Anonymous Player Hits the Jackpot at Local Casino

Publisert January 4, 2020

It’s not exactly common to hear about people winning massive sums of money at the casino and walking away, more often than not, players tend to get a bit excited with the fact that they’re winning and keep going with the hopes of trying to win more. This leads to loss and a painful feeling of disappointment and regret. However, there are instances where players win and walk away, sometimes with a few thousand, and sometimes with a few million.

The Winner at Genesis Casino

An extremely lucky UK player, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has walked away with a whopping £2,772,916.45 by hitting the jackpot on a £6.25 bet. The Mega Moolah winner will be paid the entire amount by means of a lump sum from Genesis Casino. This is one of the largest amounts ever received on an online platform by means of this game.

About the Game

Mega Moolah is a progressive slot game which has been developed by Microgaming, a reputable company within the iGaming industry. This game is well-known and adored by players due to its progressive system and awesome results. Mega Moolah has become incredibly popular since its initial release earlier this year and has awarded customers with over ₤100 million.

Mega Moolah is made up of four progressive jackpots that may be won by spinning a wheel of fortune. These jackpots are known as Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega Jackpots, which has the largest jackpot see pay-outs of £1 million, which is contributed by Microgaming. With each bet that’s made within the game, a fraction of that wager is placed into the progressive jackpot pool.

The jackpot bonus game, wheel of fortune, guarantees a winner when it’s triggered. The player then spins a wheel to see how much they’ve won. As long as the mini-game is triggered, you’ll be guaranteed a win.
Mega Moolah also has a rewards system which also produces quite a handful of winners, more can be learned about this program on the game’s website if you’re serious about winning.

Anonymous Player Hits the Jackpot at Local Casino Banner 01Genesis Gaming

Genesis Gaming is an industry-leading iGaming provider which delivers to casino operators worldwide. With their key interests and priorities centred around high-quality content which increases the cash flow of their clientele. With slots being developed for some of the best platforms in the industry, they have branched out to international clients to create games for social, mobile, online, and land-based casinos.

Genesis Gaming has two studios operating out of Las Vegas, USA and Vancouver, Canada, while it also runs its business operations out of offices located in London, England and Hong Kong, China. The company prides itself on spreading positive energy and creating games that are fun, creative, and most importantly, lucrative.

Other Winners

The game itself is fairly new; however, it’s seen its fair share of big winners. There have been around 10 players that have taken home prizes in the range of seven and sometimes eight-figures, resulting in over ₤40 million in prizes with over 570 players taking £8000 or more. There have been recent reports from September to November of winners taking home an excess of £2,500,000.00, that’s a lot of money to win on a slot game.

Anonymous Player Hits the Jackpot at Local Casino Element 02 - CasinoTopThe largest amount ever won was a whopping ₤18.9 million, but Guinness World Records still recognises the £13.2 million won by Jonathon Heywood as the largest jackpot won on any online slot game.

The CEO of Genesis Gaming went as far as to release a statement about how thrilled he is that Mega Moolah is delivering these amazing pay-outs. He is right to be happy, as the more players win, the more they want to play, and by getting more customers, more casinos will purchase the game, it seems like a win-win situation for everyone.

There are many online games out there that promise progressive jackpot wins but somehow they never seem to deliver, Mega Moolah is one of the most legitimate games ever developed, as the company has the intention to make everyone rich.

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