Why should I keep all these confirmation emails when making a deposit?

As soon as a deposit has been approved and credited to your casino account you usually get an email, confirming the deposit. This is your receipt for the payment, and many players just delete them immediately, while others save them forever. You may be wondering what the correct way of handling them might be? In truth, there are no real rules, but we recommend that you hang on to them for at least a few minutes before deleting them.

Emails confirming you deposit

At most casinos, you can choose if you want a deposit confirmation sent by email or not, after every successful deposit. We would recommend that you accept these emails, as they can be good to have to refer back to. At the very least you should keep them until you can see that the balance in your casino account has been updated to reflect the new deposit. As this is your proof of deposit, having them can be beneficial in case the deposit should be delayed, as you can then send it back to the casino when inquiring about the transaction time for your deposit.

The only other reason to hang on to it for a longer is if it states which deposit method was used, in addition to confirming that the deposit has been processed. This would be in case you are using multiple payment methods for your deposits, to easily refer back to when you want to make sure which method was used, so you can request your withdrawal back to the correct method.

See your transactions in your casino account

A couple of years ago it was quite common to see a simple layout of your casino account, where there wasn’t much information available. This has now changed, and most casinos have a very neat and handy overview of almost everything you do on your account. This includes a list of all your deposits and withdrawals, completed with timestamps and which payment method was used. Since this is now more or less standard it has in many ways replaced the need for an email confirmation, and this is also why a lot of casinos let you choose for yourself if you want this email or not.

In addition to successful deposits, you can often also choose to see declined deposits and withdrawals, giving you a complete overview of all your transactions. For those of you who keep track of your spending and budgets, you’ll also be happy to know that most casinos offer the possibility to download these transaction overviews. If not you can always contact the casino through their live chat or by email, and have them send you the transaction list as an attachment.

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