Best Online Sportsbooks in West Virginia

When it comes to sports betting, West Virginia has had a long and interesting journey. There is now a good selection of retail and online sportsbooks available to bettors in the state. West Virginia was the third state to ever have launched online sports betting in the US and was a supporter of New Jersey to legalize sports betting in the country. Our team has taken a look into the sportsbooks available in the state and has found great options for bettors to enjoy.

The Best Online Sportsbooks in West Virginia

Our team of gambling experts make a concerted effort to vet every sportsbook in a state before recommending it to any bettors. The process is long and rigorous and ensures that every online sportsbook that is recommended is safe, secure, and entertaining and offers a diverse range of betting options. Find out more about what is on offer from the online sportsbooks you will find in West Virginia.

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Sports Betting Regulations in West Virginia

As soon as the federal law banning sports betting was overturned, West Virginia was able to launch its sports betting market within weeks. It was retail sports betting at first but West Virginia pushed and launched online sports betting as well with the launch of BetLucky Sportsbook. However, due to complications in business dealings, the online sports betting market was put on hold.

Soon after, new online sportsbooks were launched in the state and offered bettors what they had been missing and continue to do so today. Even with its initial troubles, the state has moved forward and has been able to produce some of the best online sportsbooks in the country. 


The sports betting market allows bettors to engage in betting on college sporting events on teams in and outside the state of West Virginia. All the sports betting activities in the state are regulated by the West Virginia Lottery Commission and the only events that are not allowed to be bet on are political events which include national and local elections.

Reviewing and Rating The Best Sports Betting Sites

The list of recommended online sportsbooks seen above has to be tried and tested before being recommended with confidence. Several criteria are investigated before a recommendation is made. Here is some more information about the different aspects we look into that ensure that the online sportsbooks in West Virginia offer great bonuses, are secure and have a range of betting options available to the state’s bettors.

Payment Options

We research the available payment methods and try as many as we can. To simulate the betting process, we deposit money, make real money bets, and withdraw gains. We want to see efficient and secure payment alternatives that are available and simple to use.


We do background checks on all the brands and backers for any of the online sportsbooks we review. We also find out if the sportsbook platforms are regularly audited by independent companies to ensure that all the software is above board. We want to see that all data is protected with the latest in encryption technology to ensure that bettors have no worries when they need to enter personal and financial information.

Safety and Security new icon

Betting Options

The best online sportsbooks should offer bettors a great selection of betting options. There should be betting markets that include major leagues from the US and even better if there are betting options for international sports leagues. Many different sports should be represented as well to ensure that bettors are not limited when they are looking for events and players to bet on.

Bonuses and Promotions

The top online sportsbooks tempt punters to sign up with fantastic introductory incentives. The promotion should also allow players to convert bonus money into real money earnings by having fair wagering requirements. Additionally, returning bettors ought to be able to benefit from additional contests or incentives.

Promotions and welcome bonuses new icon

Customer Support

If anything should go wrong, there has to be a customer support team that can be easily reached. We like to see many available options to contact the support team and appreciate it when a sportsbook has a well-kept FAQ section to assist bettors with common questions and issues before they contact customer support.

Customer Support new icon

Mobile Compatibility

We find out how many ways a sportsbook can be accessed on a mobile device, whether it is a smartphone or tablet. Our team compares what options are available on the desktop version of the sportsbook to the app. We want to see that there are just as many features on the app or mobile browser version when compared to the full site. The mobile versions should be well-organized to ensure bettors have easy access to all betting options.

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Best Sports Betting Sites in Detail

While the sports betting market is not huge in comparison to other sports betting markets in the US. However, West Virginia does have one of the most stable and long-standing sports betting markets in the country. There are well-known sports betting brands that can be found in West Virginia, but also brands that bettors can only find in the state. To place your bets or choose a sportsbook, you need to know a bit more about the sportsbooks that offer betting options to West Virginians.

Fanduel logo

BetMGM Sportsbook

As part of MGM International, BetMGM is a sports betting brand that is backed by years of experience in the gambling industry. Bettors have access to a luxurious-feeling platform that comes with diverse betting markets and betting options to choose from.

Draft Kings logo

DraftKings Sportsbook

This sportsbook has gained high praise and is present in more states than any other sportsbook operator in the country. It is one of the leading online sportsbooks in the country and offers bettors a range of betting options. With deals made with popular and trusted brands, DraftKings brings the best odds to the bettors wherever the DraftKings sportsbook is available.

Caesars logo

Caesars Sportsbook

The brand is well-known for its luxurious casinos around the country and abroad. However, the Sportsbook also has just as much to offer. With great betting options that in part stem from its acquisition of William Hill in recent years. The sports betting platform offers bettors a range of great betting options and much more.

