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Whether you prefer online or land-based casinos, one thing we can all agree on is that gambling is not only entertaining and rewarding, but one of the most popular pastimes in Australia. The gambling industry has seen a massive boom in recent years thanks to modern technology. These days, gaming on your computer or on the go is more accessible than ever, with brand-new online casinos and mobile-friendly sites being launched on a regular basis. The only requirement is a compatible device and solid internet connection and you can enjoy all the thrills and wins of real money casinos in Australia without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Land Based Casinos

Land-based casinos will always have their place in the market – where else can you get that authentic gambling environment and thrilling atmosphere than at a brick-and-mortar casino. Many of these casinos are also attached to luxury hotels, complete with first-class services and facilities, so those looking for the experience as well as winning opportunities will probably opt for real casinos. Some will even travel to different cities, countries and continents to experience some of the most authentic and exciting gambling destinations like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau and more.

While land-based casinos will always have a certain appeal, especially for die-hard fans, online casinos are fast becoming the go-to for players looking for convenience, top-quality offerings and a secure environment. Many online casinos contain everything you would come to expect from a land-based venue, including pokies, table games, video poker and even some live dealer games. And this is all accessible from the comfort of your home or while on the move. Additionally, online players will have access to a wealth of bonuses and promotions, quick and reliable banking methods and instant customer support, all at your fingertips.

Choosing an Online Casino in Australia

Because online casinos abound in Australia, it can sometimes be tricky to find the best one to suit your needs. Some are packed with bonuses and promotions, while others offer a diverse selection of casino games. Some offer smooth and simple gaming, while others focus on specific games only, like online pokies, table games or more. Others are new while others are more established. You need to decide exactly what you’re looking for before making a decision. Most should offer top-class banking and customer support, as well as diversity in its games and fair and reasonable bonus terms and conditions. Navigating these options can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list of things to look out for when playing at online casinos in Australia for real money.

Why Play Real Money Online Casinos?

There are many reasons why you should play at online casinos in Australia for real money, ranging from convenience to game variety and more. Let’s take a closer look at why online casinos are good options for new and experienced players alike.

It’s All About Convenience

In today’s busy world, visiting a land-based casino whenever you would like is virtually impossible. Whether it’s in your city or not, visiting a casino can be time-consuming, expensive and requires a certain degree of planning. And it is definitely not something that is instantly available. But, thanks to real money online casinos, you can access your favourite games wherever you are from the comfort of your home or from your mobile device. As long as the online casino allows players from your country and you have a stable internet connection, you can instantly play for free or real money.

Online casinos allow you to play by simply logging onto your computer or mobile device, while some sites even let you download the casino application. All you have to do is download the application, sign up or log in and you’re good to go.

What’s more, online casinos are typically open 24/7, so you can literally play whenever you want. There is no need to play a commute, book a hotel for an overnight stay or consider meals or drinks as you are already at home. You can enjoy the entertaining and rewarding world of casino games without having to set aside long hours or extra money, making online casinos an incredibly convenient option for all players. While land-based casinos will also be available for those wanting to plan a visit once-in-a-while, it is good to know that you can play whenever the mood strikes wherever you are in the world.

Variety is The Spice of Life

Based on the floor space, land-based casinos can only offer a certain number of games. Why? Well, because there needs to be enough space for all the games to be located, plus space for patrons to walk and play comfortably. With online casinos on the other hand, space limitations do not exist. From pokies to roulette, blackjack, video poker machines and more, variety is one of the main benefits of online gambling. You’ll never run out of options and if you do, then a different online casino is available just a click of a mouse away.

Variety doesn’t just apply to games at online casinos. As we mentioned, new and exciting online casinos are launched daily, so you have hundreds and even thousands of options whenever you feel the need to explore or play. There are also more game themes than you would get at land-based casinos, covering all the classics like Irish luck and movies/TV, to more niche specific themes that will stun and amaze. There are thousands of game themes available online, so finding one to suit your needs won’t be that hard. Some casinos even categorise its games by theme, so browsing the lobby is a pleasant and convenient experience. Players are indeed spoilt for choice at online casinos.

Access to Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer a wealth of bonuses for both new and existing players. This is quite different from land-based casinos as they rarely offer anything in the form of bonuses or promotions. Players are spoilt for choice at online casinos as the sites usually use these types of offers to attract new players and reward existing players for their dedication to the site. Players will have access to numerous promotions, from welcome bonuses to daily offers, loyalty rewards, seasonal offers, VIP schemes and so much more. While loyalty and VIP programs do exist at land-based casinos, online casinos simply give players more variety and opportunities for extra rewards.

