Canada's e-Gaming Explosion in 2020

The e-Gaming scene has once again hit Canada in a big way in 2020 and more Canadians are taking on to the online gaming world as interest has spiked during a trying quarantine period. The online gaming scene not only being an exciting engagement for its visitors to partake in, but also quite a lucrative one.

The Canadian general public has recently been allowed to participate in multiple online gambling activities as this has not always been the case in past years. The country is considered to have a unique approach when it comes to regulating gambling within its borders. Gambling operators in the various territories are governed and regulated by provincial governments and even though gambling has been a part of the country since its inception, the ban against the participating in online gambling has been eased and has opened up a lucrative market to the various regions.

The Canadian Criminal Code was revised in 1970 and changed to allow separate states to accrue extra funds through regulated lotteries that would go towards beneficial causes and in turn would positively impact the country. This has opened up the door for land based casinos to cement their presence in different parts of the country with the first brick and mortar casino being built in Winnipeg back in 1989.

A Booming Online Casino Industry

With the lockdown coming to effect this year, the global pandemic has seen a fall in many land based industries such as the sports industry and land based casinos where social gatherings are not permitted. As global markets and other industries continue to plummet, the online gambling industry is experiencing the exact opposite. Online gambling operators have released figures showing an increase of 20% in online registrations compared to the same period the previous year. Currently in the US, only two of the national states have been deemed to run gambling operations online, namely New Jersey and Nevada.

With the playing field open to Canadian players, the stage has been set for a big wave of online players who are looking to win it big. There is currently no legal authority that can restrict any Canadian from placing online bets. To add to that, the sale of lottery tickets online to Canadian citizens has also been made legal. What is still considered to be illegal are gambling operators who are offering their services without being in possession of a government issued license. Such online casinos do exist, however and have tried to find loopholes around this by registering their casino sites offshore. The paradox being the fact that if the company issuing the license is based in a country where gambling is legal, then Canadian laws do not apply.


In the midst of a pandemic, antiquated land based players as well as newcomers are finding themselves more at home when gambling online since the advent of social distancing. Online casinos are one of the most fun and exciting things you can do online at the moment, and it looks like the industry is not planning to leave anytime soon.

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