Why “bonuses” are so important to the online gambling industry

Since its inception in the late 90’s, the online gambling industry has become one of the world’s largest and most lucrative businesses, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue year after year. This industry has a mass appeal, with millions of people playing their favourite games of chance from locations spanning all across the world – and it’s all because of one little word, ‘bonus’. Some would argue that the word ‘bonus’ could actually describe the whole online gambling industry – which is why you’d have a very difficult time trying to find an online casino which doesn’t offer bonuses to their players nowadays.

Due to the lucrative nature and popular demand of online gambling and casinos, the industry has become extremely competitive with new competitors opening their virtual doors on the regular. Because of how competitive the industry is, each online casino needs to find a way to stand out from the crowd, attract new players and ultimately have gamers choose them as their online gambling operator of choice. This is where casino bonuses come in. Within the online gambling community, everyone talks about what bonuses are offered when comparing the different online casinos in the market. Overall, most gamblers want the most value for the money they spend while gaming – and bonuses give them more value. Without bonuses on offer, we question whether the industry would see as many players worldwide as it does today.

As aforementioned, online casinos first came to exist in the late 90’s and back then, signup bonuses were extremely generous due to the fact that the industry was still very young and new at that time. In order to attract people to try gambling online, they needed to make a statement big enough to overcome whatever doubts or concerns they may have had towards doing so - and convince them that playing online was just as fun and immersive as playing at their regular brick-and-mortar casinos. Thanks to the excellent bonuses on offer and lack of competition, the industry began to boom in popularity at an extremely rapid rate – with new online gamblers dramatically increasing in numbers. At this stage, formalities were still being worked out and the bonuses on offer were a lot less regulated. However, they are now a focal point to the great majority of online casinos and are now subject to a variety of different clauses and restrictions, which are called “Bonus Terms and Conditions”.

You could say that everything within the online gambling industry revolves around the various bonuses that are on offer – welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, no deposit bonuses – whichever bonus it is, almost every online casino offers them and competes against one another with their casinos’ exclusive offerings. In addition, the many online casinos competing and comparing their particular bonuses on offer, it is one of the most popular topics you will find each and every gambler – as well as various affiliate websites – talking about too. If you had to visit a popular affiliate site, for example us at Casino Top – you would find that all the latest bonuses offered by hundreds of different online casinos are displayed and compared there. If the industry existed without any bonuses being offered at all, there is no doubt that the industry would be completely different to how it is today – and there would not be any demand for affiliate websites in that regard.

Would online gambling be the same without the absolute thrill that bonuses offer to players and their experiences? Quite often, you are able to double your bankroll thanks to deposit bonuses offered – which is a major perk not offered by land-based casinos. In addition, bonuses allow players the opportunity to take more and bigger risks, place higher bets and quite possibly win even more money thanks to the increased opportunities the bonus provides. There are so many different types of bonuses offered on the market, that there is certainly a bonus type which matches each type of online gambler and their different gaming styles and preferences. Overall, bonuses are what give each individual online casino their “edge” in the market – although the question still lies – would the online gambling industry be so lucrative without exciting bonuses being on offer?

The greater majority of online gamblers look for online casinos with great bonuses on offer suited to their personal preference, with only a very small percentage of players who prefer to play at online casinos who do not offer bonuses. The very reason that affiliate sites have become so popular and a staple for players is due to the fact that these sites collate all the necessary bonus information in a one-stop destination which makes it easy for players to make their comparisons and pick a casino with a bonus most suited to their personal gambling preferences. There are also various gambling forums online, such as us at Casino Top, who is also focused on providing information on online casino bonuses – and where players are able to discuss their personal experiences with the online casinos they have played at and what bonuses they have received. Players often use these kinds of sites to scout for new bonuses to test out. With that being said, without casino bonuses, we doubt the industry would be as popular and lucrative as it is today – it would certainly be more boring for today's online gambling community.

What is the difference between Deposit and No Deposit bonuses?

You will find that the bonuses on offer at any online casino can be divided into two separate and main categories: you will either be offered a bonus which will be referred to as a ‘deposit bonus’ or you may alternatively be offered a bonus referred to as a ‘no deposit bonus’ instead. There are prominent differences between these two bonus categories and these will vary depending on the online casino you have decided to play at. However, the main difference is that a ‘deposit bonus’ will require you to make a deposit in order to receive it – while a ‘no deposit bonus’ will not require a deposit to be made, in order for you to receive it.

If your casino offers you a ‘deposit bonus’, it means that, in return for making a deposit into your casino account, you will receive the specified bonus. A ‘percentage bonus’ is quite popularly seen, where you will receive a specified percentage of your deposit extra, which is placed on top of the value of your original deposit. You’ll only ever be able to receive this bonus once you have submitted the qualifying deposit amount.

On the flip side, when offered a ‘no deposit bonus’, the casino will put bonus funds into your casino account without you having to make any deposit first. This is the simplest out of the two bonus categories, as all you’ll generally need to do to receive it, is sign up to be a member with the casino. Once you’ve registered, the bonus funds will automatically be credited into your account most of the time. – Though in some cases, you may need to get in touch with the casinos customer support team to receive your credits.

Let’s have a more practical look at the differences that lie between the two bonus categories. For example, imagine that you’re signing up with an online casino that offers a CA$10 no deposit bonus. After signing up to be a member with them, you will automatically receive that CA$10 bonus balance in your casino account which you can use to start playing with right away. Now imagine that you are signing up with a casino which offers a 100% deposit bonus, in this case you would be required to sign up as a member of the casino as well as make at least a minimum qualifying deposit – for example CA$10. Once you have made the qualifying deposit, you will then receive an additional CA$10 in bonus funds over and above your original deposit – meaning that you will have CA$20 to play with overall. The main difference is that one method requires you to make a deposit to receive a bonus, while the other does not. There are benefits to both these kinds of bonuses.

While that is the main difference between the two bonus categories, there are more bonuses you should make note of. Most importantly, you should make a definite point to always read the Terms and Conditions that the various bonuses you are offered are subject to before you accept it. Knowing and being cautious of the Terms and Conditions your bonus is subject to, is the key to your success, as you won’t be caught by surprise by assumptions not being met.

Wagering requirements are another key difference which is most often associated with these two bonuses. Generally, you will find that casinos which offer no deposit bonuses are often associated with much steeper wagering requirements in comparison to that of usual deposit bonuses. This makes sense, as at the end of the day, casinos do need to find a way of monitoring the bonuses and since it is free, high wagering requirements is the best way to do that. When playing at a casino with a no deposit bonus, wagering requirements between the region of 50 – 100 times is quite normal. However, when playing at a casino with a deposit bonus, wagering requirements significantly drop to as little as 30 times you’ll have to play your bonus through. This is a key example of why reading the Terms and Conditions of each bonus is imperative before accepting and playing with them.

Another difference between the bonus categories is the maximum withdrawal amounts associated with them. You will often find that no deposit bonuses usually offer a maximum cash-out amount, and while some casinos will sometimes apply a maximum cash-out amount to their deposit bonuses, the great majority of reputable online casinos will not restrict how much you are allowed to withdraw from a deposit bonus. Placing a withdrawal amount cap on no deposit bonuses is just another tactic that online casinos use to monitor the bonus funds extended to you.
Generally, once you have met the wagering or playthrough requirements required on your no deposit bonus – you’ll only be able to withdraw winnings from it up to around CA$200. Of course, this amount will vary from casino to casino – the amount that applies will be detailed to you in the bonus terms at the online casino you are playing with.