More Banking Methods

Land-based casinos are quite limited in terms of banking options available, but not online casinos. At these sites, players can use a wealth of safe and reliable banking options for deposits and withdrawals, including standard methods like credit and debit cards, as well as options like e-wallets, prepaid cards, pay by mobile, and even cryptocurrencies.

Another benefit of playing online is the payout speed options as most online casinos have decent payout times that range from just a few hours to a few days depending on the banking method chosen.

Higher Payouts

The payouts at online casinos are generally higher than regular casinos at around 97%. This is because online casinos do not have to factor in the cost of overheads, maintenance, security, cleaning and more to run its business. Since everything is done online, these sites have extra money, which can be used to provide players with higher payouts and more bonuses. Since online casinos do not have to contend with high maintenance fees, they pass those savings on to its players.

Free Play Opportunities

Another benefit to playing at online casinos is the ability to play for free. This is ideal for new players wanting to try out the casino games before making a financial commitment. They are also great for practice or for players looking to test a new game. Most online casinos offer free games that require no sign up or deposit. This is great as a risk-free way of learning how to play. While many games are based purely on chance, it is still a good idea to get a feel for the game before betting any real money.

Free play games are not offered at regular casinos as there are a limited number of machines and tables available. As such, these casinos cannot risk someone playing for free while taking up space that could be taken up by a paying customer. Since online casinos can handle an almost unlimited number of customers at a time, this is not something to worry about. That makes online casinos the perfect platform to offer free games with the hopes of converting customers into real money players.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are an incredible benefit at online casinos and are typically activated the minute you make your first deposit. They work like any rewards program, where you earn points every time you play. These points can then be redeemed for real cash, prizes or vouchers at specified stores. Loyalty points are designed to award players for their dedication to the site and are not based on how much the player wins, but how much they spend at the site. While land-based casinos do offer loyalty points as well, these are usually only redeemable for things like hotel rooms, food and drinks at the casino you’re playing at. Therefore, using online casino loyalty points is more convenient as you have more accessible options that do not require you to visit a land-based casino.

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Types of Real Money Casino Bonuses

Real money bonuses are designed to incentivise existing players and attract new players to the casino. These can range from no-deposit bonuses, welcome offers, free spins offers, match deposit bonuses and more. These bonuses are not only great for players but benefits online casinos as well as players simply love a good bonus offer. If the bonus is attractive and the terms and conditions are fair and reasonable, many players will take advantage of the offer, which means more money for the gambling website. Let’s take a closer look at some of the real money bonuses offered at online casinos.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is one of the most popular types of bonuses among players, although not nearly as common at online casinos as we would like. This is a bonus offered by the casino without the need to make an initial deposit. With this bonus, players can enjoy real money play at numerous casino games, which will be highlighted in the bonus terms and conditions. While regular casinos will require a deposit before you can claim any bonus, no-deposit casinos do not, and will award players simply for signing up. That said, you will need to meet the bonus wagering requirements before claiming any bonus winnings.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is probably the most widely available bonuses at online casinos. In fact, there is hardly a gaming site that does not offer this extremely attractive and popular bonus offer. Also referred to as a sign-up bonus, this offer requires a player to sign up to the casino and make a deposit to enjoy a bonus straight into your account. Players can then use this bonus to start playing immediately. The bonus is usually awarded as either credits or free spins and typically applies to a variety of games (particularly online pokies) at the casino.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins is another extremely popular option for casinos wanting to award new and existing players. They are doled out in various ways, including part of a welcome offer or simply as an ongoing treat for existing players. The number of free spins will depend on the bonus offer and the casino, also they typically range from 10 up to 100 or more. Sometimes, they are awarded at once, while other times they are paid out over the course of a few days. The free spins will also only apply to certain games, particularly online pokies, which will be highlighted in the terms and conditions. It is important that you thoroughly read the T&Cs so you know exactly what to expect.

Cryptocurrency Bonus

Another unique incentive of playing at real money online casinos is that they accept and make use of cryptocurrencies. While not all online casinos have moved to digital currencies yet, this is something that is not really commonplace at brick-and-mortar casinos. Some online casinos will also provide cryptocurrency bonuses, which are great for players using Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

What Online Casino Games Can I Play for Real Money?

Online casinos are known for its variety in games. In fact, online casinos are more diverse in its gaming options than its land-based counterparts. A standard online casino will have hundreds of games available, while top casinos will even boast thousands of options. Many of these games can be played for free, while all are available to play for real money, including massive jackpot games worth millions. Here are some of the most popular online casino games available for real money play.

Online pokies

The popularity of online pokies is second-to-none. It is without a doubt the leading type of casino game at online casinos in Australia. Pokies are classic games of chance and typically the most extensive selection of games at an online casino. Online pokies remain a top option for both novice and experienced players for many reasons – they are simple, entertaining and rewarding, to name a few. Pokie machines at top online casinos are also incredibly fair as they use random number generators to ensure random and unbiased results at all times.


