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BMM Testlabs is a Las Vegas-based games and software testing laboratory that caters for many online gaming platforms from across the world. Having several offices around the world, BMM’s roots lie in North America. While the company's headquarters have remained Las Vegas since 2000, they have remained internationally focused, having offices also covering the rest of the continent; with locations in Dieppe, Canada and Mexico’s capital, Mexico City.

The remit of providing independent testing and compliance services, on an international scale, comes with its own challenges for ensuring they are at the forefront of both fields. Taking a particular interest in optimising automation towards their testing and compliance services, due to the fact that the company covers a large cross-section of the industry. Even in North America rules can change wildly from state to state, which will of course also be different in South Africa, where they also have offices.

In fact, BMM has offices in 13 different countries, being recognised as a legitimate independent testing laboratory in over 400 separate jurisdictions. Their role in the industry traces back to 1981, making them the first and longest-running official and independent games testing institution in the world.

BMM’s Testing And Compliance Role

Over the decades of experience and connections it has accrued, BMM has become well known for its excellent cooperation and services; that focuses on both the testing and auditing of other services, as well as the adherence to the levels of compliance that is imposed on themselves by the various jurisdictions they operate within.

Their credibility speaks for itself when having to consider that they must ensure and verify their own services can match the strict guidelines and regulations; set up by the licensing bodies in any one of various the regional administrations. Both the US and Canada have seen some of the regions liberalising the regulations around online casinos and even the US Department of Justice recently updated their guidelines on compliance with regards to the Foreign Corrupt Practices act back in April 2019. Having the ability to factor and evolve within separately moving pieces of legislature requires a lot of expertise and foresight that the company has been able to master.

On the client-side of their operations, BMM focuses on testing and auditing the various virtual and mechanical games, jackpots, sports betting platforms, lottery products, as well as Return To Player (RTP) and Random Number Generator (RTP) systems.

All of the above is directed alongside their own developments in technological and regulatory advances. There is a constant strive towards providing a streamlined testing and compliance service that can be delivered efficiently, without foregoing any quality or integrity. Allocating appropriate resources to their research and development provides BMM with the ability to be consistently relevant.

How Does Testing And Compliance Benefit Online Casino Experiences?

When focusing on the area of online casinos, organisations like BMM need to exist in order for the casino’s themselves to fulfil the criteria outlined by their relevant licensing bodies. An independent testing laboratory provides a third party guarantee that all of the games, systems and protocols in operation at the casino are fair, accurate and reliable. The labs themselves are also independently verified to provide this service and will be required to report anything that they find in their investigations does not adhere to the strict rules set out by the various regulations in place.

These regulations are first and foremost there to protect the players by ensuring that they get what is promised and prevents any organisation from taking advantage of their customer base through software or procedural manipulation. It also keeps the entire online casino industry in check, as each casino must have high standards in order to pass such an audit. This, in turn, builds up a far more reliable and user-friendly industry.

On top of the auditing carried out, Testlabs also ensure that training, resources and guidance are offered for those needing to improve their software compliance standards. In essence, this allows the casinos themselves to be more experienced and efficient in their developments, which means that there is less chance of them making mistakes or missing key areas for future any auditing actions that may be carried out of them.

Key Highlights

BMM currently have office locations outside of North America in; South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Austria, Romania, Singapore, Macau and Australia. This has allowed them to be in the know and even present various conferences around the world on the various aspects of compliance, along with the data and advances that are constantly evolving from the sector.

Their accolades also come with several rewards attached of course, as last year they managed to achieve the G2E award for Best Testing Laboratory in 2019. Even more recently in 2020, they were awarded the prize for best performance by Casino Life & Business Magazine.

This is just some of the recognition that Testlabs have achieved to make their certification seal a gold standard within the industry.

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