So, this means that should you happen to win an incredible jackpot whilst your no deposit bonus is in play, you will only be allowed to withdraw the maximum amount that has been stipulated to you. This is something you should definitely keep in mind, as you do not want to be devastated when you aren’t able to cash-out that incredible jackpot. On the flip side, if you scoop a bonus while playing with a deposit bonus active, you should be able to withdraw the whole amount as long as you have fulfilled the playthrough requirements.

When playing with a no deposit bonus active, remember to have a look at whether you are able to play all of the online casino’s games available and whether they contribute to the playthrough requirements. Often you will find that casinos with no deposit bonuses will restrict you from playing certain games within their selection, most particularly their progressive jackpot game titles on offer. However, when playing with a deposit bonus active instead, it is more likely that you will not be restricted from playing certain games within the selection. For example, let’s say that you are going to receive free spins from a no deposit required bonus on a Microgaming game – in this case it will be quite likely that any winnings you earn may only be allowed to spend on Microgaming games. So even if the online casino you are playing at offers games from other game developers such as NetEnt, your no deposit winnings will only be able to be played and wagered on Microgaming games only. However, with a deposit bonus you will more than likely be able to play all of the casino’s games offering no matter what software they were brought to you by.

Another difference you will note between the two bonus types is the time periods you are allocated to fulfil the wagering requirements attached to them. The time period you have to fulfil these playthrough requirements with a deposit bonus is generally much longer than the time period you will be allocated when receiving a no deposit bonus. When receiving a no deposit bonus, it is quite common that you may be restricted to under 7 days to meet the playthrough requirements. When receiving a deposit bonus, the time allocated may be considerably more – even up to one month to meet the wagering requirements specified.

Lastly, another difference worth noting between the two kinds of bonuses you may receive is the amount that you are able to play with. With a no deposit bonus, you may be restricted to anything between 10 to 30 credits while when receiving a deposit bonus, the amount you receive will be totally up to you dependant on how much you deposit to receive it. Each online casino is unique, therefore they will each have their own set of terms and conditions for their bonuses – whether a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus – and because of this, you should never presume that any two casinos will have the same or similar terms and conditions, so be sure to always check what they are before you start playing with your bonus.

Deposit bonuses

Let’s delve deeper into deposit bonuses. The reason that deposit bonuses are so great is because you are able to receive double, triple or even quadruple the amount that you initially deposited into your account – which provides excellent value for money as you get more opportunities to win. So, when depositing, let’s say 100 credits, you could receive up to 400 credits in return to make use of instead. You will notice that a deposit bonus is one of the more common kinds of bonuses offered by most online casino providers – while no deposit bonuses are offered far more few and far between than the latter. Receiving a bonus in return for your deposit is extremely common in the online casino world, especially when signing up as a new player. These bonuses are often used to attract new players in hopes of you using it to start playing at their casino, and it is no secret in the industry.

Within this guide, we will be discussing four different kinds of deposit bonuses in depth to assist you in your overall understanding of deposit bonuses and what they entail. The four different kinds of deposit bonuses are: welcome/sign-up bonuses, deposit match bonuses, reload bonuses and high roller bonuses. Knowing what these bonuses are, and what the differences between them are would be a good idea, before throwing yourself into the exciting world of online gambling. This guide will help you be aware of the different bonuses, what they each entail and how they compare to one another.

Welcome bonus/ Sign-up bonus

Let’s begin with the most popular and well-known bonus which proves to be the most tempting of all to players – the welcome bonus, or otherwise known as a sign-up or new player bonus. This bonus is the most prolific and largest of bonuses available, widely spread across the whole online gambling world. Trying to find an online casino which does not offer any kind of welcome bonus will be quite the difficult task, as it is so commonly seen within the industry.

If you’re wondering what a welcome bonus consists of, it is essentially an amount of credits which are expressed as a percentage amount. This percentage amount will be determined by your initial deposit you successfully make at the casino and will, in most cases, be automatically calculated and credited into your account. Though few casinos may actually require you to insert a bonus code to receive it, the great majority of online casinos will automatically credit you with the specified percentage match of the deposit you made – instantly upon completion of your initial deposit being made – no code required. In some rare cases, you may actually need to contact the casinos customer support team to claim your bonus after making your deposit and if this is the case at your online casino of choice, be sure to not make any bets whatsoever before you have gotten in touch with them – as it is quite likely that you will no longer be eligible for the bonus if you do so.

The percentage offered for your welcome bonus deposit will vary between each casino you explore. The percentage offered is generally between the range of 50-200% but in some rare cases; some casinos may even offer you more, up to 400% back! Let’s say that you were going to make a deposit of around 100 credits, the bonus that you will receive will range between 50 and 200 credits depending on the specified percentage amount. Then, on a deposit of 100 credits – if you are offered a welcome bonus percentage of 200% - you will end up playing with a grand total of 300 credits. The most common percentage welcome bonus is 100% up to 100 credits on your initial deposit made – anything higher than that is very good in comparison.

So, when you deposit 100 credits, in this case, you’ll receive 100 credits back with a total of 200 credits to play with overall from that deposit made. There are some casinos which will offer a much smaller welcome bonus of around 50% or even less and on the flip side, there are casinos which offer an enormous welcome bonus percentage up to 400%. If you do come across an online casino offering a welcome bonus percentage of 400% or higher, we do recommend that you go ahead only with caution as this kind of bonus may be attached to sky high playthrough requirements or perhaps only a small amount of those funds will actually be cashable. Pay attention to the small details, terms and conditions as they may prove to be a disaster for you down the line.

Welcome bonus percentages between 50-200% are, in most cases, cashable – this essentially means that when you are ready to withdraw, your bonus funds are also able to be withdrawn. The playthrough requirements for this can be anywhere between 10 to 30 times the sum equivalent to your deposit and bonus amount. So, to provide an example – if your initial deposit is CA$100 and you have been offered a sign up bonus of 100% up to 100 credits with a 25x wagering requirement combined, this means that you’ll need to wager at least 25*(100+100)=5000 in order to fulfil the wagering requirements of the bonus. Note that each bonus’ playthrough requirements will vary between every casino you visit, so be sure to read through the bonus terms and conditions before accepting it. Always read the terms and conditions first, as once you have accepted the bonus (any and all bonuses) and have placed even just a single wager – you will not have the opportunity to refuse the funds you have already accepted or even withdraw your own funds until you have met the playthrough requirements.

Consider the pros and cons of a bonus and its wagering requirements before accepting it. On one hand, if you have more credits, you’ll have more opportunities to win as you’ll be able to make more bets. However, on the other hand, by not accepting the bonus and extra chances to win, you’ll be relying totally on your own funds – but be able to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, with them. The decision to accept or decline the welcome bonus is entirely up to you, and you should make a decision based on your personal gaming style and preference. Would you prefer the advantage of having more chances to win, or would you prefer to have freedom when dealing with your own funds without being subject to wagering requirements?

Note that when a casino offers you a welcome offer within the range of 200-400%, it is more than likely that the bonus is not cashable or able to be cashed out. The bonus’ wagering requirements may be within the range of 30-40x the value of your deposit amount and bonus amount combined and many players prefer this kind of offer. However, this kind of bonus cannot be withdrawn because your funds earned with the bonus in play may seriously blow up and earn you seriously high profits – online casinos need to protect themselves in this case. Once again, make extra sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions attached to a bonus before you accept it as once you have accepted the bonus, there is no going back. Keep your money safe and avoid unnecessary surprises by doing so.

