What Slot Is Your Spirit Animal? There’s One For Everyone!

Ok, so there might not be actual spirit animal versions of slot machines out there, but the different types of slots available at online casinos do come pretty close! And if you’re finding it tricky to navigate between the vast selection of slots out there, finding the one that suits you could be rather time-consuming, to say the least. You don’t want to end up randomly selecting slots, only to realize they are not at all what you’re looking for.

Therefore, we are doing our part to assist you in your journey through the slot games by breaking down the different types you might find, so all you need is a bit of money to play with, and some luck.

The Different Type Of Slot Machines Out There

The slots you find online can be confusing for new players or even for those who rarely venture outside their handful of favorite games that they’ve played for years. They all seem to have similar names or strange winning mechanics. All-in-all, no matter which slot machine you chose, the mechanics are the same.

All you have to do is match the symbols to make a combination that results in a win. Easy.

Now, the “combination” might look different amongst the different kinds of online slots out there, which is exactly what we will explain today. By getting a better understanding of the potential, you’ll be able to let go of that same-old slot and try out some new ones, maybe also realizing along the way that there’s another type of slot that’s much better for you! Anyway, variety is the spice of life!

The Payline Slots

Slots with paylines are the original kind of slot, where a win happens as soon as symbols on the reels land in a pre-decided shape from left to right across the reels. These shapes are called “paylines”, and a slot can have anything from 1 up to hundreds of paylines depending on how many symbols show on each reel, and how many reels a slot has. The slot game Book of Dead is overall one of the most popular slots in Canada with only 10 paylines.

As you can see, the number of paylines of a game is limited by the size and amount of reels, which is why a new kind of slot was invented for those wanting more chances of winning, the ways-to-win slot machine.

The Payline Spirit Animal Person: For those who like traditional slots, winning in patterns and an easier to understand slot machine.

Online Ways-To-Win Games

The ways-to-win slot works in a similar manner to the paylines slot, but instead of the symbols having to fall in patterns, a ways-to-win machine doesn’t care about patterns. All that is required for a win to occur is that the same symbol appears anywhere on the adjacent reels. So if you have the same symbol somewhere on reels 1-4, you’ll win.

This opened up for many more opportunities for wins to happen and it also allows for different kinds of bonus features and bonus games. The Immortal Romance slot is, to this day, one of the most popular 243 ways-to-win slots in Canada.

The Ways-to-win Spirit Animal Person: Players who want to try something innovative and more versatile and don’t need symbols in patterns to understand their winnings.

Talk Of The Town Is Megaways

A mechanic that’s taken the ways-to-win idea to the max is MegaWays. Where ordinarily the reels of a slot have always had the same size every spin, a MegaWays slot changes the reel size with each spin. This means that you might end up with several hundred thousands of ways to win! The game Flowers Fortune MEGAWAYS from Fantasma offers over 500,000 ways to win!

The MegaWays Spirit Animal Person: Crazy people looking for crazy winning opportunities.

Cluster Pay Slot Games

For anyone who has ever played games like Candy Crush, the Cluster Pay slots might be for you. Also called Reactor slots, these games like to work over a grid or by adding a grid to the top of the reels. Winning combinations in a Cluster Pay slot happen when a number of symbols appear next to each other in a cluster of 6 symbols or more. Jammin’ Jars is a perfect example of these kinds of games, although the first slot to ever host this mechanic was Aloha! Cluster Pays.

Cluster pay Spirit Animal Person: Anyone who’s ever played a match-symbols mobile game and wished they could’ve won real money playing it.

Video Slots vs Old Style Slots

Video slots are definitely the main type of slot played today. But it might not be all that easy to understand what the difference is between a video slot game and a normal one. Well, the main variance is versatility. The video slot machines normally come with a higher number of reels and are also the ones that offer alternative ways to win other than paylines.

You can also expect the video slot to offer these exciting bonus feature events like free spins and other kinds of features. It’s also with the video slots that you’re likely to find some of the biggest jackpots.

Jackpot Slots - Progressive And Local

There has always been a mystery around revolving jackpots, and you’ll find several articles online trying to figure out how to beat the game to win it. The truth is that the jackpot falls completely randomly, and it’s only chance and luck that decide who gets it. But that said, you want to understand the difference between the progressive jackpots and the local ones.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive ones are the ones destined to get really, really massive. The jackpot size grows as more and more people play the slot, as a percentage of each bet placed on the slot goes to the prize pool. This also means that the jackpot could fall to any player playing that specific slot machine, at any casino in the world offering it. Obviously, this means that the competition for the prize is pretty high. Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are examples of progressive slot games.

Local Jackpot

The local jackpots work a bit differently and can be either localized to an online casino or to a specific game. The local prize pot is collected only from gameplay that’s made by players within the same casino that you’re playing at. Meaning that the pot will only fall to one of the players at your Canadian casino.

Of course, this means that the pot will take much longer to reach amounts even close to the other type, but it also means that you’ll face a lot less competition when playing to hit the jackpot. You’ll find a bunch of local jackpot games coming from the game provider Red Tiger Gaming, who even offer jackpots that fall daily.

Feelin’ Ready To Hit The Reels?

Have you found your inner slot spirit? Maybe you’re yet to find it, but we hope that you’ll now feel more confident looking at the selections of slot games to find the perfect one for you. And if you are unsure, feel free to try out some slots right here at Casino Top, before playing them at the casino where you’ll be able to play them for free. Keep in mind however that you’ll, unfortunately, be unable to play any jackpot games for free, but a lot of online casinos offer their new player's welcome offers like bonus funds or free spins, which can sometimes be used to try out jackpot games as well.

Last but not least, even if you might’ve found the slot that ticks all the boxes of the perfect slot machine for you, make sure that you’ve set up a reasonable gambling budget for yourself so that you won’t gamble more than you can afford to.

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