Just like pokies, roulette is a popular, classic game of chance that is a common fixture at online and land-based casinos. Again, online roulette makes use of a random number generator to ensure fair and random results at all times. Online roulette is typically faster and more exciting than regular roulette, which can be slightly more time consuming.


Online poker is another leading game at online casinos and works much the same as regular poker. Players are required to fund your account to play poker online, which includes exciting poker tournaments, cash games and more. Poker games are thrilling and rewarding and great options for more experienced players and high rollers.


Online craps are similar to regular craps, although the odds are slightly different when playing online versus offline. The key difference is that the minimum bets are usually lower when playing online, making it better for low rollers wanting to experience the game. It is also good for learning how to play craps before playing for real money as this game is known for being slightly more intimidating for new players.


This game is not as well-known as some of the other games mentioned on this list, but is definitely a type of game worth checking out. Bingo is a classic game played at bingo halls for many decades and has finally gotten the online treatment. There are even some casinos that are exclusively dedicated to bingo games, while others feature a special category hosting a wide variety to choose from. Not all online casinos feature a bingo game selection, but these are quite popular at Australian casino sites.

How Safe Are Real Money Casinos Online - CasinoTop

How Safe Are Real Money Casinos Online?

Online casinos are known for its safety and security. While there are rogue sites that do exist, a vast majority of online casino brands take great measures to ensure the safety of all its players. Online casinos are also very efficient, without any wait times, commuting, or having to deal with fellow gamblers. You can play in the safety and comfort of your own home, at your own time. Online casinos also make use of the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure that all player information is protected at all times. This makes it difficult for third parties to access your information, adding an extra layer of security to your gameplay.

What We Look for In the Best Australian Online Casinos

With so many options on the internet, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed out or even confused trying to find the right fit. As such, we do our due diligence to find the best options for Australians players. We consider various important factors when making our choices, including casino reputation, safety and security, game selection and much more. Let’s delve deeper into the wonderful world of online casinos and how we go about choosing our top recommendations.
  • Reputation

    When considering an online casino, we pay close attention to the site’s reputation. We check casino reviews from credible sources as well as past and current players as well as any casino-related material published on other websites. We check to make sure no serious issues have been flagged, whether players were paid out in time and if bonus terms and conditions are fair, among others. Even if an online casino is considered safe and secure, we only feature sites that have a stellar reputation in the industry.

  • Games and software

    This should be a no-brainer as the best online casinos feature a wide and respectable selection of games powered by reputable and reliable software providers. We don’t just look for quantity, but for quality as well. The games lobby must cover a wide variety of games, including online pokies, table games, video poker, live dealer games, progressive jackpots and more. Niche casinos must still have a good variety of games, whether its focus is table games, online pokies or anything else.

  • Bonuses

    Bonuses are imperative at online casinos and are much more than just a nice perk for players. Having a good selection of bonuses proves that the site looks after its players and its reputation. We look at the range of bonuses on offer as well as its terms and conditions. If they are fair, reasonable and industry standard, we give the casino the go-ahead.

  • Withdrawals

    Withdrawals can be a tricky process at online casinos that doesn’t have their players’ best interest at heart. Many online casinos tend to have players go through unreasonable lengths to claim the money owing to them. Other casinos offer unnecessarily long waiting periods. We make sure that the online casinos we feature offer a smooth and simple withdrawal process so players can get their funds in the quickest time possible.

  • Banking methods

    The more varied the payments options available, the better. We check the range of banking methods available, which should include standard methods like credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers for the very least, as well as e-wallets and other modern payment methods available to Australian players.

  • Customer support

    Another important factor at online casinos, we test the customer support service on offer to ensure that players will receive fast, efficient and professional service at all times.

Online Gambling in Australia

Gambling has always been a massive part of the Australian lifestyle. According to numerous studies, Australia is actually one of the gambling capitals of the world with an average of 4 in 5 Australians that gamble regularly, whether online or offline. While these statistics should be taken with a grain of salt, it is safe to say that this is a popular activity in the country.

Another interesting stat is that more than 50% of the cash that Australians make use of is to play on pokies. These games are popular because they are fun, easy and rewarding; regardless of what game you're playing. Online pokies allow players to enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of their home or while on the move.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia?

Online gambling is something of a grey area in Australia. In its simplest terms, it is perfectly legal for Australians to play at online casinos. However, as per the Australia’s Interactive Gambling Act 2001, it states that it’s illegal for Australian-soil operators to accept Aussie players. This means that players can play legally at offshore casino sites based elsewhere and not in the country. However, if an online casino based in Australia accepts Australian players, there are no consequences for the consumer. It is up to the casino to ensure that it abides by Australian laws or face stiff penalties. All licensed online casinos in Australia are regulated to ensure that all laws are followed.

