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Online Slot Reviews GifIf you’ve spent any time at all at an online casino in South Africa, you will no doubt have noticed that new games are released at an alarming rate. In fact, they come so thick and fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up, with new titles being launched on a weekly basis from one provider or another, adding to the massive back catalogue that’s already been built up over the years.

Because of this, the experts at CasinoTop South Africa have their work cut out, but seeing as we absolutely love everything about slots, it’s not that hard a job to cover our passion fully. We have therefore reviewed the latest and greatest online slots in great detail, so that you know exactly what you’re getting without even spinning them for yourself, and we cover all of the main categories, including video slots, classic slots and those hug payout progressive jackpot slots.

All of this means that you have a single place inside the vast world wide web to visit regularly to find out all about the latest games releases in South Africa. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new game to take for a spin, you’re certainly in the right place. Not only can you read all about the slots, but you can also play them for free via our fully interactive demos games right onsite. Therefore, you can perfect your strategy before even laying down a single South African Rand.

What’s the Total Number of Online Video Slots?

An exact figure is hard to nail down with any certainty, especially with the veritable flood of new ones popping up on the regular. But, as we regularly see South African online casinos advertising that they offer up to some 4,000 plus games in total, we’d have to estimate that there are at least several thousand separate titles in existence (and that’s not even counting the ones that have fallen by the wayside and been discontinued by their creators at some point).

If that kind of choice puts you off, don’t worry. CasinoTop is here to sort out the super slots from the cheap crap. We only feature the very best quality games here, because there’s not enough hours in the day to go over the uninspiring slosh that gets put out there from time to time. Essentially, then, browsing through our slots pages will give you an inkling as to the top hits.

Of course, slots are by far the most populous category offered by any online casino in South Africa worth its weight in gold. While there may be a decent selection of table games, live dealer titles and sports betting options available, these are often in addition to the main event: slots! Therefore, we’ve dedicated this page to that category, so that you can find that perfect game that gives you everything from retro nostalgia, to pulsating soundtracks and interactive graphics to jackpot prizes that will make you cry with joy. Everything you want all in one convenient place.

Which Kinds of Games Does CasinoTop Review?

As we mentioned above, we’re mainly interested in reviewing the very best of the bunch when it comes to slots. You’re bound to find something that will appeal to you, no matter how niche your tastes, because the developers have explored the limits of human imagination to come up with a vast array of themes, mechanics and world beating features. But to reduce the stress of finding a new title, we’ve categorised our reviews into three distinct sections to make it easier.

Classic Slots

These are based on the classic fruit machines or one arm bandits from just before the turn of the 20th Century, when August ‘Charles’ Fey launched the very first coin-operated gambling machine in 1894. The online versions of these classic slots (developed around 100 years later, of course) stick to the script almost exactly. So, you get a total of three reels, possibly anything from one to five paylines (depending on the manufacturer’s preferences) and the same set of symbols that have been used for time immemorial: Cherries, Grapes, Lemons, Bells, 777, BAR and so on. This is why they are often referred to as fruit machines, in case that wasn’t obvious.

So, these online retro games offer some of the purest gambling experiences around with little in the way of distraction. You spin the three reels and try to match three symbols across the main payline across the middle. Alternative versions of classic slot games also add paylines across the top and bottom, as well as ones going in a diagonal direction across the three reels. Other things to look out for are the wild symbol that can act as a stand in for any other symbol (giving you a greater chance of landing three in a row) and a 50/50 bonus game (higher or lower, heads or tails, etc) that will give you the chance to double your winnings after a round is over.

Video Slots

Video slots are the modern upgrade of the classic fruit machines. Gone of the fruit symbols (mostly, unless the games developers are feeling nostalgic) and simple mechanics. These are replaced by hundreds if not thousands of paylines or ways to win across the usually five (or more sometimes) reels. The reels might even be fluid and adapt depending on what you land. There are multiple forms of bonus round, with the chance to multiply your win dramatically. You can choose how many paylines you want in action at any one time, too, with at least one or two titles out there offering an insane half a million ways to win with each and every spin of the reels. Wow!

Also, in addition to heavy influence from the computer games industry, with its use of background music, sound effects and state of the art animation and graphics, there are also some upgrades to the symbols on display. So, in addition to the aforementioned wild symbols, you can expect to find scatter symbols, bonus symbols and rather bizarre ‘walking wilds, ‘expanding wilds’ and ‘sticky wilds’, giving you even more opportunities to win big! And with free spins on offer from time to time and innovative bonus rounds, the hours will simply fly by.

Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are like video slots on steroids. They take the basic mechanics (and look and feel) of modern video slots but add a prize pool that can build up to offer one lucky player many millions of rands from a single spin. The reason such huge prizes even exist is because the progressive jackpot slots are linked around the world, with everyone playing, say, Mega Moolah, all contributing a tiny part of their losses to the pot. Once this pot has built up into the stratosphere, the pile will become unstable and eventually pay out everything in one go.

Essentially, then, if you love playing video slots but dream of that one big pay day, this could be right up your alley. Simply look for the jackpots page at your online casino of choice and you should be able to see the running totals. Paying close attention to these can often give you an inkling of exactly when a progressive jackpot winner is going to be announced to the world.

Can I Play Online Slots for Free?

By all means. In fact, you can try out many of the slots available to South African players right here at CasinoTop, all without risking a single rand. This gives you the opportunity to see if you like the game’s main features, the overall theme and to get some practice in regarding how to unlock the bonus round. All we would say is don’t play in demo mode too long, because you’ll be kicking yourself if you get a big win but you only get paid in virtual coins instead of cash.

On this very page, you will find plenty of slots to try out for nothing. Also, we have many of the best online slots fully reviewed on CasinoTop South Africa, so head there for more information and to try out the latest releases. You’ll be an expert on slots in next to no time, promise.

How Do I Pick the Right One?

It’s a matter of knowing your main interests in terms of themes for starters. So, if you’re a big sports fan, pick one of those based on your favourite game, or if you want to experience living in the ancient or mythological world, choose one of the multiple games based on the age of the gods, or Roman history or else tales of wonder from the prehistoric times. Or maybe you want to be taken to outer space? There’s plenty of options for that too. Everything you can imagine!

Then there’s the three different games categories that we covered above. If you want something so simple that you don’t really need to learn any rules, go for the time honoured classic fruit machines. For something more akin to modern computer games, video slots are your guy. And if you’re all about that massive pay day, be sure to keep plugging away on a progressive slot.

One final consideration is the volatility of each slot. Again, we will cover this information in full during each of our online slots reviews. But to give a brief explanation: A high volatility slot might not pay out for absolutely ages, but when it does, the rewards will be massive. On the other hand, a low volatility slot will be giving you plenty of wins and fairly regularly too, but they won’t be the super high paying ones mentioned above. A medium volatility slot is a blend of both.

Lastly, we must reiterate that your best bet for finding the perfect online slot is to read up on them right here. We have multiple online slot reviews, in depth guides and full explainers for all aspects of the slots experience. And most of all, make sure that you’re having fun throughout!

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