Match bonuses

Similarly, to the other bonuses we have made mention of within this guide, match bonuses are a percentage-based bonus mainly used to encourage existing members of an online casino to continue wagering and playing with them. The most popular kind of match bonus you will find is the welcome bonus, as we discussed above. To provide an example, if you’re offered a 100% match bonus for making a deposit at an online casino, this essentially means that the casino will give you the exact same amount you deposited in bonus funds. These bonus funds will then be available to use to play your favourite casino games and try to earn as many winnings as you can – they will however, be subject to the playthrough requirements stipulated by the casino.

It is also quite common for online casinos to offer match bonuses to their existing members as a promotion throughout the week or months on their subsequent deposits. There are various occasions you may be offered a deposit match bonus including a specified promotion, a birthday bonus, a loyalty bonus, a high roller bonus, a reload bonus, a slot games only bonus or many, many more. You should certainly take advantage of these match bonuses by using them to build a large bankroll.

Reload bonuses

The fun doesn’t end at the welcome bonus once you have registered to be a member at an online casino – as most casinos now offer what is referred to as a reload bonus. These reload bonuses are offered to casinos most loyal players in order to reward them and this is done quite regularly. The reload bonus is generally an amount which is equivalent to the percentage of your deposit within the range of 20-50% and the terms and conditions, in most cases, is almost identical to those that you will see attached to a welcome bonus. A reload bonus, if offered to you, will be offered on the subsequent deposits you make at the online casino and may even be offered as a weekly or monthly feature of the casino. This bonus is used by the management department of the casino in order to encourage their existing members to deposit more frequently, and is a great deal as it enables to reload your casino account funds with an additional bonus on-top of your initial welcome bonus. As an example, imagine you are going to make a deposit of CA$100 and have been offered a reload bonus of 50% - this means that the online casino will reward you an additional CA$50 in addition to your deposit of CA$100. As previously discussed, this bonus will also be subject to various terms and conditions which will be stipulated to you. Be sure to review these terms and conditions prior to accepting the bonus you have been offered to avoid any headaches.

High roller bonuses

The last kind of bonus we would like to discuss, though certainly not the least – is the high roller bonus. High roller bonuses are meant for gamers who seek to play with higher limit wagering games and these bonuses will only be awarded to those who do bet large amounts. To clarify, we refer to players who like to gamble large sums of money as “high rollers” and online casinos do generally prefer when players make larger deposits at a time – and to encourage players to do so, they will offer them high roller bonuses to provide incentive. The high roller bonus is usually offered, once again, as a percentage of the total amount you will deposit and for the most part, high roller bonuses will be subject to much more preferable wagering requirements in comparison to other kinds of promotions.

It is not uncommon for some high roller bonuses to be subject to playthrough requirements of up to six figures or even more, which is why it is quite common for high roller players to negotiate the terms and conditions of their bonuses with the casino before actually depositing serious funds into their gaming accounts and receiving the bonus. This fact is something you should keep in the back of your mind for the times you may ever consider making a deposit which is in excess of around CA$2000-CA$3000. No single casino will turn away such a deposit and they will all bombard you with various offers to provide incentive for you doing so – it is because of this that we would recommend that you always open negotiations with at least 2-3 casinos at the same time, negotiating the best deal and wagering conditions as you can, before accepting any offers. The old rule is that the customer is always right – this statement is truer than ever, especially when the customer may be ready to deposit four figure amounts into their accounts! You will find that high roller players receive comp points and are well looked after by their online casinos, to ensure that these players will keep coming back to them.

You should be aware of the golden rule of online gambling that reminds you to always check what games in an online casino’s game offering will contribute to the wagering requirements of your bonus in play. In most cases, some games will contribute more than others – so you should always be sure to first check what the case is and avoid the games which only contribute around 5-10% towards the wagering requirements – unless you want to waste wagering funds trying to meet a playthrough requirement that will take forever to meet. In addition, you should be conscious of the time limit that may be involved in your active bonus. The most common time period is set at 30 days for most deposit bonuses, though other time frames are possible. Overall, the different deposit bonuses are the most popular kind that you will come across.

No deposit casino bonuses

When signing up with an online casino, you may be offered a ‘no deposit bonus’ to take advantage of. A no deposit bonus may actually be offered to you at any point in your online casino stay. This bonus is offered as a marketing strategy in hopes of attracting new players to the online casino and there are four different kinds of no deposit bonuses that you can expect to see including: no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, cashback bonuses and no deposit bonuses – which we will explain in-depth in order to better your overall understanding. Let’s begin with no deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonus

Just as the name suggests, a no deposit bonus means that you will receive a bonus from an online casino which does not require you to make a deposit, in order to receive it. No deposit bonuses provide a great opportunity for you to give the online casino environment a good try without having to spend any of your own money first – which is obviously a great incentive, especially for new online casino players. Once having registered and having accepted the no deposit bonus you were offered, the casino will then credit a specific sum of money into your casino account so that you can get started playing their games. No deposit bonuses award you the opportunity of building your bankroll without having to spend any of your own cash in the process. The typical amount that a no deposit bonus will credit you with will vary between 5 to 50 credits – which is a rather small amount in comparison to other online casino bonuses you may be offered.

As standard with any bonus you may receive from any online casino, you’ll have to complete general playthrough requirements to be able to withdraw any of the winnings you earn from it. The reason that there are wagering requirements is because you are essentially receiving something, for nothing and this needs to be monitored. Once you have been able to fulfil the playthrough requirements that have been set by the online casino, you’ll then be able to withdraw your winnings. You will find that the playthrough requirements that are attached to a no deposit bonus are generally much steeper than those attached to a standard deposit bonus. However, this will always differ between every casino and software provider. With a no deposit bonus, you will commonly find yourself facing a playthrough requirement ranging between 50-100x the total bonus amount. This is why you should be certain to read the terms and conditions that your no deposit bonus is subject to before you accept it and start playing – especially since it is quite common for you to be restricted from playing specific games such as progressive jackpot games. It is also extremely common for there to be a strict restriction on how much money you are allowed to withdraw from your no deposit bonus, known as a maximum cashout amount.

This essentially means that you are able to win as much as you are able to with the bonus in play, however, once you have met the playthrough requirements you will only be able to cashout up to a certain amount. So, if you so happen to win a jackpot while your no deposit bonus is in play – you will not be able to actually receive the whole jackpot amount but rather only a very small portion of it. You will find this information within the no deposit bonus terms and conditions and we highly recommend reading these terms and conditions in order to avoid being disappointed by unexpected disappointments. If you are a new player at a casino and intend on accepting the no deposit bonus offered to you, you will not have to make a deposit in order to receive the bonus. However, you may be required to make a deposit in order to withdraw your bonus funds and any winnings earned from it. This deposit is required as a means of verifying your identity and financial documents – and will generally be returned to you along with the winnings you have earned from your no deposit bonus.

You should expect to see a few kinds of no deposit bonuses from online casinos, these are known as cashable or non-cashable bonuses – there are distinct differences between these two kinds of no deposit bonuses. A cashable bonus will allow you to keep the funds you were credited from your no deposit bonus, as well as the winnings you may have earned from it when you withdraw your funds. For example, let’s say you receive a CA$20 no deposit bonus, have fulfilled the playthrough requirements and won CA$100 from the bonus funds you were credited – in the case of a cashable bonus, you’ll be able to withdraw an amount of CA$120 in total – provided that you haven’t gone over the maximum cashout amount.

