Lottery Winner Reveals His Mystery Plan to Spend Fortune

Publisert January 11, 2020

It’s not every day you win the lottery and for those who have won the lottery, especially those high paying jackpot ones, we have to wonder whatever became of them and what they chose to do with the money. This story, however, is a little different, here we find out exactly what one lucky winner plans to do with his newfound luck and loads of money to go with it. This is the story of one lucky lottery winner and his mysterious means behind his purpose of spending his good fortune.

Lottery Winner Reveals His Mystery Plan to Spend Fortune element02 - CasinoTopAbout the Lottery Win

The story begins with Bernard Smith, a 62-year-old grandfather decided to sign up with the lottery. The deal was a sweet one, especially for Smith, whose card was drawn and he was made a richer man. Bernard Smith had signed with a promotion that was running in October. The promotion was known by players as #30KADAT Street Prize and the retired grandfather had signed at £10, 00 per month and that is exactly what Mr. Smith got, his win of 30,000!

The People’s Postcode Lottery appeared one day after the win, and presented a very stunned and thrilled Bernard Smith with an incredible win of 30K. The way the competition works is that the postcode of subscribers is drawn and Mr. Smith’s was drawn in October at random and that was the day lady luck shone down on the Smiths’ home.

How The Man of the Hour Intends to Spend His Fortune

Naturally, all winners are interviewed and what they choose to do with the money is up to them with their responses being public or private, depending on the winner. In most cases, the winners don’t know what they intend to do with their money and when the People’s Postcode Lottery enquired as to what Bernard Smith intended on doing with his winnings, the elderly man didn’t even hesitate when he responded that he intended to sweep his girlfriend Kim off to the Caribbean.

Now that response might have gotten a few readers rolling their eyeballs at the obvious answer however, Bernard had a reason for wanting to treat his lady love to some time away. You see, Kim, whose surname remains a mystery, has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

When he spoke to reporters Mr. Smith said that he had been utterly shocked that he had won but even more eager to take his girl to Jamaica in the new year. He went on to say that he never imagined that they would be able to go away together as he couldn’t afford it but now he could treat them both and give Kim the relaxation she deserved after her traumatic ordeal.

Kim’s treatment is almost complete and even now she is doing better which means she will be up for the trip when the time arrives. The two love birds needed the break and some good news after a bout of some bad luck and loads of hospital visits which had drained both their accounts. Now with the additional 30K to help them out, Bernard Smith can finally make Kim’s dreams come true and even live a little himself.

Bernard Smith has been a UK resident for over 53 years and his desire to visit Jamaica stems from his upbringing as that is exactly where he was born and raised. Now 53 years later and having found new love, he wants to show Kim where he grew up and do some treating. Mr. Smith goes on to say that he is excited to return home, with more money in his pocket and a lovely woman on his arm.

What adds a beautiful ending to this story is that Bernard Smith used to be a chain smoker and when his friend finally convinced him to stop and use the money toward a more useful means, Smith decided to put it toward the People’s Postcode Lottery and has been doing so since 2017. So rather than risk his health, Smith has managed to win big and have enough money for any health issues.

Lottery Winner Reveals His Mystery Plan to Spend Fortune element01 - CasinoTopThe People’s Choice Lottery

The lottery has been rewarding subscription members with enhancing sums of money. All members are required to do is sign up with the lottery at a monthly fee of 10.00 per month and use their postal address and code to sign up. A draw is then held every Saturday and Sunday of the week and during this time a postal code is selected and the winner is awarded 30K which is delivered to their doorstep.

An incredible fact about the People’s Choice Lottery is that by 2019 a total cash pool of £150 million has been paid out to winners.

Bernard had said that the investment of 10.00 had paid off as he had previously won smaller sums from the lottery and that he had always felt like a winner, only this time he has more to celebrate! Bernard told the lottery that he wished his girlfriend had been with him when the cameras were rolling as he could imagine how excited she would have been and it might have lifted her spirits. Now it's up to Bernard to lift her spirits in Jamaica!

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