What is a Virtual Reality Casino and How Does It Work?

Ever since the online boom in the early 2000s, the hunger for new tech has led to ground-breaking advancements in every field imaginable. With this came new innovations, resulting in a sea of gadgets that are on the market today. If we refer to the casino industry as an example, then the latest revolution is within the virtual reality (VR) casino niche. It may sound far-fetched, but we're here to tell you why this idea is plausible and that it already exists if you can believe it. Your mind is probably overflowing with questions if you have an interest in the possibility of experiencing a step up from 3D gaming. If so, then keep reading and most of your questions will surely be answered. The most basic ones we highlight below, such as what VR casinos are, how they work and what the benefits are. We also look at the associated disadvantages. Once you reach till the end, you’ll be clued up and have a deeper understanding of this concept, and be first in line when the next VR gambling site drops.

What is Virtual Reality?

This is the most basic question asked by most newbies that want to make sure that their knowledge is well-rounded. If you think that you know what VR is, then you are welcome to skip to the interesting bits. On the other hand, if you'd like some clarity, keep an open mind as this is some futuristic stuff we’re about to dive into.

VR is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment or image that allows you to interact with it the way you would in the real world. This is achieved by using special equipment like a VR headset –a screen inside a helmet or a pair of sensor gloves. Basically, you feel like you are really in the forest or at the beach or wherever the simulation takes your mind and senses. The senses that are primarily affected by VR are sight and sound. You will hear the chirping of birds and the rustle of the trees as you are shown interactive surroundings. Leaves that move when touched, a bunny that gets startled as you walk by, and much more.

What is a Virtual Reality Casino?

Now that you have brushed up on your definition of VR, it can be applied to online gambling establishments to create a sort of middle ground between land-based and ordinary online platforms. The latest idea when it comes to VR application is using it in the gambling industry on a wider scale than just the games. Online slots have already hopped on the bandwagon with the current favourite being Gonzo’s Quest. Virtual gaming may be a term more often used within the video game sector, however, more and more gamblers (especially younger generations) are cottoning on to the idea.

To answer the question of what VR casinos are, they are typically replications of real gambling establishments. This brings a bit of the real experience to your living room or wherever you may be. This is the perfect experience for those wanting a “real” casino experience and for those that are looking to migrate online without completely losing that “real-life experience”.

As a result, the standard 2D casino sites that you see all over the net will now look completely different. A virtual casino will let you interact with things that you would find in a normal casino. This is the solid in-between zone of online and offline and the closest thing to the real deal.

How Does It Work?

The concept of VR is the same in reference to gaming as it is when it comes to gambling. This makes the line between the two categories very thin. One of the differences, however, is the change in equipment when it comes to the adaption of VR into betting.

The VR version of the betting establishment will be able to transport you to a new experience where the games that you can find at a normal casino can be found in the VR version. These games would include typical varieties such as table games and online slots among others. There may not be as big a variety; however, this is only the beginning of the VR shift. VR fans aren’t complaining as the slots and table games are the most popular categories anyway.

How the Games are Transformed

The adaptation process of existing games into VR format is a rather nifty one. First, the graphics are cranked up a notch to make sure that they use HD quality imagery. This also involves the addition of the 4D aesthetic. When you turn your head, your vision matches the movement. The absence of lagging is worth mentioning as other video games may experience this at too high a resolution.

Other key features include being able to interact with other gamblers and dealers. You’ll get the chance to choose your own avatar. Lastly, multiplayer games will be available in real-time.

The Equipment

The easiest piece to remember is the VR goggles. You’ll need an appropriate PC or laptop (more on that later). The games may work without the goggles, but the experience won’t be the same – at all! Without them, you’ll get a 3D experience, with them – full-on VR.

This market is still in its beginning stages so you might need to do a bit of digging to secure the gadgets needed as the world isn’t overflowing with VR gear. Make sure that you still compare your gear to other kinds to be sure that you are getting quality things.

Before You Get Started

Before you head out and buy the expensive gear, first check your device specs to see if it can handle VR. To help avoid compatibility problems, here are a few specs to try to adhere to:

  • NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 or higher
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3
  • Intel i5-4590 or higher
  • 8GB+ RAM of Memory/RAM
  • Windows 7 SP1 or above

Be sure to check your specs and make a list of gear so that you can avoid disappointment.

Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages and disadvantages to VR casinos.


  • No need to travel to a casino for your “real-live” gambling experience
  • It’s always a plus getting the chance to try something new
  • There might be a live chat option
  • Your presence will be detected as soon as you log into a game
  • You can flex your social muscles by interacting with other players


  • Surprisingly less social than online casinos
  • Not as accessible and location independent
  • The fully immersive experience may be a bit too much as you’ll miss out on what’s really going on around you
  • The higher cost
  • Expensive to set up

The Verdict

Upon having a look at both sides of the VR coin, some will love it, and some may not. It’s all about gaming preferences. There is still no doubt that there is a niche market for virtual reality casinos and only time will tell whether this mode of gameplay will flourish or not. Either way, it’s for certain that VR isn’t going anywhere. We'll see if the concept will turn out to be the future of gambling or if it will merely fade into just another idea that couldn't bloom.

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