On the total flip side is a non-cashable bonus, where the bonus funds will not be redeemable at the time you want to withdraw. Let's say in this case that you also received CA$20 as your no deposit bonus – once you have met the wagering requirements and earned CA$100 in winnings, you will only be able to withdraw CA$100 in winnings as the casino will forfeit the no deposit bonus you originally received from them. If you exceed the maximum cashout amount, any winnings above that amount will be forfeited by the online casino. So, for example in the instance discussed above, if the maximum cashout amount was CA$50, you would then only be able to withdraw CA$50 out of the CA$100 dollars that you won. It is because of this that you should always read the terms and conditions that are attached to each and every bonus you received.

Free Spins bonuses

The next kind of no deposit bonus we will be looking at is the free spins bonus, which are rapidly becoming one of the most popular and favoured kinds of bonuses among the online casino community. The free spins bonus is becoming more and more frequently offered by online casinos to their players, either at the time of registration as a new member or throughout your time with your online casino stay. Free spins are commonly seen within deposit and no deposit bonuses, though in this case we will be discussing those in which no deposit is required to receive the free spins.

Competition is rife in the online gambling industry, and it is because of this that no deposit bonuses are quickly becoming so popular among the community. Online casinos are all competing with one another to attract new players which is great for players, as this means that you’ll be offered awesome incentives such as the free spins bonus. You will find that most online casinos will offer a specified amount of free spins which can be used on one or a few specific video slot games within their gaming library. A standard amount of free spins are around 10-15 free spins, though this number is climbing much higher as free spins bonuses become more popular. The amount of free spins will vary from casino to casino. The free spins you are offered will generally be activated once you have signed up and you will not be required to make a deposit in order to receive them. In some cases, you may be required to enter a bonus code upon registration in order to receive the free spins on offer. The great part about free spins is that you will essentially be able to play video slot games for free without risking your own real money. The free spins will often be specified to use on one of the online casinos newest slot titles. It is also quite common that as a member of an online casino, they will offer you a certain amount of free spins for you to test out their newly released slot titles without requiring you to make a deposit. When you have completed your free spins, the winnings you earned from them will be converted into bonus funds and credited to your casino account and, as standard, will be subject to specific wagering requirements which need to be fulfilled before you can withdraw your winnings. There are a few online casinos which will award you with free spins and do not require you to meet any playthrough requirements. These are gems to find because it allows you the opportunity to test out slot games and be guaranteed to keep the winnings you earn.

Free spins are most commonly awarded in addition to the welcome bonus or other kinds of bonuses and are usually set to be enjoyed at only minimum bet amounts, thus your chances to win big are quite limited. Some casinos will allow you to play with all paylines active, though some may restrict the amount of paylines you can play with when your free spins bonus is active. These circumstances are out of your control, and we advise that you just follow the rules and enjoy the spins – they are free after all!

Free play bonuses

Next on our list to discuss is the free play bonus which is most commonly offered to new players when they sign up to join an online casino. This bonus usually comes in the form of a credit amount ranging between 500-1500. These credits will only be available for a limited time period to make use of, which is generally between 30-60 minutes and the only aim of this bonus, is to try and win as much as you possibly can while it is active. To do this, make as many bets as possible and move fast! Once the time limited has depleted, you’ll be able to keep some of the potential winnings you would have earned and each casino will have different maximum amounts which you’ll be allowed to keep – usually between 100-200 credits. Let’s say that you manage to win 1000 credits but the maximum amount you can withdraw is 200 credits – in this case, you will only be able to receive 200 credits and the remaining funds will be forfeited. You can withdraw these winnings by making a small deposit into your casino account. If you happen to have bad luck and not win much at all, this is okay as you weren’t playing with your own real funds to begin with.

Cashback bonuses

The last no deposit casino bonus we will be discussing is the cashback bonus. These work differently in comparison to the other bonuses that we have made mention of as it is earned by you playing the games that an online casino has available in order to receive it. A common one that you will see is a specified day where the casino may establish a cashback promotion to win back on your losses – this may occur on a specific day of the week, month or just as a once-off promotion. It will either work in the way that you will receive a restricted cashback on your losses on specific games or you may be rewarded cashback funds on your losses on a certain day of the week – depending on how much you lost the previous week. Whatever the case is, you will first need to actually play at the casino in order to be rewarded with a cashback bonus.

The cashback will usually be credited up to a specific amount and will only count on the losses you have made at that specific casino. It could be awarded to you in the form of 10% of your losses from your previous playing week, for example. The great part about this kind of bonus is that you get back some of the money you may have previously lost, which you can either reuse or withdraw instead. Remember once again to read into the wagering requirements that your cashback bonus may be subject to.

Loyalty programs

Let’s move onto loyalty bonuses now, these bonuses are very different from your welcome, match and reload bonuses. Loyalty bonuses are becoming more and more popular within the online casino world and most online casinos will have some kind of loyalty program in place for their existing members. A major pro of loyalty bonuses is that they are far less restricted in comparison to other kinds of bonuses. Loyalty bonuses are awarded to existing members after playing at an online casino for a specific period of time and are not the kind of bonus which you can claim from one deposit, but rather consistency in play, deposits and membership. As usual, you should always read the terms and conditions attached to these kinds of bonuses even though loyalty bonuses are given at the discretion of the online casino you are playing at.

Alternate names for loyalty bonuses include “Loyalty Programs”, “VIP Scheme” or “Loyalty Scheme” and this is usually clearly displayed on the casinos home interface. Once you have clicked on the icon, you will then be directed to a page or pop up which will provide you with details, instructions and terms and conditions which outline how exactly their particular loyalty bonus works. These schemes will greatly vary from casino to casino, so it is very important that you read about what your casino has to offer and what is required from you in return to avoid any surprises. One of the more common themes that run within most online casinos is a multiple tier scheme where you will begin at the lowest tier, which may be called “silver” for example, and you will work your way up the tiers where you will be offered better bonuses and deals at each level. If you are not consistent in your gameplay, you may find it quite difficult to advance up the tiers and earn better loyalty rewards. However, if you are a consistent player, you will then greatly reap the rewards. The benefits handed out between the tiers will greatly vary and can be extremely generous. As a high roller, then you should be sure to do in-depth research and homework when it comes to online casinos and their loyalty schemes in order to find an online casino which best rewards you for your gameplay and funds – specifically suited to your high deposits and wagers. In this case, we would suggest that you get in touch with the casino to discuss with them the benefits that would become available to you.

Other casino bonuses

In addition to match bonuses, reload bonuses, welcome offers, free spins, high roller bonuses, and free play bonuses, there are a couple of other offers casinos may reward you with. Within this section, we will be discussing payment method bonuses, birthday bonuses, and refer-a-friend bonuses.

Refer-a-friend bonus

You will find that most casinos offer players a bonus that is titled as a refer-a-friend bonus. What this offer entails is if you recommend the casino to a friend, the operator will reward you with this bonus. It is basically a “thank you” gift from the site. The terms of this bonus vary from one casino to the next as the value and form of the incentive for your friend joining is up to the casino. The bonus will, however, typically be added to your account upon your friend’s registration. Just like with other bonus offers, the refer-a-friend bonus will come with its own set of conditions stipulated by the casino. This offer exists solely to try and increase the casino’s player pool, while still being loyal to existing customers. This is a win-win for you as you get the opportunity to claim another bonus.