Fanduel logo

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is a well-known brand in the US and dominates the sports betting market in the country. After making a name for itself with its daily fantasy sports offering, sports betting and online casino gambling were the next steps. It is a successful brand that offers bettors betting options on the most popular sports and the biggest sports leagues in the country.

PointsBet logo

PointsBet Sportsbook 

This sportsbook is best known for providing some of the best odds for soccer in the major leagues and other international soccer leagues. The sportsbook is partnered with NBC sports and has up-to-date data that fuels the sports betting odds at PointsBet.

BetRivers logo

BetRivers Sportsbook 

The BetRivers sports betting brand is well-known in the US and offers bettors a range of betting options to enjoy. Additionally, BetRivers Sportsbook is known to have a great selection of bonuses on offer. These bonuses are available to new bettors as well as returning bettors ensuring there is always something to keep bettors interested and coming back for more.

Barstool logo

Barstool Sportsbook

A sports betting brand that started as a company that provided sports fans with information and news about different sports in the US. The approach to sporting topics is interesting and edgy and was able to drum up a huge following. When the company decided to join the sports betting industry, it already made a name for itself and almost automatically had a customer base for its sports betting product.

Golden Nugget logo

Golden Nugget Sportsbook

A name that is synonymous with some of the best land-based casinos in Las Vegas. The sportsbook on offer from Golden Nugget gives bettors access to a range of betting odds that are exciting and competitive. The Golden Nugget Sportsbook app is also easily accessible and holds all the betting action that you will find on the desktop version.

Betly Sportsbook logo

Betly Sportsbook

This sportsbook was technically the first online sportsbook in West Virginia which made its debut as BetLucky Sportsbook. However, it was shut down and then came back and rebranded as Betly Sportsbook in 2020. The websites and sportsbook app is easy to use and makes it a good option for those trying out sports betting for the first time. There is a good selection of betting options and a great loyalty program to keep bettors interested.

The Most Common Sports to Bet On in CT

Nearly half of the regions in the United States lack a big four franchise for local supporters to root for, and CT is one of those. Nevertheless, sports fans may cheer on multiple top-tier professional clubs in the area, as well as several exceptional collegiate programs.

daily fanatsy sports new icon

Fantasy Sports

Since 2017, DFS games have been entirely legal in CT, and many individuals appreciate the ability to interact with the industry's major companies. The reality is that casino tribes currently oversee DFS activities in the state, though this has raised concerns.

FanDuel surrendered its permit in February 2022, claiming that new state laws made it unable to operate. It stated that due to improvements to its gaming system, the DFS games will be inaccessible in CT until at least the beginning of the 2022 football season.

Fanduel logo


Baseball continues to hold a particular place in the hearts of classic American sports fans. It has a significant reputation throughout the season and then all the way towards the World Series due to its extended regular season, the vast quantity of games, and abundance of stat-driven options for in-play betting.

Many CT residents support the Red Sox, who have won four World Series ever since the "Bambino's Curse" was removed in 2004. Others, but on the other hand, are lured to NY by the existence of arguably the most renowned name in American sports - the Yankees.


Football is the most popular sport in the United States in terms of spectator attendance, commercial prosperity, and betting activity. When a big match day occurs, the wagering handle increases significantly, and the Super Bowl final is said to be the biggest yearly betting activity on the athletic schedule. This is a discipline that lends itself well to substantial in-play betting.

Connecticut residents naturally support the New York franchises, the Jets and Giants. Nevertheless, many people in the state's east support the Patriots, who have had a lot of success over the years.


Hockey is now a truly coast-to-coast game, with teams spanning the United States. Ever since the Whalers stepped away in 1997, Connecticut hockey supporters have had no franchise to root for. They are, nevertheless, close enough to track the exploits of the Bruins or the Rangers.

Hockey is a game that lends itself well to in-play gambling, with a long season culminating in thrilling Stanley Cup championships. In addition to the greatest NHL action, leading bookmakers allow CT sports betting aficionados to participate in events in Europe's best leagues.


Soccer is by far the most famous sport, and the popularity of Major League Soccer has raised its visibility in the United States in recent times. The existence of two clubs, the NY Red Bulls and NY City FC, in CT generates a great deal of attention in the region.

The quality of the sportsbooks running in CT contributes to the quantity of CT online wagering on soccer. DraftKings and FanDuel both provide extensive coverage of the finest domestic competitions in South America and Europe, as well as renowned international competitions like the World Cup.

