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The East African country of Uganda is known for many things, its agricultural products like cotton and tea, its spectacular natural attractions, not to mention the variety of wildlife, including the elusive and endangered mountain gorilla. Unfortunately, it is not that well-known for its gambling, although there are a few options if you are in the country and wish to visit a local land-based casino.

While the country is hardly Las Vegas, the gambling scene in Uganda is quite exciting and of high quality. Despite the size of the country and the fact that gambling is legal, casinos don't seem to be particularly popular in Uganda. Perhaps it is the assumption that Uganda is a place to enjoy diverse wildlife and natural beauty, not diverse gambling opportunities.

Uganda is currently home to three fully operating land-based casinos, all located in the capital city of Kampala. Kampala is a bustling city with an active nightlife, so it makes sense that the casinos would all be based here. The nightlife in Kampala is probably the most impressive in all of Uganda and includes a host of exciting nightclubs, bars, restaurants, poetry clubs and more. That said, gamblers will feel right at home enjoy some of your favourite casino games while in Uganda.

While there aren't many casinos in this African country, there is still enough to appeal to the most discerning customer. To help you make the most of your gambling experience in the country, here is some information about land-based casinos in Uganda.

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Casino Simba

Casino Simba is the largest casino in Uganda and located in the Garden City Mall complex in the capital city of Kampala. The casino is a decent 16 684 square feet in size and boasts more than 90 slot machines and 22 table and poker games, making it a good option for gambling in Uganda. Simba is actually one of the most popular casinos in Uganda and is easily recognised by its bright neon sign. The casino boasts a variety of slots with a more conservative but satisfying table game selection, including favourites like Blackjack and Roulette, to name a few.

Games Available at Casino Simba

Casino Simba has a good selection of games, including over 90 slot machines and video poker games, as well as 20 table games that range from Blackjack to Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold'em, Roulette, 3 Card, Pontoon and more. The gaming machines are of an international level, while the casino itself has very tight security with experienced staff trained to protect clients at all times. Unlike most casinos worldwide, Casino Simba is not available 24/7 and opens at 12 pm every afternoon. The dress code is smart/casual. The gaming currency is the Uganda Shilling. In addition to gaming facilities, Casino Simba also boasts a restaurant, casino bar, sports bar and various entertainment shows throughout the night.

Things To Do at Casino Simba

If you want to experience the city a bit more, there is a host of cultural and historical sites to visit, including the Uganda Museum, the Nommo Art Gallery and the Natural Theatre. If you want to experience some of the country's religious sites, visit the Kasubi tombs and the Kibuli and Gadaffi National mosques. If you are a nature enthusiast, visit the Kabaka's Trail, Mouro National Park and the Botanical Gardens, while the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and the Bwindi National Park is where you can see unique and breathtaking wildlife not seeing in many other places in the world, including chimpanzees and gorillas. Book a safari and enjoy the most memorable experience imaginable.

Casino Simba Events and Amenities

In addition to casino gaming, there is plenty to keep yourself entertained in the city of Kampala. For a relaxing and convivial experience, chill with your favourite cocktail or grab a quick meal at a handful of bars and restaurants, including Just Kicking, Lawns Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Al's Bar or a host of other establishments scattered throughout the city. Many are stand-alone while others are attached to top-class hotels. If dancing is on the cards, try On the Rocks, known for its good drinks and good vibes. What's more, there are several vendors selling some authentic Ugandan food throughout the city, so you shouldn't find it difficult to grab some food on the go.

Casino Simba Accommodation

While there are no hotels on-site, visitors can check in to the Fairway Hotel, located less than a kilometre away from the casino. The Fairways Hotel and Spa features 100 comfortable rooms, fully equipped with the latest modern amenities, including air conditioning, LCD TVs, 24-hour room service and free internet access. What's more, all rooms provide excellent views of the Kitante Valley, the Kololo Hill or the golf course. Other alternative accommodations throughout the city include the Kampala Hilton, the Kampala Intercontinental, the Kampala Serena and the Grand Imperial, to name a few. In Kampala, you will be able to find a base from which to explore the city, no matter your comfort levels and budget.

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Kampala Casino

Named after the capital city of Uganda and its location, Kampala Casino is said to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the 'Pearl of Africa'. The casino is located just a stone' throw from Lake Victoria, which is the largest lake in the entire African continent. Talk about an ideal setting, complete with stunning views and a cool and refreshing breeze.

Talking about an ideal setting, the casino continues the relaxing vibe. Kampala Casino is known for its more subdued atmosphere, but this is not a bad thing. In fact, the casino plays host to a wide variety of guests every looking for quality gaming in the city. The staff is also known to be extremely helpful, so if you're new to gambling, they are ready and happy to assist. The casino offers a good selection of games to enjoy, including a wealth of slot machines, poker machines and table games. The casino opens at noon every day until late, so remember that is it not 24/7 like other casinos around the world.