This is the most basic definition of the bonus as the details surrounding it are dependent on the casino. The bonus terms are easy to locate on the casino’s site and you should be sure to read through the terms before accepting a bonus offer as there could be limits and other aspects worth noting.

Wherever this bonus pops up, the fundamentals are the same. If you recommend a friend to the site, the rule is often that they must not only sign up, but they should also make an initial deposit before you can be awarded the bonus. We cannot stress just how important going through the rules of a bonus is in general. When speaking of this offer specifically, be sure to note the minimum deposit that your friend must make for the referral to be successful. Just imagine if you went to all the trouble to get your friend to sign up only to have them not deposit the right amount. If this happens, you will not receive your bonus and there are no second chances, so be vigilant and read the bonus terms. To claim the referral offer, your friend needs to state that you were the one that recommended the casino. This is usually done by filling in your name or username upon signup or contacting customer support before making a deposit. The more likely step would be during registration, there will be a dropdown menu asking how your friend heard about the site. From this point onwards is where the details of the bonus can change. These particulars include the value of the offer, who gets the reward, the playthrough requirements, and the maximum number of friends that you are allowed to refer. Some casinos reward both you and your friend the bonus, and others may only present the offer solely to you.

If you have buddies that share similar interests to you then this bonus may work well in your favour. You can easily refer each of them to different casinos and both you and your friend will be rewarded for your efforts. This type of bonus is not for you if your friends are not interested in gambling.

Birthday bonus

This one is easy to comprehend – you will get a happy birthday bonus from the casino on your special day. Besides the basic definition, the details of this bonus also change depending on your casino. Not all casinos offer this promotion; however, it is a great way to show appreciation for their players. This bonus can come in the form of a number of bonuses like no deposit bonuses, free spins, extra deposit bonuses, coupon codes, and more. What can be tricky in finding casinos that offer this type of bonus is that some platforms do not promote the offer. In this case, you will surely be surprised on your birthday with a cash drop in your account. The typical requirement that makes you eligible for the bonus is that you must have made at least one deposit into your casino account.

This bonus is a great way for the casino to show appreciation for their players and for players it is a good reason to keep on playing. You will usually be emailed to inform you of the birthday bonus and attached to the announcement are details about how it works, as well as, the requirements. It is highly likely that the bonus will have limitations like wager requirements, minimum deposit, max payout, a list of eligible games, and more.

If you are lucky enough to receive a free birthday bonus, then you would have been given free money to play with as you are not required to make a deposit to claim your bonus. This means that you can go right ahead and start playing without delay and try your luck on some of the casino’s games. Some operators, on the other hand, will issue you with a special reload bonus on your birthday. How this would work is that upon making a qualifying deposit typically using a special promotional code, your account will be credited with an amount. In other words, what this means is that you will receive a bonus amount on top of your deposit. This type of birthday bonus will also be communicated with you via email with instructions and conditions attached.
So when your big day arrives, be sure to check your emails in case your casino has awarded you a bonus. In order to get these emails, make sure to tick the box to receive email and offers from the casino upon registration. If no email arrives, it is worth double-checking with customer support to find out about any special offers.

Payment method bonuses

This is a bonus that can be claimed upon depositing funds to the casino when using a specific payment method. It is also a rare sort of bonus and not all online casinos offer it. Even when casinos do have this bonus on offer, it usually only pops up once in a while. However, it is still worth looking into if you are a sucker for a good deal.

Bear in mind that if a casino site does offer this bonus upon using a particular deposit method, the method in question will be an e-wallet account. In this case, the casino will reward you with a deposit bonus if you use the selected method and the offer will usually be up to the value of 25% extra. This deal is guaranteed to come with its own set of wagering requirements just like any other bonus which you need to go through and be comfortable with before depositing.

What are ‘wagering requirements’?

Regardless of which casino site you are registered with, a phrase that you will often come across is “wagering requirements”. For new players, this term is a daunting one, but it is a big part of gambling online. After reading and understanding this section, you will know everything about this concept and what it means for you. Before you take any steps toward signing up at an online casino, you need to be well-versed in what wagering requirements are, where to look for them, and what they pertain to. It's always advisable to not opt in for a casino bonus without first understanding what a wagering requirement is as you may make a big, expensive mistake.

Other terms for wagering requirements are “playthrough requirements” and “rollover requirements” which all refer to the same thing. These terms are commonly found within the casino T&Cs and the detailed conditions of claiming a bonus. More often than not, when it comes to bonus offers, you can be assured that there will be some wagering requirements attached. This is why knowing what the term means is so important as you will come across it at some point during your casino journey.

Getting down to the definition of the requirement, it refers to the number of times that you must wager (play through) the bonus amount (as well as the deposit amount in some cases) awarded to you by the casino. These requirements need to be fulfilled before you can withdraw any bonus winnings. Let us illustrate this with an example. Imagine that you were given100 credits as a bonus with a wagering requirement attached of 30x. This would mean that you need to place bets worth 3,000 credits. When you have achieved this, the bonus and any winnings incurred during your playthrough will become “real money” that is withdrawable. At this point, can you only request a cashout. New players might cringe at the idea of betting 3,000 credits; however, this is not as steep as it seems and is easy to achieve, no matter the amount you deposit or bet. To reach the betting requirement, you do not have to place high bets as you can reach the requirement by placing minimum wagers. If you were to play a 20 payline video slot with a minimum of 0.01 credits per line for example, your total spin value would come to 0.20 credits. At this stake, ten spins will mean 2 credits wagered, these will then be deducted from the total requirement.

A different scenario while playing the same slot at 0.10 credits per line and 2 credits per spin would mean 20 credits wagered over ten spins. As you can tell, the more you bet per spin, the quicker your target will be reached. Another instance while playing the same slot could involve you placing bets of 10 credits per spin. Ten spins equal 100 wagered credits, and so it goes.
When you are presented with the wagering requirement, the casino will usually impose this on the whole value of the bonus. What this means is, for instance, that you will have to wager the bonus 30x. The average wagering requirement ranges from 30x to 50x and it changes from one casino to the next. There are however, some casinos where the wagering requirement applies to the sum of both the bonus and deposit amount. This makes an important difference as it can massively increase the total wager amount required. This is why you need to read through the casino T&Cs and bonus terms before accepting any bonus. In this case, you will be bound by the bonus terms which include the playthrough requirements once you have accepted the bonus, so be careful.

At this point, you may have realised that the term “wagering requirements” is rather straightforward. The only confusing aspect that comes into play is when casinos have different playthrough requirements per game. For example, slots typically count 100% toward your rollover requirement. However, at times you will find that a casino has placed a restriction on certain slots when it comes to bonus play. These are usually progressive and fixed jackpot slots. Other times, certain slots may only count 50% or 20% towards the requirement. If this is the rule, then only that percentage of your bet is counted towards the wagering requirement. When it comes to games other than slots like table games, these will have a different weight when it comes to fulfilling the wagering requirement. That is of course, if the games are not restricted from bonus wagering altogether. Be sure to always check the list of accepted games when it comes to these requirements as the last thing you want is to play and spend a large amount of time and money on a game only to realise that it does not count toward your wagering total.

