The Different Ways to Choose Lottery Numbers

The lottery has become the most popular game of chance in the world and as such, there are many ways of choosing lottery numbers for avid players. Some players have taken to analysing data on past draws to discover patterns, while others take a more sentimental approach and use loved ones’ birthdays. However, lottery will always be a game of pure chance regardless of how you choose your numbers. That being said, here are some new ways to go about choosing your next set of numbers that could bring you luck.

Make a Pattern

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While it might seem juvenile at first, there’s an undeniable simplicity to choosing your numbers by making a pattern on your lottery ticket. When you've run out of ways to choose your next set of lottery tickets, making a pattern is worth a try, plus it can be fun if you’re the artistic kind. You could try something simple at first like a circle and then graduate to more intricate patterns such as simple images or letters of the alphabet. However, it would be best not to draw a straight line as many people do this and if you do end up winning, you’ll have to share your reward with the countless other players who did the same.

Choose Lucky Numbers

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Almost everyone in the world has lucky numbers. You could like a number, or a set of numbers because it’s significant for some reason such as your birthday, anniversary, or graduation date. Other people like a certain number for no reason at all. However, lucky numbers come in all shapes and forms and are usually jersey numbers for sports enthusiasts. All you’ll need to do is identify the ones that are important to you or the ones that you like and play those numbers. This is perhaps the most popular way for players to pick numbers but not to worry, it’s unlikely that more than two players will have lucky numbers identical to yours.

Study Statistics

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Studying statistics means that you’ll have to look at the previous winning numbers from a few draws and try to see a pattern in it. Despite this method being all about numbers, there is no mathematical reasoning behind it that can make it as effective or ineffective as drawing a heart on your lottery ticket as it still boils down to your luck. However, keep in mind that many people favour this method and if you do get lucky, you’ll likely have to share with a handful of people.

Give the Machine a Chance

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While some might consider this a lazy way to play, taking the effort and thinking of choosing numbers that will be selected at random does have its charm. Most lotteries in the world offer this option and it has become quite popular, all you need to do is select quick-pick and you’re good to go. Despite the misconception, letting the machine doesn’t affect your chances of winning at all since the numbers selected by the machine are random and the winning numbers are pretty much random too.

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