Skrmiish Launches Gaming and Esports Platform in SA

Skrmiish is a UK-based start-up, who will be introducing its first-of-a-kind gaming application into the South African market. South Africa is hardly ever selected to be the launching capital for any of the tech companies abroad, but Skrmiish has decided to use this country to test the company's, "proof of concept" product.

The African Market

South Africa as well as many other countries globally, has a booming online gaming market. That being said, it comes as no surprise that Skrmiish would select the market to test its product before launching in the rest of the world. The online markets show no signs of slowing down, even with the world reeling and struggling to survive amidst all the negativity over the past months of 2020.

The gaming market has been rated the third-largest entertainment industry, globally it comes in after gambling and books. It is about ten times larger than the music and movie industries, despite all the losses during this year and the terrible state the world's economy finds itself in. The app further allows online players, brands and streamers to join in on the action. The platform establishes and monitors their progress, no matter where they are.

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More about Skrmiish

This latest offering from Skrmiish was developed to infiltrate and appease the appetites of the over 2.7 billion users and online gamers, worldwide. This app was designed to increase revenue and user-bases all around the world. It is also user-friendly and will appeal to pros and newcomers alike, whether they possess an entry-level skill-set or are seasoned players.
The best feature of this app is that it provides all its players with a safe and secure environment, where users can engage with teams, communities all on their own terms. The fact that one can decide the stakes, is a definite draw-card since not everyone can bet large amounts at a time. The outcome of each interaction and engagement, are also available and fully automated within the app.

Comments from the CEO

The team has worked tirelessly for over two years, to produce a product that is a world leader in its field and has managed to work through all and any hiccups and obstacles that presented themselves during the developing process and is happy with the results that they have achieved. The CEO went further and added that Skrmiish, is excited to be presenting the world with this innovating and industry-leading product. The press release which the company received, has indicated that the proof-of-concept app, which was currently released in the Beta version, still provides users access to Fortnite and PUBG. The company’s spokesperson said that they are eagerly awaiting feedback from the South African market and would be interested to know what the consensus is, regarding the app.

The process to access the app is simple and can be downloaded from wherever you are from the Apple App Store or even Google PlayStore, where-after you can register with Skrmiish, verify your account and lastly sync your device before you start using the app.

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