Withdrawal Time Frames

How long it takes a casino to actually process your withdrawal will differ, as there are no set rules for this. In an online casino’s terms and conditions, you can usually see that they will process all withdrawals within 5 banking days, but this is just something they say to cover themselves in case there’s an issue delaying cash-outs. Most often all casinos will process pending withdrawals within 24 hours, and some even do it in just a couple of hours or instantly.

Choose the right withdrawal method

The pending period for a withdrawal is normally between 1 and 24 hours, and this period is how long it actually takes a casino to process and approve your withdrawal. This period is the same no matter which payment method you are requesting your cash-out to, as this is something that’s up to the casino itself. After this is done, and the money is on it’s way to you, the waiting time depends on the payment method used.

The quickest payment method is always an e-wallet, as there is no transaction time at all. As soon as a casino has approved a withdrawal to your wallet, you’ll get access to the money. The second best option is to withdraw to a credit or debit card, as this usually takes between 1 and 3 banking days. The slowest of the common payment methods are bank transfers. With some luck you might get your money within a day or two, but it can also take more than a week if you’re unlucky. There’s no way for a casino to rush your transaction, as they can only send the money to you, but not actually decide when the payment should reach you.

Even though we all want to have our money as quickly as possible, and get paid into an e-wallet if we have one, this is not always possible. It’s the deposit method you used that will determine which cash-out option you can use, so this is something you should consider before you make a deposit into your casino account.

Processing of withdrawals

Most casinos still process withdrawals manually, and that means there has to be a team available to actually approve your withdrawals. Consequently, at small casinos the withdrawal time frames can be longer than at bigger casinos, simply because they aren’t open 24/7. If the casino only has a payment team in place during normal office hours, that is from Monday to Friday, then that’s the only time withdrawals will be approved. What time of the day you request your payouts might therefore also play a role in how quickly you can get your money sent to you. Keep in mind that online casinos, for the most part, are based in Europe, so that means that you might only get your withdrawal processed the same day if you request them in the morning in Canada.

The big casinos do, however, usually have a team available to process and approve withdrawals 24/7, or at least from early morning to late at night, European time. That means you can get a quicker withdrawal at some casinos than others, at least if you are using an e-wallet. However, if you withdraw to a card or to your bank account, this doesn’t matter much. Due to the fact that there is a transaction time for those methods, the transaction is only done during the banks opening hours, so you’ll have to stick to European opening hours for banks, and in the same way you’ll never get your funds over a weekend either. So all in all it doesn’t matter much which casino you choose, unless you’re using an e-wallet for your payments.

If you do choose to play at a smaller casino there is also a benefit in that. Even though they aren’t processing your withdrawals around the clock, they can still be faster than bigger casinos, as they aren’t as busy. That way your request for a cash-out will not end up at the back of a big stack of hundreds of other withdrawals, and that way it can get approved much quicker, cutting down on the pending period. And since the transaction time is what it is anyway, getting it on it’s way as quickly as possible will be the only thing that differentiates the casinos.

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