Games Available at Casino Kampala

The Casino Kampala is easy to find, located in the heart of the city on Kimathi Avenue. While this may mean nothing to visitors, locals will know that this is a good and convenient location. Here, you will find a host of casino gaming opportunities to keep you entertained for hours on end. There are over 40 slot machines for those looking for some slot action, while table game enthusiasts can take a seat at one of eight roulette tables, five card tables, as well as Pontoon and a selection of other Poker games. Casino Kampala prides itself on offering an exciting yet classy gaming experience in the heart of Kampala, so your stay is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

Things to Do At Casino Kampala

Like Casino Simba, Casino Kampala does not offer much in terms of activities and experiences outside of gambling. There are a few dining and drinking options, but if you are looking for a day out, Kampala is home to plenty of cultural, historical and memorable experiences.

Take a Kampala city tour to really experience the city, or go gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is an incredible experience as there are few places for these elusive and endangered species.

Other attractions worth checking out include the Gaddafi National Mosque, the Baha'i Temple, Uganda Museum, Kabaka's Palace, The Acacia Mall, the Kasubi Tombs and the Social Innovation Museum. There are also a wealth of dining options throughout Kampala, as well as many bars, lounges and entertainment venues as night falls over the city.

Casino Kampala Events & Amenities

The casino boasts some of the biggest jackpots in the country, so do look out for those as you could stand a chance to win big. What's great about Casino Kampala is the free food and drinks are provided to all players, so no need to worry about getting a bite when the hunger pangs start. If you want a more substantial meal, head to the casino restaurant, known for serving delicious local and international cuisine. Here, you can enjoy a light meal, a full lunch buffet, a late-night snack or anything in between as the restaurant is open from noon until 6 am.

Casino Kampala Accommodation

Casino Kampala does not have a hotel, although there are plenty of options scattered throughout Kampala itself. A simple Google search will bring you results for hotels close to Casino Kampala, including the 4-star Golf Course Hotel, the Dolphin Suites, Kampala Suites, Speke Hotel, Imperial Royal Hotel and Selina Apartments, to name a few. In fact, you will find accommodation close by to suit all needs and budgets.

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Mayfair Casino

The Mayfair Casino in Kampala forms part of the bigger Mayfair Group, which includes two casinos in Nairobi, Kenya, and a restaurant in Kampala. Mayfair Casino is located in Kisozi Close, near Nakasero. Inspired by the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, you can expect a high-class experience at this top-notch hotel and casino. The hotel itself is well-furnished and its design features Oriental, African and European influences. That said, Mayfair does not only cater to the upper-class as everyone is welcome at this casino. As long as you are dressed in a decent fashion, you will be more than welcome at Mayfair Casino.

The casino itself is packed with some fun gaming options, including slot machines, video machines and table games. Visitors will also enjoy complimentary drinks and food – think pizza and ice-cream, while the dealers are known for their friendly, relaxed and talkative demeanour. Known as the Crown Jewel of Mthatha, Mayfair Casino is a perfect option for visitors looking for quality gaming while in Kampala.

Games Available at Mayfair Casino

Gaming at Mayfair Casino is safe and entertaining. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and willing to assist in any way they can. If slot games are your thing, you won't be disappointed by the selection available at Mayfair Casino. All the slot machines are made cashless for your convenience and safety. Simply load your cash onto your Mayfair Casino Rewards Club card or your visitor's day cards and you're good to go.

The casino offers some of the best, latest slot machines in the industry and is open from 9 am – 3 am daily. If table games appeal to you, then check out the variety of roulette, blackjack and poker games on the main floor. There is also a smoking area and the Prive Area, which is available to VIP players. All table games open at noon and close at 3 am daily.

Things to Do At Mayfair Casino

The Mayfair Casino opened its conferencing facilities in 2019, which can accommodate both large and small groups for meetings, conferences, events, weddings and other celebrations. The casino boasts modern conference facilities for up to 276 delegates or guests, and you can choose between two smaller rooms and a private break-away area. The conference facilities also feature a bar area and access to the casino restaurants.

The Casino Diamond Bar is a top-class restaurant and bar that serves up a fantastic selection of food and drinks. The friendly staff will be happy to meet your dietary requirements to ensure that your stay at the restaurant is top-notch. The Diamond Bar is conveniently located in the centre of the casino and offers a delicious food menu and a host of drinks, from shooters and cocktails to a refreshing beer. The restaurant is conveniently open from 9 am to 3 am daily.

Mayfair Casino Events and Amenities

The Mayfair Casino Rewards Club is free to join and offers a wealth of exciting benefits to loyal customers. This includes discounts on accommodation and restaurants as well as casino discounts and promotions.

Mayfair Casino Accommodation

The 4-star Mayfair Hotel is located on the same premises as the casino and offers world-class accommodation, state-of-the-art facilities, modern amenities and friendly service. The hotel has been designed to meet your every need, including a reception area, luxurious guest rooms and a trendy restaurant and bar for a casual evening of dining with friends. The hotel offers a host of services, including 24-hour reception desk, in-house restaurant and bar, concierge, free Wi-Fi, conference facilities, laundry and dry-cleaning, daily housekeeping, secure parking, pool and gym facilities and wheelchair-friendly room.

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