Powering through wager requirements might get a little tedious after a while, especially if you are restricted to lower RTP slot games. To help keep you motivated though, some casinos allow you to check your progress and see how much you have wagered in your account. Hopefully, more online casinos will offer this feature soon as it helps players keep track of it all. If your casino does not offer this feature, then the next best thing besides keeping a record yourself is contacting customer support to find out how far you are or how much further you have to go before reaching the bet total.

To conclude, if you want a bonus, you are going to need to meet specified wagering requirements. You cannot have one without the other. This means that the only escape is depositing without accepting a bonus. By choosing to wager at with your own cash, you earn the right to deposit and place bets at your own pace.

Can I claim a casino bonus?

These days you will not have to look very hard to find a myriad of quality online casinos each with their own collection of bonus offers. And each bonus deal is made available to certain players rather than all players. There are many factors that can affect who is eligible for a bonus and who is not. The first place to check would be the casino Terms and Conditions, as well as, that particular bonus’ terms. This is not a once-off check as you will need to do this each time you are offered a bonus. Each casino comes with its own set of rules for each promotion which means that every bonus’ conditions need to be carefully combed through – there is no guarantee that one bonus’ rules are the same as another.

Furthermore, the T&Cs are where you will find out whether or not you are eligible to receive a bonus. Checking this first is important as you will be disappointed if you rush into making a deposit only to discover that you will not be offered anything in return. This happens more often than you think, and it is solely due to a lack of research. Besides deposit bonus, the question of eligibility and where to find the answer is the same when it comes to no deposit bonuses. Online casinos tend to offer these to certain players from time to time. So be sure to first check the likelihood of being offered the bonus before signing on the dotted line.

Below are the things that you need to check when it comes to your eligibility. There are many reasons as to why you may not be able to claim a bonus, all of which can be located within the bonus and casino T&Cs.

The most common reason that would keep you from being able to claim a bonus is a country restriction. Casino sites restrict players from certain countries when it comes to their deals. This has nothing to do with being able to register and play at the casino; you may only be prohibited from receiving a bonus. The list of countries that are restricted from bonus play can be found within the bonus Terms and Conditions. If you are looking for a casino where you are not excluded from bonus play, when accepting an offer through Casino Top, we always list the restricted countries of the bonus for you to see. If you are a bonus hunter yourself, then make sure that your country is not on the restricted list.

The next item that should be on your list should be to check what type of players the bonus is targeted at. For example, first deposit or welcome bonuses are aimed at new players making their initial deposits. This means that if you have already made your first deposit, you will not be able to reclaim this bonus. However, you would be eligible to receive any reload bonuses should the casino offer them. These bonuses are typically given to existing players that have played past their initial deposit. Each bonus will be different and have different target audiences, this means that the question of your eligibility comes down to the offer itself. It is important to get into contact with a representative for clarity on anything within the bonus T&Cs that does not make sense. It is better to be safe and double-check your eligibility before you move forward as you will save yourself a lot of disappointment.
When it comes to the mobile version of a casino, make sure to check that bonuses work through mobile play. This should be a given, as any casino worth its salt should have limited restrictions when comparing mobile casinos and desktop versions. Even so, it is best to check just to be sure. In every set of T&Cs, for every online casino out there, it is stated that the casino will limit the bonus offers to one account per customer/household. This means that you will not be permitted to have various accounts for the purpose of reclaiming welcome offers. If you are caught, your duplicate accounts will be closed, your funds will be confiscated, and you will be blacklisted by the casino. How this abuse is monitored is that the casino limits bonuses to one household address, IP address, computer (for instance, public library or workspace),email, mobile number, and payment account number (debit/credit card, Neteller, etc). This means that before having more than one player per household, be sure to inform the casino before registering to make sure that you are also eligible for their bonuses.

Certain bonuses are offered exclusively to affiliate sites. What this means is that you are only offered this bonus if you claim it through the affiliate site on which it is listed. At Casino Top, for instance, we have hundreds of exclusive offers for players which can only be accessed using the links that we provide, as well as, codes to activate the bonus while signing up to the casino. This is the basic procedure when it comes to any affiliate site’s exclusive offers. If in doubt, confirm the offer with the casino’s support centre.

Each casino and each bonus are different with its own set of terms. This guide may have gone through the main factors that will prohibit you from claiming a bonus. However, you still need to check the T&Cs of each bonus before depositing or playing with it.

How to claim a casino bonus

By now, you would have learned the importance of researching your chosen casino, selected one which seems promising, and have gone through its Terms and Conditions. At this point, you are ready to make your deposit and claim a bonus. Thankfully, this is the easy part of the understanding and claiming bonuses and it's rather straightforward. The only curveball, as usual, is the fact that every casino does things differently which is why this section of the guide exists.

When it comes to the uptake of a bonus, some are automatically credited to your account upon deposit, and others require a bit more leg work. This can involve needing to enter a bonus code, contacting the support team, heading to the cashier, etc. As you should know by now, before attempting to claim a bonus, first read through the bonus T&Cs to be sure of the claiming procedure like whether you need a bonus code or not. If the bonus does, in fact, require a bonus code and you have already made your deposit without knowing, then you will not be able to claim the offer. Even the almighty customer support will be of no help in this instance.

If a bonus code is required in order to claim the offer, the procedure is rather simple. You can find the bonus codes on the online casino within their promotions page. The relevant bonus code will be situated near its respective offer you want to claim. Another avenue you can pursue is via sites like Casino Top. This is useful when casinos do not advertise a bonus code, which will be available on affiliate sites that could even get you a bigger or better offer. The claiming process that requires a bonus code is pretty much the same for both welcome and reload bonuses. Bonus codes are typically made up of a mix of letters and numbers which needs to be accurate when filling them in. If you accidentally entered the wrong code upon depositing, this could result in you not receiving the bonus.

When you have the promotional code prepared, the next step is making your deposit. While doing this, the casino may require the code. If this is the case, there will be a field for you to enter the code on the deposit form. It will be labelled “Bonus Code” or “Promo Code”. This part could not be simpler and all you need to do is follow the on-screen prompts to deposit and enter the code along the way. If the code is invalid or incorrect, some casinos prohibit you from moving on until you enter the correct details or leave the field blank. In this case, first confirm that you have entered it correctly, as well as, check the source you got it from. A good idea is to request assistance from customer support before going any further as you only have one chance to fill in the bonus code. You will save yourself a lot of disappointment later simply by confirming that you have the right code.

On the other hand, some casinos do not require a bonus code but may have a couple of bonuses you are eligible for once you make a deposit. For instance, imagine you are depositing at a gambling site that has a sportsbook and casino bonus. Once you reach the cashier, you may have the option of choosing which bonus offer you would like to accept with your deposit.

Upon completion of providing a valid bonus code and depositing funds into your account, most casinos will then instantly add the bonus amount to your account. This is not always the case as you may need to confirm a waiting period if there is one. Once your account is credited with the bonus, you will see the balance of your deposit plus the bonus which gives you the green light to start working through the playthrough requirements. Some sites add both amounts together while others have two accounts: your “real money” and your bonus money. Whichever way the casino decides to organise the funds, you will know that the code worked, and the bonus balance is in your account/accounts. This information will also be available within your transaction history along with a transaction date and timestamp.

