment option functions on the website. We like to find that players will find no stress when they are transacting online to ensure that the overall gaming experience is enjoyable.

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Play Casinos Games With E-Check

These days, there aren’t many people that still use checks to pay for the things they need. The same goes for e-Checks, given that the internet has created far more convenient methods of payment that can be completed efficiently. However, there are still people that make use of e-Checks given the simplicity and the security of the payment method. It is perfect for use at an online casino and all it requires is some patience. Many players that cannot use a credit card to fund their casino accounts use e-Checks to do so and it works really well.

The payment option is convenient and secure as the money is transferred from your bank account and into your casino account, encrypted at every step. If you are not in a rush and treat gambling as it should be, a hobby or recreational and fun activity, then you will have no issues with using an e-Check to fund your account. We know that you will still get the full gaming experience when you use an eCheck instead of a different online payment method and it will give you better peace of mind.

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