Sun International Sells To Carousel Casino License

The Carousel Casino, in Northern Pretoria, is one of South Africa’s first entertainment centres and casinos to exist in the country. The establishment was opened in 1991 and houses a hotel which has 57 rooms, a staff village which comprises 369 apartments, 55 000 m2 of space which has been allocated for sales development and still has a 582ha of land that still needs to be developed.

The License Is Sold

Just recently, Sun International announced that they had sold the license to the Carousel casino. The sale has still not been finalised, as it still awaits the approval from the North West Gambling Board. The company has subsequently hired a management company to oversee and run the casino, until such time that the sale goes through. Sun International has not revealed who the buyer is at this time. CEO Anthony Leeming added that the strategy behind employing the management company in the interim is so that the jobs of the existing staff members can be protected since, under the new management, they will be re-hired.

New Owners Will Introduce Themselves

Enid Vickers, a spokesperson from Sun International, released the statement on behalf of the company and told Pretoria News, that the name of the purchaser will not be released, pending the sale of the license at which time the new owners will make their own announcement.

News From The Gaming Board

In September 2020, the North West Gaming Board issued a statement that Sun International had requested that the license for the Carousel casino be transferred to Lakama Resorts and Casino, which had registered itself as a company, just a few months before and is a subsidiary to the Lamaka Group. The group who is chaired by Mario Morfou will retain the license and will remain the owners until such time that they receive the regulatory notification that the sale has been approved.

Once the sale has gone through, the Carousel casino will no longer be a part of the Sun International Group according to Leeming, which means that it will forfeit any profits from the Sun International’s loyalty program, known as Most Valued Guest. The Group has gone through many changes and faced some challenges since the beginning of the year and it would seem that in an attempt to save the jobs and secure a livelihood for the staff, they decided to sell this particular part of the group.

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