If the bonus code did not work and you have not received the bonus, the next thing to do is ask for assistance via live chat, call or email. If your online casino has a live chat function, it will be the faster option to get the issue resolved in no time. During correspondence, you need to give the support agent all of the relevant information and wait for a response. Be sure to hold off on playing with your deposit because, if the casino manages to award you the bonus, you will need the entire first deposit amount in your account. If any portion of your deposit is missing, they can refuse to add the bonus.

The likelihood of you having to deal with a bonus code is not 100% as some platforms do not require one upon registering at the casino, especially when it comes to welcome offers. If you do not require a bonus code to start playing, then the claiming process is made that much easier. The only thing on your list, in this case, would be to make sure that you are eligible for the bonus prior to making any payments. Upon confirmation of this, you should make your deposit, claim your bonus, and enjoy the games that your casino has to offer.

There may be a scenario where you will be required to contact the support team with your bonus code on hand after making a deposit. This is more often the case with reload bonuses. Once you have claimed a couple of bonuses, this will be an easy process to get through. Just as a reminder: always check beforehand if a bonus code is required or not and you will be good to go.

What is the difference between a cashable and a sticky casino bonus

Upon making a deposit into the casino of your choice and accepting the welcome bonus, the deposit bonus can be categorised as one of two groups: a “sticky bonus” or a “cashable bonus”. A sticky bonus is basically a non-cashable bonus. These two bonus types have differing meanings, but both of them are deposit bonuses that you can claim upon joining a casino. Before you agree with the terms by accepting a bonus, you should first check to find out which type of bonus you are accepting, and whether is cashable or sticky.

This guide is here to help you understand the differences between these two categories of bonuses. Let us begin with all you need to know about cashable bonuses.

Cashable bonus

Simply put, this bonus is what it says, a bonus that you can convert into cash. If you choose to accept a cashable bonus, you will have the ability to withdraw it once the playthrough requirements have been met. As you know, before you can access a bonus, you need to first complete the stipulated wagering requirements, these will depend and differ depending on the casino. It is crucial that you know what is required when it comes to playing through the bonus.

To make this as comprehensible as possible, here is an example. Let's say that you make a deposit of 100 credits and equally receive a 100% cashable bonus. You will receive an extra 100 credits from this bonus on top of your initial deposit. This brings your bankroll to a total of 200 credits. When you have met the bonus wagering requirements, imagine that your funds have now reached a total of 400 credits. This would mean that your original deposit of 100 credits has been made up for in addition to your cashable bonus of 100 credits, and winnings of 200 credits. Since you have met the betting requirements, the bonus credits can be converted into real cash. Upon withdrawal, you are allowed to cash out the full 400 credits. Cashable refers to the ability you have to withdraw the actual bonus money. Some platforms may have cashable offers while others may have only sticky bonuses. If this bonus within the example was not cashable, the withdrawal will be affected. We will go more into detail in the definition below.
To remind you of the importance of checking which type of bonus you are hoping to claim, here is the definition of the other bonus category - the sticky bonus. Knowing what bonus you are entering into is crucial as depending on how much the bonus is worth and how much you plan on depositing can affect your withdrawal amount.

Sticky bonus (non-cashable bonus)

To start our definition off, these bonuses work in the opposite way that cashable bonuses do. These types of bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Are you beginning to see why you should first find out which category your bonus falls into? The way to find out if a bonus is sticky is checking the T&Cs. Somewhere within the terms, you will find that something along these lines will be iterated: “this bonus is for play purposes only and cannot be withdrawn”.

What this boils down to is the fact that you can wager with the bonus as much as you want, but you will not be able to convert the bonus that is credited to your account into real withdrawable money. However, the winnings that you accumulate playing the bonus are yours to withdraw granted you first meet the wagering requirements of the bonus. Once you reach the end of your playthrough requirements, unlike the cashable bonuses, you will not be able to convert a sticky bonus into cash.

Using the same figures from our previous example, let us illustrate a scenario where you play with a sticky bonus. Your deposit of 100 credits is made and you accept the sticky bonus of 100%. Your account will then be credited with another 100 credits bringing your total to 200 credits that you can play with, just like a cashable bonus. You would then work through the stipulated playthrough requirements the same way you would with wither bonus. When you are done with these, let us say that you have 400 credits in total in your account. What makes up this figure is the 100 credit deposit, the 100 credit bonus, and the 200 credit winnings. Upon requesting a withdrawal, you will find that you will only be able to withdraw 300 of the 400 credits in your account. This is because the 100 credit bonus amount will be taken back by the casino.This is the nature of the sticky bonus, it is there to be wagered with and not profited with.

This is how the name ‘sticky’ fits into the picture. The bonus money sticks to your account and is the only offer that really remains the property of the casino. Keep this in mind when calculating your funds for withdrawal purposes.
Further to this, you need to know what kind of bonus you are playing with before you try to cash out. Having the majority of your withdrawal taken by the casino will lead to a lot of disappointment. If you deposit 150 credits into the casino with the expectation that you will receive the full amount only to discover that 100 of those credits belong to the casino as a sticky bonus will turn out to be a wasted withdrawal.

Why you should read all bonus terms and conditions

Upon registering at an online casino, or even before then, you need to be familiar with the casino’s T&Cs. Included in these are the Bonus Terms and Conditions which are just as important. When you make your first payment and accept the bonus, you are effectively converting your funds into bonus funds. To have your cash returned with interest, you are required to play your bonus through the bonus a number of times as stipulated by the bonus terms.This is one reason why being fully aware of all points made within the bonus terms as they can affect your bonus. All information pertaining to casino bonuses can be found within the casino Terms and Conditions. Just remember that rule number 1 when it comes to accepting a bonus, is not to opt in for a bonus offer unless you are familiar with all the rules and regulations. If there are any questions or doubts, be sure to visit the support team for assistance prior to making a deposit.

By accepting the bonus, you become bound by its terms and there is no turning back until the stipulated validation period is over. What should be known is that most bonus complaints are caused by the player not being familiar with the bonus terms and it’s for this very reason why you need to be aware you are agreeing to the T&Cs attached upon claiming a bonus.

This is where we will be going over the reasons behind having your bonus forfeited as a result of not understanding the T&Cs.

Bonus abuse

This refers to behaviour from players that fail to obey the bonus terms that they have agreed to by accepting the bonus and registering at the casino. An example of such behaviour is when a customer abuses a bonus offer by accepting more than one offer under one shared computer, household, IP address, etc. It is normal for a casino to restrict a bonus to one per household which is why you should receive permission from customer support before another person at your address signs up for the same casino as you and vice versa.

Another form of bonus abuse that occurs often is when players register multiple times in order to qualify for the welcome bonus more than once. Bonus abuse occurs when the T&Cs that were agreed to by the player are purposely breached. If, for instance, you were flagged for opening various accounts to remain eligible for a free spin promotion. You would be blacklisted by the casino and your wins forfeited as a result of bonus abuse which violates the casino’s T&Cs.

