Lotto Winner Reaps Reward Based on Set Numbers

We are all out there every day wishing and hoping to win big and change our lives for the better. That is exactly what happened to one lucky Lottery player in South Africa. Hoping that he would win, using the same numbers every single time. It finally paid off, he could not believe that after spending just R20 on his lotto ticket, that he would walk away with a jackpot just short of R38 million.

A Life Changing Moment at Age 23

The jackpot winner is from Gauteng and is an entrepreneur that was extremely excited and shocked when he heard the news. He has been playing the lotto using the same numbers for four years now since he was 19 years old. He had a feeling he would get lucky one day, but never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined luck in the amount of R38 million.

The anonymous player has previously won R1,200 during his lottery-playing career. He has said that he played the standard Lotto, Powerball and the daily Lotto, all using the same numbers on each platform. It surely has finally paid off, it just goes to show how far dedication and consistency can get you.

A Word from the National Lottery Operator

In the space of four months, our jackpot winner here is the fourth instant millionaire to be produced by the National Lottery. In April, the first winner walked away with a whopping R135 million Powerball jackpot. The second, came in the amount of R77 million at the end of June, this also being a Powerball win. The third winner played Lotto Plus and walked off with a cool R15 million. According to a spokesperson from the National Lottery Operator, Ithuba, they have endeavoured to offer bigger jackpots and are extremely happy that its efforts could play a role in changing the lives of South African residents.

What the Future Holds

In the wake of his big win, the jackpot winner is keeping his win under wraps. He will however make sure to invest some of the money into his business and invest a great deal of it to make sure he can offer the best of comforts to his mother and himself, for the foreseeable future. He said the day he bought that winning ticket he changed his strategy a bit and had an inkling feeling that it would be a winner. Our winner is still in shock at the sheer amount of the jackpot and what is now his but has great plans to do some good with it.

Annika Teppo Photo Annika Teppo

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