Progressive Slots at South African Online Casinos

Whenever you read a story of some lucky son of a gun winning millions of South African Rands at an online casino it is because they were playing a progressive slot. These special kinds of video slots are the ones that build up over time to reach prizes that are truly life changing. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of retiring early or else going on that round the world trip to the most exotic locations, these are the games that you should concentrate all of your efforts. After all, most of the very real stories about mega wins often result from a single spin that sends the reels into meltdown, with multiple bonus rounds combining like the stars were suddenly aligned just right.

Not that it’s easy! What would be the fun in that? But let us mention that the current world record (at the time of writing) stands at €18,910,668 (yes, that many numbers, which is the equivalent of R308,991,669). It was won back in September 2018 on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, so it’s been a while since the world has witnessed such a massive win going to one single player. Here, we will explore more about the world of online progressive jackpot slots. So, let’s begin

CasinoTop Explains Progressive Jackpot Slots

All progressive jackpot slot games are linked. This is regardless of location in the world and at what casino they are being played. This means that every single time a player (no matter at what time or from where they are spinning) wagers on a progressive slot, the jackpot or total prize pool increases by a nominal amount. And if you consider the many thousands of bets made every hour, day or week, you can easily see how those jackpots go from pretty nice to astronomically massive. And all it takes to flush out that entire jackpot is one very lucky spin.

Progressive jackpots differ from other types of big prize video slot, such as local or fixed jackpots. The former is a jackpot that is localised, meaning that the only contributors are in the same country or, more often than not, playing at the same online casino. The latter, on the other hand, is a prespecified amount that will not change, no matter how many bets are placed. Therefore, progressive jackpots have a special place in the world of iGaming. They are the world beaters, the headline stealers, the very best there is.

A quick google search will show you exactly what it is like to win the big one. Numerous videos show exactly what happens when a progressive jackpot slot goes thermonuclear and starts spilling coins all over the screen. You might also hear someone screaming for joy in the background, of course – we don’t blame them, as we’d be doing exactly the same thing.

One thing we would be remiss to mention here, however, is that progressive jackpot wins (especially the super massive ones) are extremely rare – but then again, so is winning the lottery, and that seems to happen with alarming regularity. However, every single spin has the exact same chances of being that one that allows you to buy your own private island.

How Can I Find the Biggest Online Jackpots?

Well, by thoroughly doing your research right here at CasinoTop, by reading various game reviews and by checking the latest totals at your online casino of choice. Some of our most favourite online casinos available to players based in South Africa actually show the running totals in real time whenever you’re searching for your next game to play. These are perfect for giving you an indication about whether an online progressive jackpot slot is about to pay out.

Essentially, all progressive jackpots start at a base level of a few thousand. It then relies on many, many players around the world to make bets, of which a small percentage will go towards the overall total. Whenever a jackpot has been won, the total will reset back to the baseline amount. So, you’ve got to time it just right. And knowledge is the key to this.

You’ve got to let a jackpot build before making wagers on it. But you can’t leave it too late, or someone else will take all the glory. So, the best strategy is to make a note of the highest 10 payouts for each progressive jackpot slot. Make an average of these and then wait until one of them starts getting into the danger zone of being ready to spill the beans.

At the same time, it is relatively pointless playing a progressive jackpot slot with a very low total. Yes, you might win a couple of k, but you won’t be telling your boss to, well, insert your best insult here. Visit the jackpot page on your casino of choice, keep an eye on the totals, compare it to your research and strike at just the right time. Here are a few of the biggest ones to play:

From Microgaming, look out for the aforementioned Mega Moolah (including sister titles that are linked to the same jackpot, such as Mega Moolah Isis and others). NetEnt’s massive payouts come from the likes of Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune and Hall of Gods – again, some of these have linked sister games that are well worth checking out. And most of all, we wish you good luck!