If you enjoy placing higher bets while playing, it is crucial that you are made aware of the maximum bet amount stated within the bonus terms. This is because another form of bonus abuse applies to players that place wagers that are equal to or higher than the limit. By being aware of the maximum bet, you will not risk your bonus being voided due to bonus abuse. This is not permanent, as soon as your wagering requirements are fulfilled, you will be able to place higher wagers if you wish.
Irregular betting pattern

This label is outlined within the T&Cs and is a good enough reason for the casino to take your bonus and winnings. As you know, all bonuses come with terms attached, this practise refers to the bonus wagering requirements and how they need to be completed before you can access your bonus winnings. If a casino picks up that a player is displaying irregular betting patterns, like wagering the bare minimum in order to withdraw money from the casino, it means that their goal is not to try and win. Instead, their aim is to play low-risk games and bet the lowest possible amount so that they can reach a point where they can cash out. If you are caught under this term, your bonus will be forfeited, and the casino may even suspend your account altogether. Many players think that they have gotten away with it until the casino takes their bonus winnings. This is because once you have gone through your bonus playthrough requirements, your account will be checked for irregular betting patterns upon the request of a withdrawal. Other irregular betting patterns includes placing single bets equal to or higher than a percentage of your bonus amount. The value of this percentage will depend on the casino. Be aware that the casino has the right to decide what constitutes an irregular betting pattern.

Playing restricted games with bonus funds

The clause that pertains to this breach refers to the games that you are permitted to play during your wagering requirement. This section of the terms is very important as by wagering on games not stipulated in the allowed list of games within the T&Cs,you will forfeit your bonus and any bonus winnings incurred. This is why you need to look up which games you can and cannot play while playing with bonus funds. For example, jackpot games are typically prohibited while you are playing through a bonus.Since there is no getting out of completing the casino wagering requirements, at least not if you want the bonus, choosing the right games that count towards the playthrough is an important decision. Wagering requirements and game restrictions are put in place for the purpose of protecting any bonuses that casinos offer players.

When it comes to slot games, the majority of online casinos will measure your gameplay at 100% when it comes to their contribution to the betting requirement, however, this is not always guaranteed. It is common for most casinos not to allow table games like roulette to carry such a lofty weight. If they are allowed during bonus play, they will contribute substantially less than slot games. This could be as low as 10% even. The reason behind this is due to the low house edges that these games posses and, in turn, the higher the odds of winning. This is why you will find different contributions when it comes to different games or the exclusion of them altogether when it comes to bonus offers. Other games besides roulette include blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, and more. These are the sort of games that are either taken off the list entirely or given lower weightings. More often than not, these bonuses are meant to be played on video slots and specific game titles making the offers typically game-specific. If you are more of a table game player yourself, then the ideal bonus for you would include your kind of games within the wagering requirement’s permitted list of games.Other games typically prohibited from counting toward wager requirements are progressive jackpot games, however, there are exceptions, be sure to check before accepting a bonus.

Bonuses and country-based restrictions

As mentioned at the beginning of the section regarding the question of bonus eligibility – a common reason that you could be restricted from claiming a bonus is your country of residence. Casinos tend to have a list of countries where bonus access is prohibited. The main reason for this restriction is due to the increasing levels of bonus abuse from particular locations. Before trying to work through a bonus, first, check to see if you will be offered a bonus or if your location is restricted. Another reason that the T&Cs are so important to go through.

When it comes to bonus details, this is a section that you do not want to be misinformed or ignorant about as it practically pertains to free money. This means that you cannot afford any surprises and should be well-versed in the conditions. This is the formula for enjoying a pleasant and trouble-free time at your casino.

How to keep track of your wagering requirements

When it comes to any bonus, at any casino, you will always have to complete a set of wagering requirements. These requirements are typically a couple hundreds, even thousands of credits in excess. The total amount that you are required to wager depends on how much you deposit and the size of the bonus. Look out for whether the playthrough requirement pertains to only the bonus amount or the sum of the bonus and your deposit. Since every bonus and its set of rules are dependent on the casino, you will find that your requirements will differ depending on the casino you are playing at.

Keeping track of your wagering process would be nearly impossible as you would need to keep a record of every bet and add them together to get a total bet amount. This would need to be worked out after each bet. There are other ways to do this as this tedious calculation just takes too much work.

When it comes to tracking your requirements, every casino will be different, which is why the easiest way is to join a casino that auto-tracks your wagering process for you in your account. Casinos that offer this, fortunately, do exist to make things a little easier on you. Tracking how far you have left to go is a breeze as all you need to do is access your account information and bonuses which is where you will find your wager total. This service is usually updated with each spin which means that there is no delay. The presence of this feature and whether it is as efficient as this is dependent on the casino. Upon accessing your bonus information, the casino will either tell you the total that has been wagered, or how much you have left to go.The presentation of this information could also be displayed as a percentage or progress bar. No matter how they choose to display this, it is a fantastic tool that players can take advantage of as you would be able to check how far you are as often as you want. Not only is this motivational, but you will also know the exact moment when you are able to make a withdrawal.

This great feature is unfortunately not always available. The next best thing is to contact the customer support team to find out how far along you are in wagering requirements. You can do this through the live chat facility or via email. Bear in mind that email is not ideal as casinos have different time frames in which they reply which means that this is more time consuming and trickier to do. Regardless of how you do it, be sure that you do, as tracking your wagering requirement is a must. Before making your deposit, be sure to find out if the casino has a tracker when it comes to playthrough requirements or if they offer the service through the live chat service. As long as the site has a live chat function, you are able to ask the casino at any time, how much you have wagered. You will be able to get this information painlessly, as well as, how far you have left to go.

The best thing for you to do is research the casino beforehand and additionally find out if they have the services mentioned above. As long as there is a live chat, things should go smoothly when it comes to checking your wagering progress.

You’ve finally met the wagering requirements, so what’s next?

You have reached your requirement at long last, which means that you may be wondering what it is that you should do next. This finish line is one every player should hope to cross with a big balance in the account. The next set of items on your list come into effect once the bonus requirements have been met. The most important of these is the withdrawal.

Upon the wagering of that final bet, your conditions for the bonus will have been met and as a reward for your hard work, you will be given access to your funds and turn them into real money. Anything in your casino account on completion of the playthrough conditions is yours to keep and do with as you wish. The question of whether your bonus was cashable or sticky is the only factor that will affect your withdrawal at this point.

It is up to the balance of your account when it comes to making a successful withdrawal. Aside from this, you hold the decisions from here on out. Some players prefer to cash out larger sums and others prefer to withdraw no matter how much there is. If you are satisfied with your balance upon the completion of the wagering requirements, then you are free to choose to cash out right then and there or not. All that you need to do is head over to the cashier and put in a request to withdraw. Remember to first consider whether the bonus is cashable or not. If the bonus is sticky, then keep it in mind and subtract it from the amount in your account before requesting a withdrawal. This is because, once you request a cash out, the casino will take away the original bonus awarded to you.

Another choice to make is whether or not to withdraw the entirety of your account or some of it so there are leftover funds to play with. The choice is entirely yours as this money (minus the potential sticky bonus) is all yours. If you decide to keep playing, you are free to play any games you wish without any maximum bet limits and keep all the winnings for yourself. If you decide to go through with a partial withdrawal and play with the rest of the funds in your account and end up winning more money, this cash is yours to withdraw.

Unfortunately, not everyone will reach this point and be happy about the outcome and excited at the prospect of withdrawing immediately. This is not the end of the world as you can keep playing your favourite games with the balance you have remaining in your account minus the stress and restriction of fulfilling any wagering requirements. Meeting playthrough requirements do not guarantee imminent withdrawals, but it does mean that withdrawing is now an option.

If you do end up requesting a withdrawal, be sure to prepare the relevant documents, especially on your first withdrawal. Nevertheless, you should always have these on hand as the casino can ask for updates anytime. Remember to keep any withdrawal fees in mind.

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