Halloween Gifts at 21 Dukes Casino

It’s October and even in South Africa, the spooky season is sinking in. Even though it is not a holiday that is commonly celebrated, the rewards that come with it will never be denied.
Much the case with 21 Dukes Casino, wanting all of their players to enjoy what they have to offer. It seems that it's all treats and no tricks this year. It’s an offer that could bring you great rewards and all for just doing what you would usually do. Log into your account, make a deposit and before you get playing, claim a gift this time.

What's On Offer

The promotion of Halloween gifts is giving you a chance to walk away with Free Spins, Free Chips, Some cash rewards and even an Amazon shopping voucher valued at over R200,000. Head over to 21 Dukes and find out what the ghosts are hiding in their gift bags just for you.

You will be enjoying gifts like its Christmas this year. It is all in the spirit of giving and rewarding loyalty. We reckon it is an offer you cannot refuse.

How It Works

The offer runs throughout October. From the beginning to the end, ending on 31 August. So, what are you waiting for? You have enjoyed games from 211 Dukes Casino before, why not get a gift for the 2 Dukes team to show their appreciation.

To qualify for the gifts, you will have to make a minimum deposit of R250. Depositing amounts of R500 or R750 will get you even better gifts. The minimum deposit will give you access to the gift for that day and the 6 days that follow. So, you are guaranteeing your chance to be gifted with one of the main prizes.

The Fine Print

There are just a few more things to note before you go on your way to shaking the hands of ghosts. Once you have made your deposit, make sure that you redeem your rewards, because once they expire, you never get it back.

When you win free chips or free spins, these will be deposited into your account immediately. There’s no waiting and you can get back to playing your favourite game as soon as possible. Again showing that 21 Dukes, wants to remind you that your patronage is welcomed with open arms.

Make sure you get your costume, log into your account and get to receiving the gifts they have to offer. With just a few days left in October, we reckon there’s no time to waste!

Annika Teppo Photo Annika Teppo

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