What Constitutes a Good Website Design

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This proverb is also true for the face of an online casino website. There are many things to consider when looking for good sites that are easy to play on. If you’re going to be spending your money playing games, you’d rather be doing so on a website that has been well designed, that looks great and that's easy to use. Having all these great things going for it makes all the difference, so here at CasinoTop, we’ve taken a look at what actually makes an online casino great by ticking all the boxes!

Is it Important to Play at a Well Designed Casino?

Design, as such, is not everything when it comes to a good online casino. There are definitely a whole host of other things that may be more of a priority, like the number and quality of games, the support, the licensing etc. However, no matter how great all the above-mentioned things are, if the website is badly designed, it means that it’s more than likely confusing and hard to find what you’re looking for. Apart from these critical aspects, the aesthetics of the design are also important. If the site is not engaging and dynamic, you’re likely to get bored and lose interest after a short time.

What Makes a Good Design?

The answer to this question will definitely vary depending on who you ask. What appeals to one person, may not appeal to another. Some may like the traditional type of site while others may prefer a more innovative cutting edge look. Here at CasinoTop, we’ve put together a list of different must-have design factors, so there is something here for every player.

Clean and Simple

If your casino has a top design, it will make the games you know and love, much more enjoyable to play. It should be a clean and simple design so as not to distract players from their objectives, which are to focus on the games and absorb the full impact of what is going on, on the screen.


A website needs to be easy to navigate around, being able to find exactly what you need is vital. If the site is sluggish and the games hard to find, it will cause no end of frustration. Having a spontaneous website that responds promptly is ideal and helps you find the game selections without delay. Clear headings with information that's at your fingertips, so you can get down to the business of what's important, and that is playing and winning! Wasting time looking for things is definitely a no-no.

Fast Loading Games

Not only is it important for the games to be quick and easy to find, but it’s also imperative to have fast-loading games, particularly if you’re playing on a mobile device. Also, the region you’re playing from should not influence the speed of the game loading, and a well-designed website will ensure this.

Noticeable Action Buttons

Another factor to look out for with well-designed online casino websites is whether the action buttons are easy to find. Sign-in, Sign-up and Deposit buttons are all important icons to find quickly as they are used the most frequently. Many good websites have more than one point of access to them.

Mobile Device Friendly

These days mobile devices are becoming more and more popular for online mobile gaming, so it’s vital that all devices such as tablets and smartphones a fully supported. Not only should your device be able to play the video games, but the quality, features and total game experience should not be compromised.


Registering to a new online casino should be a simple procedure, with easy conversions and a straight -forward and not too long a registration form
Other Important Things to Look for:

  • Landing page should have leadership tournament top winners
  • Real-time Jackpot kitty
  • All promotions and bonuses easily accessible
  • Complete Terms and Conditions on display
  • All casino licenses, certifications and partnerships clearly visible
  • Live Chat FAQ’s and Customer support readily accessible
  • Games well catalogued into clear sections
  • Game Providers displayed

To Sum up

Often online casinos will decide to rebrand their website, in other words, the whole site gets a facelift, usually with very favourable results. It can give a whole new look and feel to an old tired website, that even though may have had loads of benefits and games, could still have lacked the necessary things to make it a top gambling destination.

If you come across a casino that has undergone a recent rebranding, then be sure to take a good look and see for yourself if it’s to your liking. There are so many hundreds of online casinos to choose from these days that you don’t need to accept an inferior interface and web design. Now that CasinoTop have armed you with this guide on what to look out for, Canadian players never need to feel frustrated or confused again.

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