Withdrawals and bonuses, do I need to be careful?

There is no real reason to be careful when you are withdrawing winnings from a casino bonus, but there are some rules you should be aware of. All the funds connected to the bonus (both the bonus and the deposit you made to get the bonus) will be locked to your account until the wagering requirement is met. That does not mean that you can’t withdraw your real funds, you just have to unlock them first.

Bonus as a second chance

If you get a bonus which is a so called “second chance” bonus you can make a withdrawal of your real money that you deposited, whenever you want to. The only thing you’ll have to do is forfeit your bonus money, meaning these funds will be removed from your account before you can request a withdrawal. You can then only cash-out anything remaining from your deposit, and the winnings you’ve received from them.

For example: If you got a 100% deposit bonus and deposited C$50 to your account, you will have gotten C$50 in bonus, making the total balance on your account C$100.When you start playing, you will start playing for the C$50 you deposited yourself. If you win form this and want to make a withdrawal you can, but you’ll have to give the C$50 in bonus money back to the casino. That means you can withdraw your entire balance, minus C$50.

If you do not win from your own money, and all of your winnings are lost, you will start playing for your bonus. At this point you will not be able to withdraw anything from your account until the wagering requirement is locked. Once that is done your bonus money gets converted to real money, and you can withdraw everything you have in your casino account.

Bonus combined with deposit

If you get a bonus that is not a second chance, but one that’s combined with your deposit bonus it works a bit differently. You will then play with both your real money and your bonus at the same time. Quite often you can still choose to forfeit your bonus, to make a withdrawal of the real money before the total wagering requirement is met. This time you won’t be able to simply give the bonus amount you got back to the casino, you will also have to forfeit any winnings from the bonus, as you’ve been playing with that simultaneously as with your real money.

For example: If you get a 100% deposit bonus and deposit C$50 yourself, you’ll get C$50 in bonus making your total balance C$100. When you start playing, you’re playing for both sources of funds at the same time. As this is a 100% bonus each bet will be divided 50/50 between the two balances of real and bonus money. If you bet C$5 on a slot you’ll in reality bet C$2,50 real money and C$2,50 bonus money. Since the bet is split, any winnings will also be divided. If you win C$8 from your bet, C$4 will be added to your real money balance, and C$4 will be added to the bonus balance. So, if you want to make a withdrawal before the wagering requirement is complete (before your bonus gets converted to real money) you can only withdraw what is in your real money balance. In the case of a 100% bonus, it means you can withdraw half of the total balance on your account.

If you choose to continue playing until the wagering is complete you can cash-out your total balance.

Adhere to the bonus rules

The wagering requirement is what it is, and you can’t do anything about it. You simply just have to either complete it, or cancel your bonus to make a withdrawal. There are however other aspects of a casino bonus that can affect your ability to make a withdrawal, and one of the most important ones have to do with how you choose to wager. There is often a maximum bet allowed while you have a bonus on your account, and you always have to make sure that you don’t exceed it. If you do, the casino might take it for bonus abuse, and as a result, may not pay out your winnings. Also make sure you don’t delay any game rounds to abuse the bonus, or that you wager on safe bets.

Safe bets include betting on all the pockets on a roulette wheel, or on both banker and player in baccarat. In short, it’s when you place a bet that is almost completely safe and you are not at risk of losing money. Playing to just create a turnover in bets and complete a bonus requirement is never allowed, and if you’re caught doing this you will most likely not get a payout. You might even get banned from future bonuses, or your account might get closed.

Making sure you’re eligible for the bonus to begin with is also important. That means that you only use bonuses you have actually gotten, and that you only use each bonus once. Creating more accounts to take part of the same bonus several times is a no-no, and you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings from the bonus.

Winning from a no deposit bonus

If you’ve complied with all the bonus rules and you win form a bonus that doesn’t require a deposit you should count yourself lucky. Many players have experienced having their winnings removed from their account, and in that way getting denied a withdrawal for a free bonus. If and when this happens, it’s because players have not been following the rules, and more often because they have already taken part in the bonus.

A free sign up bonus is the most common version of a free no deposit bonus, and since the only thing you have to do to get a bonus like this is sign up, some people tend to take advantage. If they’re not lucky on the first try they will create a new account and try again. This is pointless, as it is not allowed, and you will only ever be able to withdraw winnings from the first account you created. But, as long as you only have one account the casino will ask for a KYC verification, and when that's all taken care of you are free to withdraw your winnings!

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