Why should my identity be verified from the casino before they pay me

Many players find the KYC verification process somewhat annoying, and think that this is something the casinos are just doing to delay payment, but that’s not the case. All casinos are obligated to verify their players, and it is usually done in the same process as a withdrawal. The verification has to be done to comply not only with the gambling licence the casino has, but also as part of being compliant with international laws and directives regarding anti money laundering and financial transactions.

Verifying your account

To complete the verification known as a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification you will have to prove your identity and address. This is done by submitting a photo of your government ID, where your full name, date of birth and picture that can be seen clearly, along with all four corners of the document. Typically it’s a drivers licence or a passport that is used for this, but also other official ID can be used. To verify your address you’ll need to submit a document sent to you. This can be a utility bill or another type of bill from a reputable company, a bank statement or a letter of some sort issued by the government. This as well as all four corners of the document need to be fully shown, along with your name, address and date of issue, as the document can’t be issued more than 3 months ago.

Documents to prove ID and address always need to be submitted, but the casino can also ask for proof of payment methods. In this case, you’ll need to submit pictures of your credit or debit cards, a bank statement, or a screenshot from an e-wallet. It’s not necessary to send them all payment methods you have available, as the casino will specify which ones they need, which will likely be the ones used most recently on your casino account. All unnecessary information can be covered up, for instance some of the middle digits in your card number, and your cvv code.

Why do they ask for verification at withdrawal stage

Some casinos ask for verification before you request a withdrawal as sometimes there can be certain activity on your account that can trigger a request. For instance, this can happen if you use certain e-wallets or other payment methods on your account. However, normally it is when you want to withdraw funds that this is asked for, as most of the triggers for this verification is only activated then. This has to do with the amount of funds you want to withdraw, and to which payment methods are being used on the account, both for deposits and withdrawals.

Another reason for asking you to verify when you are making a withdrawal is because that’s when a player has the most incentive to comply with the request. As soon as a verification has been asked for you can not withdraw any funds, so you simply have to do it to be able to get your money. No matter how long you wait, this request will not go away, and there is no way around it if you want to be able to withdraw your money – ever.

Why don’t they ask for verification when you deposit?

Casinos are not verifying players unless they have to, and at most casinos you don’t have to verify your account to be able to deposit money into the account. As long as there is no chargeback or anything like that on your account there is no reason why a verification should be triggered, and as a result casinos aren’t asking for this before they have to. This is both because they don’t want to bother you unnecessarily, and because they might not know which documents are needed to fully verify before a withdrawal has been requested. The withdrawal method you choose will also have to be included in the overall request, if they need you to verify any payment methods.

Security checks at withdrawal

Usually the first time your account will be fully checked is when you request a withdrawal, as this is done manually by either the payments team or the risk and fraud team. In addition to checking which documents they will need to verify the transactions are not fraudulent, they should also be checking for other unusual or unwanted behaviour, such as any signs of a gambling addiction. This is done for your own security, and we should all be glad when casinos take the extra time to look out for us.

There are also some cases of fraud at casinos, and players who send in falsified documents for either identity or payment methods, is not as uncommon as it should be. By verifying players, a casino can help identify stolen cards, and if any means of payments has been used without authorization. They also thoroughly check the ID for the date of birth to make sure all players are of legal age to participate in real money games online. One more thing that is checked is the number of accounts a player has at the casino and that they only have one. This is important not only to make sure there is no bonus abuse by taking part in the same bonus several times, but more importantly to make sure the player doesn’t have another account that is closed for gambling addiction.

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