Online Casino Australia FAQs

The CasinoTop team receives questions for Australian players every day regarding different aspects of online casino gaming. Naturally, there are a handful of questions that are asked more often than others. The team has compiled a list of these questions, and their answers, to help you begin your online gaming experience.

As we mentioned earlier in the wagering requirements section, only once you have fulfilled these requirements, will the online casino allow you to withdraw the funds that came as a result of using the bonus. Keep in mind that there are usually time limits linked with reaching these wagering requirements, should you not manage to meet this, any and all of the bonus funds will be voided from your account. This is exactly why, before accepting the welcome bonus from the online casino, you should always make sure to read through the terms and conditions to make sure you're able to meet these requirements. Some casinos may even require you to make a certain number of deposits into your account before they'll allow you to make a withdrawal.

This will often be referred to as the RTP and is basically the statistic of how often or how frequently the casino will make a payout to a player when compared to their deposits. When compared to their brick and mortar counterparts, online casinos have an incredibly high RTP’s, often above 95% in comparison to the 70% offered by the land based casino. All online casinos are bound by their license agreements to publish their payout percentages, this works in favour of the player as they are able to make a decision to join a casino or not based on these percentages.

Joining the loyalty program at your online casino is usually quite simple and the benefits or rewards can often be extremely lucrative. Once you've made your first deposit, you'll be able to sign up for the program. Some online casinos will automatically induct you into the program, but if not, the process is quick and easy. There will most likely be a tier system in place which will require you to play with a certain amount before being able to join either the exclusive club or progress through the levels. Basically, the more you play the quicker you'll progress.

You'll always come across this term when signing up with a new casino. Online casinos will almost always offer new players a welcome bonus; however, in order to claim these bonuses, players will first need to meet what is referred to as wagering requirement or playthrough requirement. Not all games will count 100% towards the wagering though, so be sure to check these on site in the terms and conditions section. Should you fail to reach the requirements, the casino will not permit you to withdraw any funds that come as a result of using the bonus.

It goes without saying that there are certainly a number of rogue or illegal operating online casinos lurking online these days. Unfortunately, some players get caught out by these dubious entities, however, there are a few ways that you can avoid them. The first thing players should do is perform an online search of the casino in question, this will give you most of the information you require to make an informed decision. If the search yields no results, it’s advisable that you steer clear of them. The next best action you can take is visit one of the numerous reviews and experts who have done the grunt work for you. There are loads of these sites online that consistently help players avoid these rogue online casinos.

When it comes to online casinos, players can usually rest assured that the majority of the sites you'll find online are in fact, safe, secure and reliable in terms of keeping your personal information safe. With that being said, there are always going to be some unscrupulous online casinos that are trying to swindle players out of their hard earned money. Thankfully though, there are numerous online sites that have compiled extensive lists of casinos that have been blacklisted or considered to be rogue operators. Online casinos are required by law to clearly show from where and who has supplied them with an operating license. Other aspects you should scrutinize before joining the casinos are their customer support times and reviews by players on the service provided. In order to set themselves apart from the plethora of online casinos that are flooding the market these days, online casinos will guarantee their players safety and security when playing on their site.

The simple answer to this is yes, however, there is some fine print to adhere to. Ever since the Gambling Act of 2001 was passed in Australia, this prohibited online casinos from accepting players from within the Australian continent. Not to worry though, there are heaps of online casinos based throughout the world that will gladly accept Australian players. Make sure to check with your chosen entity prior to creating an account with them to avoid any disappointment.

When you see the term ‘real money’, this means that the online casino will pay you in actual cash either into your bank account or through your chosen method. In order to determine where and which casinos of this, all you have to do is perform a quick online search. This will bring up an extensive list of all the available venues that offer real money payouts.

Pokies are by far the most popular online casino game and it seems as if they're only set to grow in stature as developers continue to push the envelope in terms of graphics, gameplay and audio capabilities of the games. There are literally thousands of the world class pokies you can play for real money at online casinos. It is always a great idea to play them for free before using real money, this will help you get a feel for the game and decide whether or not it is up your alley.

This question is much tougher to answer than one may think. At the end of the day, it boils down to what a player is looking for in the casino. Do you prefer a site that offers a massive number of games from loads of developers? Or do you prefer a more streamlined experience, where there are a select few games that offer incredible workmanship. Another major factor to consider is whether or not your online casino will allow you to play the games for free before using real money as well as if the games they offer are compatible on your mobile device. Choosing your online casino venue will undoubtedly be one of the most important decisions when signing up, so make sure you take the time to do your research before taking the leap.