NCAA Baseball

Several Connecticut colleges and universities have teams competing at the top level of collegiate baseball, ensuring a high degree of excitement and backing for their achievements. In the Constitution States, the Fairfield Stags, Yale Bluedogs, and the UConn Huskies are among the top teams.

Unfortunately, CT legal sports betting firms are only capable of offering odds on those clubs' games on a very limited basis. CT sports betting laws indicate that you can only wager on teams from the state while they are competing in collegiate events. This implies that betting on specific matches, or even just player props, is not permitted.

NCAA Football

Sports betting on collegiate games is strictly prohibited in CT. You may not wager on an activity involving a team from the state only if it is part of collegiate competition. That implies no bets on individual games, let alone team and player props.

This is unfortunate since the Huskies men's football squad draws a lot of attention for its titles within FBS, the top level of collegiate football in the United States. The Blue Devils, Pioneers, and Bluedogs all have squads within FCS, the following level below, and are well-known in CT.

NCAA Basketball

In CT, collegiate basketball is immensely popular. Many programs have squads in the NCAA's Division I hierarchy. They also include CT Huskies, who serve the University of CT, abbreviated as UConn. The Huskies earned the 17th seed in the NCAA men's tournament in 2022, however, they were upset in the opening stage against New Mexico State.

Such teams should pique the curiosity of CT sports betting lovers, but the rules governing college sports wagering are stringent. You can bet on Connecticut college teams only when they are competing in a collegiate event, including March Madness. Single game and prop wagers are not permitted.

Fun Facts About CT Sports Betting

Despite the fact that there are just three online bookmakers in CT, sports betting has delivered some spectacular outcomes since it went online. Let's take a look at a few of the facts surrounding Connecticut sports betting.

The CT Lottery is allowed to issue 15 land-based sportsbooks.
The total handle for March 2022 is $131.9 million.
The minimum age for sports betting is 21.
The first 20 days of sports betting in the state saw a handle of $54.1 million.

Popular Sports to Bet on in West Virginia

As far as sports to bet on in West Virginia, the state enjoys very few limitations when compared to other states. Bettors have access to betting options that even include college sports teams that reside in and outside the state. Here are some of the most popular sports that bettors enjoy wagering on in West Virginia.

NCAA Events
Horse Racing

Betting Markets and Types

If you are a beginner when it comes to sports betting, it is important to know more about how you can place your bets. Here is a quick guide on some of the most popular bet types you’ll find at West Virginia sportsbooks.

Single Bets
Over/Under Bets
Point Spread Bets
Live Bets
Prop Bets
Parlay Betting

Single Bets

This is when you place one bet based on the odds that you see. It is straightforward and doesn’t depend on any other bets winning or losing to determine its outcome. Single bets can be made for the outcome of an event, overs/unders and many other types of bets. All you need to remember is that you are placing a bet for the odds that you see and your winnings will be determined by how much you place on the bet and the odds presented.

Over/Under Bets

A given sportsbook will give you a total, in most cases it refers to what the overall score of a sporting event will be. As the bettor, you decide if the final score will be more than (over) or less than (under) the number that the sportsbook has suggested.

Point Spread Bets

A winning margin is seen in the point spread bets. If you choose to wager on the favorite, the team or player must win by a margin greater than the specified spread. For instance, if the spread is (-7.5), your team must win by eight points or more. When wagering on the underdog, they will need to either win outright or lose by less than the specified spread for you to win.

Live Bets

These are also known as in-play bets that offer you a variety of prop bets as the sporting event is happening. These are fast-paced bets that will populate on the sportsbook while you are watching the event. So, take what you know about the teams and players and bet accordingly to win bets quickly and not have to wait for the outcome of the event.

Prop Bets

These are bets that are related to the sporting event but don’t have anything to do with the outcome of the event. These bets are created just for fun and give bettors more options to bet on. It can include anything from which player will have a new haircut to how many points a specific player will score. These are proposition bets or prop bets for short and add a lot more excitement to a game and you won’t have to wait until an event is over to know if you have won or lost your bet.

Parlay Betting

This is also known as an accumulator bet (or acca bet) where you place several single bets on different outcomes. You place your bets in a specific order and when you win your first bet, the winnings then get rolled over and used for your next bet with new odds. If you win all of your bets, you may be in for a significant payout, but remember it can be risky as one failed bet can cost you all you have won thus far.


Connecticut residents have only three bookmakers to choose from when it regards online sports wagering. However, it is critical to choose the perfect place for you. In addition to your preferences and betting strategy, the sportsbook in consideration should be evaluated on a number of additional criteria. Fortunately, the options in CT are the best that's around and it's very easy to see why players continue to flock to these sites.

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