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Have you ever daydreamed about what you could do with a million pounds? Two million? As online gamblers ourselves, we often wonder what it would be like to become a winner overnight.

On this page, you will be able to read about the people whose lives have been changed by a significant win, be it from a jackpot slot, scratch card, lottery or sports bet. We cover news from the UK and around the world, researching the event to bring you as many details as possible. From players who have been spinning for years to wins awarded just minutes into that very first session, we love reading about these stories and sharing them with our readers. It’s also a great way to get ideas for how you might spend that big win, should it ever fall in your lap.

Jackpot News

It’s not just entertaining to read about big jackpot wins - it can be instructive too. Jackpots are dropping left and right, even now, as you read this, so keeping track of the size of the pot on one particular game can be difficult. By keeping up to date on when the big drops have happened, you will be better equipped to guess which games to play and when.

Before we go further, it’s important to remember that there is no exact science to playing jackpots. If there were, we would be writing about that instead! There’s no point trying to predict when a jackpot will drop because all of these games are strictly controlled to ensure they are 100% fair and random. However, with the help of data such as the type we provide here, players can keep tabs on how a pot is building and when it might be a good time to spin. After all, a jackpot that routinely pays out in excess of £1M is hardly likely to drop when the prize pot is at just £1000.

Progressive Jackpot Games

Progressive jackpot slots are extremely popular with players, which is no surprise, given how much can potentially be won. That said, progressive slots are not released all that often by game developers. Games with fixed jackpots tend to be launched more frequently.

We like to keep track of the latest game launches and upcoming events so that our readers are always the first to know when a new progressive jackpot slot will be available to play. So whether you love the classic style of NetEnt and Microgaming or are after a fresher interpretation of the genre from studios like Red Tiger Gaming and Yggdrasil, look no further than CasinoTop!

Track the Latest Wins

We love reading about players who have won big on jackpot games, while keeping our own fingers crossed for ourselves. News and updates about big wins and the people who have had their lives changed by them can be found in this part of the site. Check back every so often to learn how winners around the world came to be and what they might do with their prizes.